Paint with me ft  intense procrastination

Paint with me ft intense procrastination

Okay, so here’s the thing. Last Friday, I
was perusing the internet as one often does, when something just popped into my recommended page completely out of the blue. It was a trailer for a movie called “The Girl with the Pearl Earring”. Now, obviously, it was a nod to the famous
Girl with the Pearl Earring painting, but what intrigued me the most was the fact
that Scarlett Johansson was playing the part of the girl with the Pearl Earring,
and she looked exactly like the model in the original, like, the resemblance was
uncanny. Why this threw me for a lot of a loop.. We’ll never know. All I can say is
that the thought of recreating that painting just popped into my head at
that moment and now we’re here. So this madness began in the early hours of
Saturday morning. I grabbed a 20 by 24 inch canvas and got to sketching the
proportions, and before you ask, yes I still do use a ruler and a calculator to
get the ratios and proportions correct. It’s a lot like using a tractor to
garden, if that makes sense. But I like it that way so I’m not gonna
change it. Also, worth mentioning, I would use a grid for this part but that scares
me a lot so I’m not going to. Anyways, after two naps, three dance parties, and
several attacks of frustration, I was finished sketching it out. It was already
11:36 A.M, and I had a lot of work to get done, so I sat down immediately and
got to painting. Now, the great thing about this painting is that a good 60%
of it is just black, so I started by painting the entire background the
darkest shade of acrylic black paint I had. It was like a void, staring back at
me, engulfing me, eating me up. A black abyss with God knows what lurking at the
bottom. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. I finished the black background in about 20 minutes and painted the edges of the
painting in another 10 minutes. Now, you might be thinking, Joana, you’ve
literally done nothing so far and you would be correct. However, in my
mind, I was already exhausted. I blame it on the senioritis. You see, it’s starting
to affect aspects of my life outside of school, the government needs to get
involved in this. So, in my bout of procrastination, my mom and I went
shopping. Yes, you heard that right. I tagged along with her and we went to the
mall, where several things happened so let me fill you in. One, I bought a
couple things and I would like to share them with you now. First, I went to Muji
and I bought several pens. I got these pens because my other ones just decided to stop working last week, so that was really fun and fresh. I also got this
pink highlighter (because it’s pink). next I went to ARITZIA because- okay, here’s the thing. So when I go to the gym I wear Nike Pro shorts and they are extremely
tight and very uncomfortable and they give me camel toe. So I conducted an investigation online and I found these booty shorts on the
ARITZIA website. And no, I will not be trying these on because I don’t want
YouTube to demonetise my fat butt. And finally, I went to the white girl
hellhole that is Brandy Melville. Now, usually, I don’t buy things from Brandy
Melville because they are at the most ethical of brands, but my mother and I
passed in front of Brandy Melville and this skirt caught my mother’s eye
immediately, and she SCREAMED at me to buy it. I had no other option. Is it cute?
Sure, but as I said before, if I can’t wear it during the apocalypse, I’m not
gonna put it on my body. Something else that happened while we
were shopping was that my mom and I decided to go and try on sunglasses for
shizzles and giggles. We tried on many sunny’s of different shapes, colours, sizes, races, creeds, and religion, but it didn’t matter, because no matter what, I will
always come back to the same pair. And finally, I was walking through the mall
when I encountered this sandal just chilling. What intrigued me, however, was
that it was just the one shoe. Where was it’s sibling? This reminded me of something I saw when I was very little, and I was never able to forget. I swear
to you on my life that what I’m about to tell you legitimately happened, even
though my mother refuses to admit it. So, when I was little, my parents and I
went to Canadian Tire. We got out of the car and we’re walking to the entrance
when I noticed this guy walking in just ahead of us. He wore a burgundy bucket
hat, a red T-shirt, black shorts, and flip-flops. Now, as he’s going through the
doors, he seems to lose one of his flip-flops. Like, just leave it and keep
walking, and it’s just the one. *pauses in confusion* How do you do that? He didn’t come back
for that shoe, I doubt he even noticed that one of his foots was shoeless. Now,
this memory has plagued me ever since I was little, and my mom tries to convince
me that it was just a figment of my imagination, but I refuse to admit that.
Just like I refuse to admit that there is in fact a monster beneath my bed. My dudes, this preamble has finally come to an end. Things are about to get really scary
really quickly. I just want to make sure before we begin, everybody has their
seatbelts on and knows where the emergency exits are. I’ve already set up
my paints, I’m gonna start on the face now, wish me luck, let’s begin this madness. And thus, I started painting. First up, the eyes. This
was easy enough. Her eyes are actually quite blisteringly
white, so there wasn’t much shading in this part. Same goes for the skin around
her eyes, the girl needs to sit in the sun for a fat one. She’s rivaling Edward
Cullen in the sickly pale category. ( oh hai :>) Good evening my dudes. So it is now 10:30, I’ve just awoken from a quick 30 minute nap because I was falling asleep at my post. I finished painting the eyes (oh look, it’s a pic of me putting a ton of powder on) and I have to admit, they’re looking pretty good.
Usually, it’s at this point that things start to go haywire, so I’m surprised
that it’s actually holding up. The sun, you may be wondering, has officially said
goodbye. It is completely and utterly dark outside, so we’ve commenced the long haul into the darkness of the night. I’m sorry I’m using really big words to
construct my sentences, it’s just that when I’m slightly delirious, I start
pulling out the synonyms, you know? I’m just a walking thesaurus. Just wait, when
I’m really sleep-deprived, I’ll start talking in iambic pentameter, but that’s
a video for another time. Anyways, let’s keep going. I kept on going.
It was time to start her nose. Something I noticed with this painting is that her
face seems to just emerge from the darkness like a beacon of light. And
actually, there is a name for that it’s called chiaroscuro. I read that on Wikipedia and I felt like quite the painter so I’m sorry I had to
flex on you. I have to admit that the nose is where things went kind of
haywire, because I was struggling to match the colors in the original
painting, but I mean, in the end, it looked like a nose, it sniffed like
a nose, and it walked like a nose so, I think I somewhat succeeded. Hello my
dudes, just another update. So, it’s 1:45 in the morning now, and I finished the
nose. I’ve been listening to Careless Whisper for the past like 20 minutes and,
I don’t know if it’s just because it’s 1:45 in the morning. or because I’m so
sleep-deprived, but I’m hearing notes that I didn’t know existed. It’s an otherworldly experience to say the least. Anyways, I’ve ranted enough, I’m
gonna get back to painting now. Next up, I painted the lips. One of the most
difficult parts for me was trying to emulate the softness of the original
painting if that makes sense. There aren’t that many harsh lines if you look
closely, and everything seems to flow from one colour to the next colour. I mean, I would use Jaclyn Hills new lipsticks to do the lips, but I don’t want to get
mold on my painting. The only other thing of interest that happened during this
part, was that sometime at around 2:00 A.M, Billie Jean came on and I dropped
everything and had the world’s quietest dance party so as to not wake up my
parents. Now, if you tell me that this is unnecessary, I will pop off on you. You
have lost your mind. This is absolutely necessary. It’s literally Newton’s fourth law, and you can’t make that up. Anyways, as soon
as that song was over, I was back to painting. I could not afford another
procrastination attack. I started on the rest of her face. I was really trying to
not make it patchy like I did when I attempted to paint the Mona Lisa, and I
think for the most part it wasn’t that bad. I also have to admit that this was
when her left eye really started to look wonky. I don’t know if it’s her
alarmingly white skin, or maybe my poor shading, but it started looking really
lopsided. My dudes, we have finished painting the face. Not gonna lie, she’s
looking pretty flat, so I’m gonna have to figure something out with that, but
regardless, I’m gonna take a break now A.K.A I’m gonna nap for a fat one. And
then, I’m probably gonna go to the gym because- okay, here’s the thing. Sometime
at around 4 A.M, the big fat ugly monster in my stomach decided to rear
it’s ugly head, and it caused me to eat several avocados. So, let’s just say I
have to burn a couple calories. So that’s probably what I’m gonna do at around 7 or 8 A.M. The sun is starting to come up, I read somewhere that last night, it was
supposed to be a full moon, but Taylor Lautner did not come running shirtless
into my house at any time, so I think they might have been a little bit wrong
on that one. Anyways, I’m gonna take a nap now, because things are getting blurry,
and I’ll see you guys in a bit. Fast forward a good two hours, the time
was 7:30 A.M. I had just awoken from my power nap, and I was staying true to my
claims of going to the gym. Those avocados were not going to burn
themselves, so I got ready to go to the gym myself because neither of my parents were awake. This was quite daunting since I am an only child who was barely
allowed to use public transit through fear of kidnapping. But, I survived, I
completed my gym shenanigans, and was back home before you could say smoked
turkey boobs. Good morning my dudes. It is now 9:30, I’m eating breakfast – I’m
back from the gym. I’m a new woman, you know? The rest of the painting is
probably gonna go by pretty quickly, because I find that fabric doesn’t take
that long for me, but I don’t know. It might just be ’cause I’m not that good, so.
There is one thing I want to discuss with you guys, and it’s this. Let me
explain. So, I went to Loblaws the other day, and they did not have tortillas
anymore. WHAT. I feel like I’m violating every law in the American Constitution.
There’s so much wrong with this. I feel violated, my insides feel violated, this
avocado feels violated, it deserved better. But, unfortunately, this is what
I’m stuck with for this week until Loblaws figures itself out and gets more tortillas. Anyways, that got pretty heated. My dudes, here we have entered the homestretch. The hardest part of the painting was over,
and it was time that I begin her clothes. First up, her blue turban. At first, it was
kind of looking poopy, but then I blended it all together in a panicked state, which usually doesn’t work, but for some reason, it worked this time. Next, that
earring. I don’t really know how people make things shiny, it really baffles me
when I see paintings of metal, and it looks like I’m looking at a mirror. But, I
just placed the colors where I saw them and it ended up looking kind of shiny, so
I’m happy with that too. Her blouse, shirt whatever you want to call it. It was a
disgusting shade of mustard, but I plugged my nose and got to painting. Now, painting fabric always goes one of two ways for me. It’s either a pain in the
butt, or it cures the anxiety I don’t have, and unfortunately, in this case, it
was the former. I didn’t put in this footage, but it actually took me 6 hours to finish all of the fabric on this painting. Why? Because I kept on
taking breaks every three minutes. If you think about it, it’s kind of like going
into labour. The episodes of procrastination gets stronger and
stronger and closer together until you’re done with the painting. (James Charles found quaking) Anyways, so now we’re here. I’ve finished this monstrosity, so let’s talk. Honestly, I’m
kind of surprised by how it turned out. This is only my third oil painting
portrait, and I think I can definitely see some improvement from the first one
I’ve done. Now, I did end up retouching the forehead and the eyes because, to me
it seemed like she was looking a bit one-dimensional. Other than that however, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, but I’m even more happy that this is over with, and I’m not gonna do this
again. But with that my dudes, I think I’m gonna end this video now. Thank you for
coming along with me, I hope you enjoyed spending some time with me whenever it
is that you’re watching this. I love you so much and I’ll see you guys in the
next one, have a good night. Captions by sapphires. Takumimo helped too


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