Paint.NET tutorial number 99 – Another 3D text

Hello. Today I’m going to show you how to create another 3D text. In last 3D text tutorial I was doing kinda basic stuff. So today we are going to touch our 3D text more than just to apply an clouds on the actual text. And get the shadow. So yeah. I’ll paint my background in grey. So yeah. Lets choose grey color. Paint bucket tool. Click on image. Then create a new layer. And on this layer we are going to make a 3D text. So lets choose text tool. Choose black color. Any font. Like I’ll use Impact. And any size of course. And just write 3D. Or whatever you like. Then you have your text choose paint bucket tool. And then your color, like red. Hold left shift and click on any letter. So we did this because… lets zoom in. We’ll get this like black thingies on the sides. And yeah. Just try by yourself if you want you can write your text in red instant. Don’t write black. But you will see what is the problem of this. Amm. So yeah. Now then we have our text choose magic wand tool. Hold left shift and click on any letter. So you’ll be selected your all letters. Then add a new layer. Go to effects – selection – outline selection. Choose black color. And like 5 or 6 width. Click ok. Dublicate that layer. Go to the lower layer. Go to effects – blurs – gaussian blur. Blur I mean. And put like about 20. Click ok. And merge these 3 layer together. So go to top layer and merge twice. So deselect. And we have like kinda basic text. So go to layers – rotate/zoom. And choose any angle of your text. Click ok. Dublicate that layer. Choose magic wand tool. Hold left shift and click outside text. Then go to edit – invert selection. Choose black color. And hit backspace on your keyboard. So it will fill in black. Or you can go to edit – fill selection. So deselect. Move this layer down. Choose move selected pixels tool. And dublicate that layer. And just use your arrow keys. What arrow you’ll need to use is like to which side you want your shadow will be. So… If you want your shadow to go to the down just keep clicking down arrow. But in my case I’ll use left and down. So these 2 arrows. Click down and left. Then dublicate layer. And same thing. Dublicate. And do this stuff until you get your 3D look. So then you have your text deselect. And just merge all layer together exept the background layer and the top one. So you’ll get 3 layers at the end. So yeah. Now choose magic wand tool. Hold left shift and click on any letter. And go to effects – selection – bevel selection. And lets add some depth to it. And that kinda it. So click ok. And you can merge these 3 layer together. Or just merge the text layers. And thats it. So thanks for watching.
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