Off White UNICO Paintbrush Series by Borciani Bonazzi

Unico Off White brushes have very resistant, rigid fibers and a good water absorbency. They are used particularly for the movement of thick and pasty colors, and are recommended for techniques where water dilution is not necessary, for the same reason we can use them on both rough and very absorbent materials, even on walls. The Off White brush offers its best performance in techniques with very full, dense, and full-bodied acrylic colors. It can even be used to mix and apply material gel and thick 3D colors. The Unico series Off White brush is ideal for oil techniques, because it moves the color in such a dense and pasty way that it leaves pictorial traces in line with painting traditions, especially Impressionist painting. One dilution technique that can be used with Off White brushes is the dilution of oil pastels with turpentine or mineral turpentine. Off White can move color completely, removing traces of pastels and thereby creating a tonal depth that makes it necessary to sketch the painting on the canvas first. It doesn’t change with the use of solvents or thinners and maintains its exact shape over time.

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