Paint Shop Pro Basics 36) Tools – Color Replacer Brush

Paint Shop Pro Basics 36) Tools – Color Replacer Brush

Hello, and welcome to Paint Shop Pro Basics episode 36 We are on the last brush in that long list of brushes. Way down here at the bottom. Color Replacer. Now I’m not sure how many of you have played around with Microsoft
Paint. I remember that being the only program I had as a kid for doing any kind of editing.
And I always made weird little pictures. But one of the best features that I loved about that whole thing
is that you could actually erase one color with another color. And so I could go through with my little brush and I could
replace along a line without having to worry about redoing the line. Or having to attach a line here or there. The paint bucket
tool might go too far. Stuff like that. Not a problem! Back then. Well I was actually pleasantly surprised to find out that we have a
similar tool in Paint Shop Pro. It’s called the Color Replacer. What this tool does, is it replaces the color in your image
that is represented by the background color in your materials palette with the foreground color in your materials palette. So over here. So if this background color exists in your image
you can replace it with this foreground color. Very easily. You just paint it in. So first thing we do is we first pick our foreground color. Let’s say I wanted to replace a color with blue. A little darker blue. Okay. All I have to do is pick the color that I want to replace. Hold down the Ctrl key to bring up our temporary eye-dropper. And then right-click, that’s the right mouse button, to set our
background color or the color you want to replace. Now you’re all set up. That’s all you have to do. You can set your tolerance setting up here. What does this do? Oh, never mind. Set the tolerance setting to determine how close other colors have to
be to your background color in order to be replaced. Higher values allow more colors. Lower values allows fewer
colors to be replaced. 20 is about average. So if I just click and paint only that
color, out of everything, is being replaced. Or at least the colors within a tolerance level of 20. Undo that and increase the tolerance. And more colors will be
replaced by the blue. Because they are within that tolerance. You have to admit it’s a pretty interesting image now. A lower tolerance is usually better for this kind of thing. Now, as you didn’t see. You can click on this little button
here and it will replace those colors throughout the entire image. If you want the whole image. Click this button and save yourself time
painting it. You can also double-click to get the same thing. And that’s your color replacer tool. Just select the background and let it go.


  • spearmintmonkey says:

    Cool one.
    Do one on the best way to cut out and make picture tubes. 5 STARS 🙂

  • LeviFiction says:

    Probably not for a while. I'm just going over the tools and how they are used. Actual tutorials…will have to wait.

  • Valerie Chipman says:

    thanks! Awesome!

  • Jeremy Parry says:

    What I find irritating in tutorial vid's, is you spend time needlessly discussing that 'you can use arrows on your keyboard etc' and then totally skate over or mumble when I do need to listen. So I find myself going back and trying to read between the lines on the key 10 secs that should have been the whole topic. 

    Plus in this one the guy is ultra boring.

  • Fuerte Mas says:

    Hi there

    can you please tell me how to remove a brush color on my personal car licence picture from years ago?

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