Oil Painting a Seascape : Sky Highlights in a Seascape Oil Painting

Now another effect you can do outside of clouds
is by using a bit of a color called Permanent Rose. This is basically like an intense pink.
Of course we’re not going to be, it will not be pink by the time we’re done with it on
the canvas. Observe. Basically, apply little swatches of this pink down along the horizon
line, like so. And then mix them in. And mix them in by kind of using a slight back and
forth brush technique. And go higher as you mix it in, because you’re going to see the
layer will become thinner and thinner. This is a very strong color, again, so make sure
you do not use too much. Otherwise, you’re going to have an entirely pink sky. Blend
these in as follows keeping it lighter at the top but also darker and more defined towards
the bottom. And then basically extend this blending across the canvas until its right about at the same level as
the other one. Now, don’t make your blending too perfect. If you look at nature there are
areas of concentration. You just don’t anything to look to patterned, too predictable. So,
sometimes I like to go back through and just add a couple of little nicks. Just to make
sure that I’m not horizontal and equal in all my lines. There’s a little bit of that
natural chaos in there. Now once you have a nice defined border here, what you than
essentially have done is added either a dusk or a sunrise coming out to your lighting here.
At the same time, though, it’s not so intense where everything has to be reflecting pink.
I haven’t put actually any extra pink up here in the clouds. I’m going to keep that white
for the time being. But it’s a nice little effect and it makes your sky a little more
interesting just than being a high noon sky.

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