PAINT Super Soaker Battle (w/ Colin Furze)- Splatoon IRL

When the super soaker was first invented, it was a game changer in my neighborhood. So I wanted to make a version of my own, only instead of shooting water it would shoot paint. But my wife wont let me shoot it in the house, so my awesome brother made me this. But its not really fun to shoot a paint gun by yourself, so in my ongoing quest to be the favorite uncle, I decided to invite my nieces and nephews. You guys ready to do this? Wait, we’re gonna ruin our clothes! Ah, good point. But before we drastically change the appearance of this room, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the build quality. Shoutout to David and Ryan from the YouTube channel Eclectical Engineering for helping with the guns. They’re the same guys who help me build the world’s largest nerf gun. You guys ready to do this? Okay. Goooo! Say hello to my little friend! So, that could’ve gone better, but I still have some science to discuss. Each gun has a pump which gets power from a battery, and a pump is just a propeller that spins really fast, and pulls paint from this side and just shoots it out Nobody cares! And now it was personal, which left me only one option. YouTube superstar colinfurze. You know, this guy. Colin- Hello Mark, how’s it going? Not great! Colin- The *bark* are you wearing? Colin- Are you covered in paint? Yeah, I challenged my nieces and nephews to a paint war and it didn’t go very well, so, I need your help Colin. Colin- So basically, you need old Furze’s help here, Colin- so you can go there and totally destroy your nieces and nephews? Pretty much. You’ve come to the right place! Right, let me think, let me think, what do we got, what can we do? Yup. I’ve got it, this is what we need to do! Its gonna get proper hot when you do this, alright? So don’t put this thing anywhere near this *laughs* your face could be a mess. You soak this in gasoline, alright? When you throw this in the air, okay, make sure you catch And that’s it. I think if you do everything I’ve told ya those kids are not gonna stand a chance mate you’re gonna totally destroy them. Now next thing, what are you wearing mate? Come on! How many times have I told ya hey look the part you’ve got to do the dress Good luck! (music) you might have noticed I hung a bunch of blank white canvases on the wall before we started so if you need some new wall decor I’m gonna tell you how you can get one in just a second but first I want to say thank you to a company that I discovered recently called for sponsoring this video if you’ve never heard of them they ship these crates to your house that have science experiments or games or crafts for kids and the contents of the box have a different theme each month and they vary in complexity for kids from age 3 all the way through high school and the coolest part is it’s not just another toy because they’re creating the project and learning the fundamental principles and then they get a play with it I tested this out with my nephew’s by shipping them all boxes and they totally loved them so if you’re looking for a worthwhile and non lame Christmas present for a young person in your life this is it and you can do a one-time shipment or you could subscribe so they have something to look forward to in the mail every month which is what I’m getting my nephew’s to make up for drowning them in paint best of all if you use the link of the description or the promo code: not only is your first month free but as a thank you I will randomly select from those who use the code and personally ship you one of these canvases until I run out I wanna thank Colin Furze for giving me the tools to seek out my revenge you can see his channel there and david and ryan from electrical engineering for helping out the guns you check out their channel here and finally derek from beyond slo-mo for giving me those epic slo-mo shots his channel has a bunch of beautiful videos and you can see if there

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