P A I N T –  I T –  B L A C K | Multifandom

P A I N T – I T – B L A C K | Multifandom

El: Billy . . . Can you hear me? I want to see . . I want to see what happened. “When is a door not a door?” “When it’s a jar.” “You essentially opened a door in your minds” “Something came out with us.” “Yeah, I was just dreaming.” “It was weird, it was like a dream within a dream.” “What’d you do to me?!” Billy: Because now, I see you Why can’t I wake up? Billy: And we’re going to end you Finn: Stop! Billy: We are going to end . . . everyone Finn: Please! Stop! But what happens when . . . I’m finally set free? Go inside! El! El, we got it! Get out of there! Get out! Void: This was my game


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