Paintball Gun Maintenance : Paintball Gun Maintenance: Tearing Down a Tippmann X7

Paintball Gun Maintenance : Paintball Gun Maintenance: Tearing Down a Tippmann X7

Hi, this is Robert Stewart, with
The next weapon we’re going to look at, in terms of maintenance is going to be the Tippmann
X7. It’s a relatively new addition to their line-up, and we’re going to show you that
all the same precautionary steps have been taken with this weapon. We’ve already taken
away its air supply; we’ve taken away its ammo. Now we’re going to just double-check,
and make sure that the bolt is forward by gently pulling back on it, and letting it
fall forward, and the bolt is forward. So, what we’re going to demonstrate here is that
although all weapons designed differently will will will pretty much tear down to the
same basic components, you might need different tools. With this U.S. Army Alpha Black for
instance, you have on the forestock, you have Phillips head screws that go in here, and
then you have the typical sort of Tippmann Hex Head, Allen Wrench heads here, but on
the new X7 you have something that’s more like a military grade weapon. You actually
have push-pins that are holding the forestock components together. We’ll pull those too,
and again, remember to always try to keep all of your tools; I mean your parts in a
safe place. Either get you a little baggy, or a little cup, and store all of your little
parts in, so that you make sure that those stay safe. And what happens here now is we’ve
pulled the push-pins on the forestock, so the forestock should just slip right off,
like that. Now you see that this is a typical Tippmann barrel right here; just threaded
barrel, so that runs out like this, and again, you’re going to want to check both inside
and out, and make sure it’s really clean, and this one apparently has no o-ring, and
judging from the design it should have one, so right there we’ve spotted a little problem.
We need to put an o-ring in this thing. Here you have a tool kit that pops out; actually
it looks like the magazine is something like an AK-47, or something. All those parts fit
in there. This is a field gun, so we don’t run parts in it. The next piece we’re going
to look at is the lower receiver, and if you’ll notice, it’s a little bit different on the
on the air supply here from the 98 we looked at, but we’re definitely not going to mess
with this part. You don’t mess with this unless you have to; unless you have a leak. But we
have push-pins again, on the receiver; lower receiver rather. We’re going to pull those,
and then we can separate the lower from the receiver. Now, at this point, if you have
to go into the air system, we’re going to have to go ahead, and take out the rest of
the screws that hold the receiver together. Inside, you will find a much similar system
to the other Tippmann. You’ll have your front and rear bolts, and you’ll need to check those,
and make sure that they’re clean, and if they’re damaged, you’ll need to replace them. Once
you’re done with with the receiver, and you put it back together, you can take the lower,
and step it back into its position; get it on there, and we’re having a little technical trouble
here, but there we go. So now you can put your push-pins back in, you can put your barrel
back on, your forestock back on, and you’re good to go.


  • Elijah Olomoniyi says:

    does anyone know good marker under 80 dollars please help im new

  • gamerboixp says:

    The Tippmann 98, Icon X, or Spyder MR1 are good markers for starting up with paintball. I dont know the price of them.
    (Since im not American) But I think on of the markers i mentioned should be arond 80 to 100 Dollars. Hope it helps. 🙂

  • Derek Chaleun-aloun says:

    alot of the mechanical spyders are go as long as they are properly maintained. another good gun are the us army guns by tippmann.

  • Jake Moore says:

    sorry dude not much that you can get for under 80$ but i recomend a tippmann 98 costum for a beginer

  • 97demon97 says:

    and me

  • SIX4SEVEN says:

    Its not a weapon! its a MARKER

  • Appeased says:

    mine cost me 364 total, and why does he use pliers, its in the name, PUSH PINS, not pull pins

  • Quicksilver4991 says:

    Ak-47 clip?

  • Joseph DiLarso says:

    im thinking about getting this marker does anyone recommend it. also does it use a lot of air. (co2)

  • Appeased says:

    yeah thee pins suck to get out if you try and pull, but its a good gun if you dont want an electric, i just switched from X7 to an Invert mini though.

  • corey G. says:

    i heard that…what i did is i took the biggest allen key and pushed it wwith that..cus when i tried using my fingers for about 35 fucking times they were bruised and scraped,lmao

  • Bruce Willis says:

    its an m4 style mag

  • ThaoFun says:

    WTF. miss leading title. he doesn't even strip the gun all the way. I just wanted to know if I cleaned my x7 correctly and all i get is a guy who clearly knows very little about the x7. I mean first off pliers? it's called push pin, you push. second, the clip has a button for release. not just yanking it out. third, the barrel has no o-ring. it's in a different place. fourth, expertvillage should have hired someone who knows more about the x7 so i won't be typing this long.

  • James Foxley says:

    LOL! owned. expert village that is.

  • Bill Taylor says:

    he didnt take the fucking hammer out… im trying to install a zkh from techt but damn internals wont come out

  • Joey Bergum says:


    invert mini ftw.

  • TheMemoryIsThePast says:

    @Jake5312 its a weapon it could kill someone my x-7 even shot by from long range and with the person wearing a sweathirt got wounded bad bleeding and everything he is my good friend

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