NY art supply haul, museum date and painting with colour pencils ~ Frannerd

NY art supply haul, museum date and painting with colour pencils ~ Frannerd

hi guys oh my god weekend hi guys it’s been so long I hope you’re doing well right now I am in New York in Brooklyn to be more exact and the other day I went to Blake’s my favorite art apart my favorite art supply here in New York and I wanted to do a very small good ol haul because it’s been too long since the last time I did a haul with you guys so today’s a very gloomy day guys so I’m so sorry for the light but I have my coffee ready and this this is all I bought weeks Blake’s is my Achilles heel so do you remember when I said I don’t want to buy more sketchbooks and stuff well yeah this this happened I bought this small skin Wolski in mouths kind sketch album I have never worked in such a long landscape sketchbook so I wanted to try something new and I love this mall skiing edition the paper is really nice and it works amazingly with markers so I want to give it a go masking for me they’re a luxury item but I’m like I’m in holiday why not I also bought another mall skin feeling spending I bought this because I would love to start doing personal projects like a secret journal so to speak these two items actually these two sketchbooks they’re really out of my comfort zone I never work in such small sizes and I never I have never worked in such like landscape sizes am I am I talking properly I don’t know but I thought I should both give them a go I also bought these guys because I know a lot of illustrator love their render type of paper and this one promises not show no show through paper and I thought it looked very interesting and instead of buying an entire sketchbook I bought the tiny pieces of paper and I am I really really want to try this today with you guys I also bought let me see if I can they there you go there you go so I have no idea guys but Blake’s the Bleak shop started doing Copic marker type markers Copic they started doing I can’t speak you know what I’m saying they started imitating the Copic marker marker and they’re I think they’re cheaper than the Copic marker and I really really wanted to give it a go I bought this lovely like like plus a yellow I bought basically my color palettes but in black markers I don’t know if you can see the names but i swatched a few of them a couple of them at the shop and they look really really promising so today I’m also want to try this with a non show through paper I also bought this metal sharpener because Kendall on her YouTube channel said that the bullet sharpeners pencil sharpeners are the best ones and I really wanted to give this a go and they’re really expensive in the UK so I decided to seize the opportunity and buy one I also bought oh my god you guys I bought tons of color pencils guys because for a couple of months I I really really want to give color pencils ago and I bought color pencils from different brands to see which ones are the ones that I really really enjoy and like and also I bought a couple of prismacolor colored pencils because there are the ones that I use for drawing and sketching and they’re really hard to get in the UK they’re really expensive and I decided to buy a couple – I don’t know to draw it last but not least I know what I was thinking but add thought it was a good idea to do a challenge with this mini painting set what do you think about this guy’s it was like digital do a challenge in paint with this to prove people that they don’t need very expensive art supplies and I’m like ok let’s let’s see what what happens I’m really scared by the way to use this I don’t know if I’m going to use them in video but let me know if you’re interested in watching that [Music] [Music] [Music] hi guys I want to show you something I think the thing that I’m feeling right now with this drawing that this illustration is that it’s too soft it’s too like perfect I mean it’s not perfect but you know what I’m saying is like I don’t see myself in this kind of painting so what I’m trying to do and the reason why I started using color pencils is because of this I have been using a lot lately the collieries prismacolor color and I want to see if I can paint like this but with the color pencils I just bought and that is the experiment that I’m going to do today [Music] okay so I think I am done with the illustration I don’t know if you can see the texture and the thing that I tried to do so if I can compare this one I don’t know if you can see but it’s the texture is softer and even though I like it a lot I think I prefer this one better I don’t know why I think it has more personality and I just enjoyed this textures a lot and I try to replicate the same thing but capturing the blending with the colors because I think they look way more interesting that just one plain color and yeah I’m really excited now guys I don’t know if you saw all bad on YouTube now you can do pause and comment I was just reading all of your comments thank you so much to all of you who voted and who suggested to me to rest thank you [Music] and most of you guys bought it for me to draw I mean to try the art supplies and to draw a null drawing because I took my old sketchbooks with me and I think oh my god I’m going to draw this baby I don’t know if you can see it god it’s so I think I did this sketch in 2005 so it’s been a long time since I did this baby and I have a no idea how I’m going to draw the fairies I think it’s the thing that makes me nervous the most because I never draw fairies like this was a face which I haven’t looked back so we’re going to draw this baby again and paint it with color pencils and I’m really nervous guys I’m really really nervous [Music] okay guys I finally reached the point in the on the illustration in which I can I can keep painting more I did all the colors as you can see they are very plain because I painted with one color at a time but now the thing that I want to do anything that I want experiment with you guys is this I want to see how the illustration looks if I start mixing colors together because I love the texture but I think we can add up more character and personality to illustration if we start layering colors which is the same thing I did here I don’t know if you can see but I started mixing pink into blue and I want to see if I can do that and then started adding the details so let’s see what what’s happened like what’s going to happen I have no idea what the result is going to look like [Music] hi guys good afternoon and what can I say today’s Saturday and I finally finished the illustration what can I say you guys I am really happy with the result I was really scared for all these entire experience because it’s been a long time since i illustrated for you guys it makes me really nervous to sketch and paint and draw and do stuff on camera because i don’t know it’s a lot of pressure guys I want to impress you and do a good job in front of you guys so you can be proud and it’s really overwhelming and it makes me feel really anxious to film everything anyway I hope you also enjoy the result I think that I have this sketch right here by the way I really want to keep trying using color pencils because recently after saving a lot I invested on an iPad pro iPad pro I don’t know why I say that I invested on an iPad pro and I’ve been using the color pencils like the digital version of the color pencils on the iPad and I don’t know why I am obsessed right now with that texture and what texture gives what color the the texture the color pencils they give to an illustration I’ve been really obsessed with that so now I’m like why don’t you deny try the original the traditional version of this so I haven’t stopped using the iPad pro but I wanted to try the real IRL friction the color pencil so that’s why I bought a couple my favorite colors and I have been trying and painting out with those lately and I wanted to show this experiment with you guys because every time I discover something new something that I know you will enjoy in some way I just I just want to share it desperately with you guys I enjoyed all the details for example outlining the illustration with rav4 skin but all of the rest I did the outlines with blue because I think it will give more dimension to the character and dimension to the colors I loved switching between outlines colors red and blue I think they complement a lot to each other and overall I think the part that make me feel more scare was the fairy part because I don’t draw fairies anymore nothing against them it’s just that drawing em anymore so I did try to find something that will make me feel more comfortable drawing which is like this silly flower characters I hope you enjoy that as well thank you so much for watching this video this hole for next week I will try that not show through paper that I bought on flicks because I know a lot of you guys are into that type of vapor and I bought a chest for you I also I’m going to do a review about the iPad versus the Cintiq or any other drawings tablet so if you have any questions whatsoever between those two formats those two softwares is that a software it’s a gadget a gadget please let me know between the iPad and other drawing tablets because I would love to give me give you my thoughts and yeah thank you so much to all of my patrons because they allow me to go to Bleek’s and buy art supplies and test them with you and take the time to go to a cafe and experiment so thank you so much patrons you are the best and yeah I hope you’re having a wonderful day a wonderful week ahead and I’ll see you next week guys bye bye bye I love you today’s wonderful site look at these very nice bye guys bye bye bye I can say goodbye forever so the


  • Andi Valdez says:

    Que hermozos dibujos😍
    Pudieras hacer un vídeo de como hacer texturas😘

  • Pepper Lindgren-Streicher says:

    Hey, I'm really trying to decide whether to keep my Cintiq or buy an iPad Pro! My main concern is just that it might feel less natural to draw on the iPad, so would love to hear how you like the drawing surface and what apps you're using!

  • Audrey T says:

    Fran, guess you probably don't know this but Estee and Aslan broke up. Karma is real 😉

  • kristy cruz says:

    Hola girl, such a fun video I loved ur creation too. I've actually been mulling over getting a cintiq for the past couple months but I have questions🤯
    What was ur experience, obvi.
    How simple is it to use vs. An iPad?
    What's up with those drawing pens everyone keeps complaining about? Are there better models or preferable brands? Do I need one?
    Lol thanks for making the video!!

  • Audhild Tjugen says:

    Today's video was really enjoyable and nice~:D

  • RashaunMichelle says:

    Fran, How can I purchase the friendship book?

  • Aquila Aleksa says:

    After watching your video my soul is feeling like after SPA

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    It would be really cool if you showed which brushes on the iPad you use and what for c= I’ve only recently started working with it and its my baby

  • Rosa Wernblad says:

    This video really made me want to draw with coloured pencils which I despise

  • Sydney Dean says:

    such a wonderful video! i look up to you so much as a person and a creator. my relationship to art is so much more fun and exploratory now a days, and i totally have your videos to thank for that. you’re the coolest, fran!

  • Josefina Jolly says:

    i love you but please don´t call your drawings babys

  • María Ignacia Cea Márquez says:

    Ay Fran, que rico verte de nuevooooo. Extrañaba tus videos y me encantaron las nuevas técnicas que estás experimentando 😻❤️ Saludos preciosa ✨✨✨✨

  • teresa a says:

    I watch your videos and automatically grab my sketchbook and create. Thank you. <3

  • SophiPer says:

    The fairy’s are lovely!! I love seeing your experiments with texture/different mediums and how it translates to your style. Thank you for sharing with us💕

  • Vania Parada says:

    Hola Fran, que bueno que vayas hacer una comparación entre ipad pro y Wacom Cintiq, yo tengo el ipad pro, y me gustaria saber tu opinion acerca de la calibración del color en ambas pantallas? Cual ofrece colores mas precisos? Hace unos días volvi a usar mi intuos pro 4 luego de 1 año de usar el ipad pro y senti MUCHA diferencia en el nivel de presión del lápiz, claro que mi intuos es un modelo pasado, asi que me gustaria saber si las cintiqs se comparan mejor con el apple pencil. ☺ Gracias y saludos desde Argentina!

  • M. Illustrations says:

    I guess it takes more time to make an illustration with pencils rather than markers, but the end result was just as nice! Really enjoy your drawing process videos, Fran ^^

  • The Next Imaginer says:

    I loved the heck out of this. A great start to my day!

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    Definitely a review of the iPad and the experience of drawing on it! i've been considering getting it and I'm wondering what program you were using when you showed us the digital sketches in this video?

  • Faiza says:

    Oh Fran i think you are the only YouTuber in this planet who make my day love you so mush girl ! Kisses from Algeria

  • Mirella Castelletto says:

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    Fran! Me encantan tus videos, siempre me motivan a dibujar más e intentar ser mejor. Me gustaría saber si tienes algún consejo sobre como encontrar tu estilo, ya que llevo unos años intentándolo y cada vez es peor, se me hace difícil decidir que tipo de ilustración me gustaría hacer y tiendo a cambiar mucho. Gracias por ser tan genial! Saludos desde Uruguay

  • Andrea Romero says:

    You were my inspiration to become an illustrator and eventhough our style is completely different, despite you've never replied any of my comments/messages (😅), I think you're great. Please never lose the floor under your feet and keep being an inspiration to young artist 😊 greetings from Mexico

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    Im really interested in your review of the ipad, it's really worth it? i'm confsed about it and i dont know what drawing apps i could use and, as it's a terrifying investment, i'll love to know your impressions about it. It tured out a lovely video, i enjoy everything you do, it feels very relaxing to me. kisses from spain

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    I was waiting the hole week for this video, and let me tell you that it was awesome, I needed it. Muchas gracias Fran tu siempre me inspiras y me das animo para continuar con mis ilustraciones… Espero el otro video con ansias!! Bye.

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    Fran- So cute and fun watching you test out products! I'm curious what you thought of the Render paper? My friends raved about it and I couldn't get over the smell. I was curious if that was just me being sensitive or if it was noticeable to you too? I gave the Render sketchbook away. I switched to Borden and Riley bleed proof paper for pen and Ink, and I've been loving it. Hope they put it in a bound sketchbook. Also I would love to see a video of you using that little paint set!

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    I love the colours you've choiced, it brings more intensity to your draw!^^

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    You got this question a lot, I believe, but, can you tell me what camera you're using? Seems to be a good quality compact camera and I am researching to add one to my YouTube arsenal, because atm I'm limited to iPhone 6 and C920 HD webcam 🙂

    And I like the quality of the videos you make

    Thx 😀

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    I wondered if you had any tips on this 🙂

    Also have you heard of an editing software called Affinity.. I really want to use Photoshop but find its too expensive atm 🙁 Also I have seen great reviews about Affinity!
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    Una pregunta para la comparación/reseña del iPad Pro:

    ¿Hay alguna diferencia/cosa que extrañes/que haga falta del Photoshop en el Ipad Pro (el software que usas ahí)? ¿Qué formatos de archivo se utilizan y cómo se puede trabajar con ellos después en Photoshop?

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    Hello Fran 😀 Thank you for your videos, you're amazing.
    I've a question for you 🙂 when you moved from Berlin to London how did you managed the moving of your cats? I recently moved to the UK and I'll move soon my cat here from my country… thinking about that is really stressing me so much…
    Keep be amazing like you are☀
    a big hug! (Also from my cat)

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