Overgrown ► Vietnam |  Real Action Paintball | Milsim | Cães de Guerra

Overgrown ► Vietnam | Real Action Paintball | Milsim | Cães de Guerra

Welcome back guys! Today’s game was at this awesome jungle field The contacts are in the description in case you want to go there Today’s game was rainy. muddy… it’s becomming a normal thing on the channel We are going to sneak their base from this side and flank them. Let’s see how this goes. RADIO: Hudson here. Is there any of our guys on the back of the field? RADIO: Because I see movement towards you guys watch your back buddy came from up there fall back let’s go low where? above us over there. I see something It’s ours? the guy with desert cammo Looks like Sanches got him is there anyone with me? me I’m moving take my position are you with someone? I’m moving I’m going down to the village It’s getting a little hard to see the ball because it’s a blue one. After that one ends I’ll get another with a bright color. Promise. Shit!. Thanks for catching me. I’m going up I’m on the middle of the field I’m tired Don’t know where to go I’m going down there Contact in front of you. did it fail? No. Lot’s of smoke .. *taking a stucked branch out of my mask at this moment I took a shot and I’m gone. That’s it for today guys. Like, comment and share it! See you guys next week!


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