Oil Painting Tips: How to Paint a Sunrise : Underpainting  for Oil Painting Sunrise

Oil Painting Tips: How to Paint a Sunrise : Underpainting for Oil Painting Sunrise

Next step; the canvas. Now you’re going to
need to have a canvas of course in your congeray of supplies and in this case we have a 12
by 16 inches canvas which is a really nice size because it’s not overwhelming; at the
same size it’s not too teeny tiny so you’re not going to get carpal tunnel putting your
paint on the canvas. And what you’re seeing here is like wha wha what are you doing, it’s
not a white canvas; this already has color on it. What I’ve done here is apply a very,
very basin under painting. What’s an under painting? An under painting is whenever we;
even before you start your serious painting you put on some basic color on the canvas
and then you let this dry. See it’s not coming off; this layer has already been drying, if
you’re using oil paints you’ll need to do this several days in advance; if you’re using
acrylics, couple hours it’s all you need and it’ll be nice and dry for your painting project.
What this’ll do is will provide a unifying backdrop threw out the entire painting; you’re
going to see that while we’re going to be blending a lot of colors today it’s going
to help immensely not to have to worry about making sure there’s pigment over everything
and with a sunrise that’s a super pigment rich type of painting, so you’re going to
want to make sure that you have that threw out your project today. So very simply apply
this with a very, very big brush; big round brush, big flat brush with broad strokes;
put some basic purple, some lighter blue; blended them together and you’re all ready
to go with your painting.

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  • myopicseer says:

    @Lukrecia888Crowley There are "driers" that are oil mediums that you can purchase on online art stores or your local brick and mortar art store. You can also underpaint with acrylics, since oils will cover over acrylic with no cracking problem. What I often do, is paint very lean and light on the underpainting (lots of turpentine, and no oil), and then sometimes I will even spray a coat of fixative over the underpainting if it is not completely resistant to the next attempt to paint.

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