Paint Shop Pro Basics 34) Tools – Hue Up-Down Brush

Paint Shop Pro Basics 34) Tools – Hue Up-Down Brush

Hello and welcome to Paint Shop Pro Basics episode 34 The Hue Up/Down Brush. Now I don’t have a clever rename of this
because…well…hue up/down is a pretty good name. You use the Left Mouse Button to cycle up through the hue. You use the Right Mouse Button to cycle down through the hue. Pretty cool, huh? Keep your opacity low. And I’ll tell you why. Because not only is the effect more subtle at a lower
setting but watch what happens with opacity at 100. That’s right. You get a rainbow. That’s how bad it is. Now I’m sure I
can limit the rainbow by using the step setting. We have less of a rainbow effect by using a larger step. But, come on. Use a low opacity setting. In fact, just for fun. Saturation brush! Let me over saturate everything please. It’s a rainbow lion. Okay I’m done. I apologize. I do. But that’s the basics of the hue up/down brush. You’re cycling through the different hues. You either go up or down. And they’ll meet
up with each other somewhere along the line. Use a small opacity setting. Swap mouse buttons
to change the directions to your liking. Now, okay, I don’t have a use for this tool. And I want to take these last few seconds to ask if
anyone watching this video has a use for this tool… …has a tutorial, knows how, when, and why you would use it. I
would like to see it. And I’m sure others would too. So, please comment if you have something.
Because otherwise…that’s how you use the tool. And I don’t think you’re going to use it very
often. That’s about all I’ve got for you.


  • spearmintmonkey says:

    Rainbow lion is pretty cool.

  • PeppermintMamma says:

    Years ago I used some very early versions of PSP. And I actually used this and the saturation tool to painstakingly touch up photos. There weren't the same masking options there are today, for example. I even used the smoothing tool to smooth the edges of a crop and paste that I made. Yes, there were probably some better options available even then, but I mainly only had the book and trial and error from which to learn, and was a total novice. I turned out a pretty decent portrait of my mom. 🙂

  • PeppermintMamma says:

    I suspect that some tools are still there as "comfort tools" for older users. Maybe?

  • Lehua Marjorie Wells says:

    The reason I sought out your tutorial (thanks!) is because I just shot a green Jackson's Chameleon against a field of green bamboo in my yard. Increasing the sharpness didn't help him to stand out. I needed to make the chameleon a different hue and saturation of green to pull him out from the bamboo. I thank you so much. Long live PSP.

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