Paintball Equipment : Learn How to Refill a Compressed Air Tank

Hello my name is Orestes Guada for Expert
Village. Today we are going to talk about paintball equipment. Any good paintball park
would have these tanks. This is a compressed air tank and this compressor. The compressor
fills tanks; they could fill up to 45 or 3000 PSI. This is where they fill them from. They
are connected from like a nipple and they push here on the button and they push out,
and on this side right here these are the CO2 tanks. This is how you fill out the regular
tanks; these are sealed through here. These are the on and off, and this is a seal too.
Every paintball field has to have these or else it’s going to be impossible to run one.
All the safety, all the safety too: we have to run these tanks nice. Make sure there are
no holes, no leaks or no nothing or else… it could be real bad.

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