Paint Shop Pro Basics 31) Tools – Smudge and Push

Hello, and welcome to Paint Shop Pro Basics episode 31 Today we’re going to be covering the push and smudge tools. Why? Because they’re almost exactly the same tool. Might as well cover the one difference between them. The Smudge tool, represented by this finger smudging things, Does exactly what it says. It’s like smudging paint. So I grab this, bring down the opacity, and start smudging. Isn’t that a beautiful smudge? That’s it. Okay, yeah, you smudge things with the tool but
there are special settings that you should know. The first setting is Step. Keep the step low. If you don’t keep the Step low you’re going to weird
pattern thing going on. Very unseemly. Okay that was a bad example. But keep the step low anyway. It allows for the best smudging. The next setting is Opacity. Is it a wonder that those two settings are the biggest
settings of any brush? Step and Opacity, big settings. You’re going to want to bring your Opacity down to do the
best smudging. And the reason is this… the big difference between the smudge and push tools
is the smudge tool constantly resamples the image. If you don’t keep your opacity below 100 look what happens. You see that one spot? That’s my sample point. So, again, the smudge tool and the push tool both take a sample
point. In other words the first point you click on. When I clicked on the eye, the eye became my sample point.
And it’s this point that we use to smudge. Drop the point and it looks like I’ve smudged everything except for the eye. Bringing the opacity down removes that problem because the smudge tool continues to sample areas as you draw. So it’s constantly
picking up more colors to smudge with. With the Opacity turned down it’s able to grab more
info as it’s grabbing through the sample point. So keep the step down and the opacity lower than 100. So keep the step down and the opacity lower than 100. Now, the push tool, represented by this ball being pushed. The push tool, unlike the smudge tool, only samples once. It takes that one sample and smudges that sample across the image. And so every smudge is made with the colors of the
sample point only. No other colors are used. And that’s the big difference. The smudge tool continuously
samples while the push tool only samples once. Now you can bring down your opacity setting on the
push tool and get a cleaner smudge. But it’s still only using the one sample point. There you have it. Oh, also keep step down on both brushes. The smaller the step the better the smudging. And that would be all.

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