Paintball Fields & Rules : Respect for Paintball Referees

Hi, this is Robert Stewart, with
Now, we’ve talked about the rules before, but we really haven’t talked about the referee
that much. He’s a critical component to the game of paintball. If everybody is playing
honorably, he really isn’t there to keep an eye over you; he’s there to officiate the
game play. What that means is to make definitive calls on a player being out, a paint check,
anything like that, and assisting the players on the field, should they have a problem.
He is not your enemy, and in any way, shape, or form, when the ref speaks, and gives you
gives you orders to put your mask back on, your gun is too hot to re-chrono, or if you’re
doing something that is against the field rules, and he calls you on it, you have to
listen to him. In most places you get two strikes. If they tell you to do something,
and you don’t do it, and they tell you again, they’re going to ask you to leave. Now, at
that point, you’re harming the play experience for everybody else on the field, because you’re
not following the rules according to the referee. So remember, when you walk onto the field;
when the barrel covers comes off, and the game play is on, the one guy you have to pay
real close attention to what he says is the referee; otherwise, you’re going to be playing
in somebody’s backyard next time.

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