Oil Painting Portrait Art Critique – tips w/ Lachri

Oil Painting Portrait Art Critique – tips w/ Lachri


  • fiddlejewel says:

    Amazing work!!!!

  • Priscila Selmo says:

    I love your critiques! 🙂

  • Learn Fine Arts says:

    I am so happy…..
    How monthly paid by youtube…..

  • Fran Simontacchi says:

    hi Lisa. this may be a little off topic but I was just curious I have been told so many different things on what actually constitutes Fine Art. I was told fine art as if you use professional-grade products however if you use mediums then it becomes mixed media not fine art so my question would be why wouldn't you're pouring medium constitute Fine Art I feel it does but yet I think the specific medium being used was Liquid text some type of a texture medium anyway I'm just very curious about what would actually constitute fine art as opposed to mix media Etc

  • Katywu Ste says:

    I didn't see an ear, I thought it was a bit of collar sticking out

  • Sean Reese says:

    Here's a quick question: Do you ever look back at old art and just hate it? I mean, obviously, everyone does, but have you ever regretted selling someone a painting because in comparison to your current art it's not high quality? Because I feel like I ever sold my art to someone two years later I would pay them to burn it.

  • brikhouse22 says:

    Was I seeing things or did the title for this change 2 times? I swear it said graphite, then changed to color pencil and now says oil. Hmmmm. Anyways, I love the composition of this piece, so striking.

  • Valarie Connell /DrawingWithFire says:

    Great critique Lisa! 😁

  • kamal vajha says:

    Hi Lisa , I'm an young artist who was currently working on charcoal and also started graphite… I've a doubt regarding the paper that I'm currently workings on.. I would like to ask u that can I use graphite on a linen canvas or is there any great paper to work on ,,,, I've heard about schoeller paper but it's not available on amazon.. So could u suggest me the paper to work on hyper realism Renaissance technique..thank u

  • Corvus Corone says:

    LISA! For once you didn't say orange button… And said orange arrow straight away! And then you go and forget to put IN the orange arrow!

  • Myrk Fælinn says:

    Those hands look amazing

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