Paintball Gear Maintenance : Cleaning Paintball Goggles

Paintball Gear Maintenance : Cleaning Paintball Goggles

Hello this is Rob Rubin and you’re watching
Expert Village. Now that you have the lens actually separated from the frame you can
clean the lens. One of the best ways I’ve found to do this is that you can get a paper
towel that is damp, not soaking wet but damp and you just wipe off the lens. The thermal
layer of the lens, the inside layer of the lens, is a lot more fragile than the outside
so you want to be a lot more careful when washing the inside. You can do it, you can
use a soft paper towel or even better yet a nice soft toilet paper works very good but
you don’t want to leave water spots on the inside lens because it will damage the inside
lens so be extra careful on the inside and on the outside, one good wipe and you are
good to go. Something else you can do is take your damp paper towel and work it on the inside
of the frame as such. The reason you want to do that is you want to take the paint residue
away from the inside of the frame because it really does you no good to clean the lens
and then put it right back into a nasty gunky lens frame like this. So make sure you clean
the inside lens as well right on the inside of the track. It will be good. Now that you
have your lenses washed off now you need to dry them. That’s why the towel comes in hand
here and you can just wipe it off and you’re good to go. If you don’t have a towel that
you’re working on, a dry paper towel, or something soft will work. When you’re cleaning off the
underside if you have gotten any water on the inner lens, be very very gentle. It scratches
easy so be very cautious when you are cleaning out the inside. Since you have the lenses
off it is a good chance for you to inspect the gear itself. You want to make sure there
are no pock marks, no scratches on it, there are no stress marks of any kind on it. This
is something you want to do because if there are any stress marks or pock marks in it,
you really don’t want to put it back in, you really want to buy new lenses and put a new
one in at this point. Just a word of advice, if you can’t remember the last time you bought
new lenses, then you probably need to buy new lenses for your goggles.


  • Eric Laarhuis says:

    I dont recommend using paper towel.Try to find a microfiber cloth or a towel. Paper towel leaves fiber and dry paper towel scratches the lens.

  • TranDeez says:

    man… i wish i was 18 aleady i want to play so badly!!!!! im just 11…

  • Eric Laarhuis says:

    glasses cleaner works great

  • Eric Laarhuis says:

    Theres a trick for antifog..
    rub some dish soap on your lenses and then wipe it off fully. it puts a layer over the lens that doesnt fog.

  • Eric Laarhuis says:

    just put soap on, without water
    but make sure you get most of it off so that you can still see.

  • TygerWDR says:

    What I find works great, at the field, is a little prep work. Get a paper towel from home, get it damp with water, and put it in a plastic bag to keep it moist. At the field, use the damp cloth to wipe the lens clean. then do full disassembly when you get home. Just don't leave the plastic bag in your gear bag. Gets moldy. Don't ask how I know.

    And yes, I wear contacts when I play.

  • CarPanthers9119 says:

    commentin' on the contacts, i wouldn't see nothin' wrong w/ it. I mean, i played w/ my glasses b4, nd those were just fine

  • justin gardner says:

    ok well i dont really find much of a problem if theres a little water mark on my goggles but this seems to wanna have everything perfect.

  • theivingbullet says:

    do the same thing as in the video just keep your lens inside your goggle if your time restricted. really doing the way in the can take about 5 minutes at most

  • VeryTucker says:

    micro fiber cloths FTW

  • VeryTucker says:

    for the win. Microfiber cloths for the win!!!

  • Brett Cooper says:

    quick change lens ftw

  • xXxtwizkidxXx says:

    google the mask brand it should have it

  • SoldierCyfix says:

    7 months has passed, i hope you figured out the answer lol

    ftw FTW

  • lillandis95 says:

    do u put anything on the paper towel besides water?

  • Joey Siusta says:

    what we do at work is we spray the lens with a fine mist from a spray bottle. the solution we use is dawn dish soap and water. about 5 to 10 drops of soap per bottle. works great and wont eat away the anti fog layer. we use vforce goggles and seperate the lenses and just spray off the masy with high pressure water and then dry

  • Alan Dooley says:

    What if you have short term memory loss and then you forget the last time you bought a new lense

  • Goat_like_ says:

    @erock172 omg, me tooo i was playing this really good guy and he headshoted me

  • TheGameHouse says:

    I have the same lens, I simply used a DRY micro fiber cloth to clean the inside. Very important though, dont press hard on the lense it will scratch real easy so try to blow off most of the dust and simply VERY VERY LIGHTLY remove the rest of the sand, dirt, rock etc. Then use a very soft and humid(not very wet) cloth to wipe paint off. It worked amazing for me!

  • Stoetz says:

    This whole video is completely wrong. Use a damn micro fiber cloth, unless you eat to scratch s 35$ lens

  • icup728 says:

    This is a shit video. Paper towels scratch the lenses. When you have $100 masks, they're fucked. Try again fucktard

  • Odinz says:

    Expert village mh ass. Micro fiber

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