Paintball – Games Rules & Tactics : ‘Blackjack’ Paintball Game Rules

Paintball – Games Rules & Tactics : ‘Blackjack’ Paintball Game Rules

Hi this Robert Stewart with The
next game we?re going to talk about is a variation a subtle variation on the capture the flag
game and that’s called Blackjack. Blackjack is, is in, in most respects like a capture
the flag you have two flag stations, two teams, and the general rules apply. The difference
in this game is that each player is given twenty one paint balls and no one can share
paint with another player each player that runs out of paint is automatically eliminated,
and must leave the field. So your objectives haven’t changed you still have to get to the
other side of the field, stay alive, get the other team’s flag and return it to your flag
station to win. The, the key objective then obviously becomes maintain your paint, maintain
your discipline, don’t waste your paint, because the moment you fire that last ball you’re
walking off the field whether you’re hit or not. The first team who takes the flag back
to their flag station wins the game.

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  • stoneweapon says:

    Nice. I bet the flag puller will play a Stock Class Gun. Nice addition would be 21 rounds and only full auto markers allowed. 😉

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