OIL PAINTING TIME LAPSE | Finding Inspiration for Your Art

Hi everyone I know that it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a video This last May I got married and we just moved into our apartment together right after that and we just got home from our honeymoon I’ve just been a little bit busy with work and with painting and with just like getting to like relax in our new home. I just got this new sketchbook not too long ago and I thought that I could do a sketchbook series showing you some of my Ala Prima’s and I just started doing oil paintings this last spring. I really have just been loving it so much I thought I would get on here and talk about some things that I myself have been looking into and trying to figure out. The first thing I think I will address is trying to figure out what to paint. I sometimes struggle a lot with figuring out what to paint. You kind of have to be ready all the time for inspiration. Like the other day I was sitting on the bed with my husband while he was watching futball (which is soccer in
the USA) And he showed me a picture he saw on Instagram. It was like of someone holding a hummingbird or something like that and I thought well that’s really cool the hummingbird is so like… I’ve never seen one really like sitting before. Then it hit me, I felt like the hummingbird was a good representation of my anxious little heart. I was listening to the savvy painters podcast the other day (I listen to podcasts while they work)
01:33 and the best line I’ve ever heard about art
came on and it said that “in order to find inspiration you need to paint what makes your heart hurt” and that really spoke to me. The reason why I did this painting was one: because I have never really tried to paint water so I wanted to
give it a try and penguins are my favorite animal. So I kind of wanted to give this feeling of being in like the Galapagos which is in Ecuador (my husband’s home country) I wanted it to feel kind of like a unity That’s how I want a lot of my paintings to feel. like this unity between human and nature and a group of penguins that are swimming is called a raft so this is the raft. Make sure to if you haven’t already to subscribe to my channel! I hopefully will put it be putting out videos every week of my sketchbook and future paintings maybe other additives. Thank you all for watching! like, comment down below! I hear there’s a bell icon that you have to hit now… YouTube is getting really crazy with all of their necessities… but yeah thank you for watching! bye!

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