Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. And today we’ve got the titanium white Dominus with the titanium white 20xx So I just did a video covering all the painted variants of the Dominus that are going to be out here in the future but as of the new update there is also a bunch of items that were released that are previous black markets that now have painted variants and I’m gonna go through and showcase every single one of those for you guys today before You into the video? Make sure you leave a like subscribe To the channel leave a comment down below all of those things would help me out a lot still small YouTube channels so every one of you guys Everything you do helps out Thank You. Fantastic. Let’s get into this the first decal. We’re gonna go through is the 20 X X I’m gonna show you all the painted variants of that so black and Keep in mind my secondary color on my Dominus right now is white So that’s why you’re getting like the the cross-pollination of colors here So I’m sure there’s a bunch you could do here with all different painted colors. Oh god, that looks so good, though yeah, this is the 20 X X and then burnt sienna You poor people that get burnt and Sienna I mean I guess it’s not as bad now because their blueprints before when you would open up a crate and it was an exotic or A black market and then it comes out and it’s burnt sienna that feeling of disappointment You know, I’m okay that that’s gone. I’m okay that I don’t have to feel that anymore but so far I’ve gotten through this a couple times and like I said this all depends on What your secondary color is that you match with this? So a lot of these aren’t gonna look a To cash money because I didn’t take this Into consideration when I was doing this and I just wanted to show you guys kind of what they look like forest green I’m not big into green items. I don’t know what it is. Gold doesn’t have a variant Gray, see no, I wasn’t gonna look at this earlier. I actually really like the way that the gray looks on this if you get If your secondary is meant to match, I think it’ll look pretty good Even with I mean especially depending on what painted variant you have the Dominus I think I’ve heard the white or the black version of the Dominus look really good if you yeah If you guys didn’t see my last video make sure you go. Check it out the the black variant is definitely I think the best because it it takes all of like the light gray and just darkens it up makes it look really good in game as Well, because you know things do look slightly pink looks nice all things look 10th coming things do look slightly different in the menu as they do in game then the normal 20xx on this looks really good though purple Purple look nice Again, it all depends on what wheels you’ve got – I’ve still got the the sweaty Christiano wheels on they have one for rose gold now they had a rose gold for the Dominus which looked really good saffron and Then we’re gonna sky blue Dude sky blue I think is an underrated color an underrated paid an item in my opinion like if I’m gonna get like a more vibrant car going I usually do go sky blue and then Titanium white which right now is a whole lot of white going on I’d be curious to see how it looks with the another secondary color for sure And then I don’t think they have a white gold. No, they do not have a white gold, but that was the 20xx Um, I think right now it looks really good especially with this With this titanium white Dominus. I think the this stock black market decal looks exceptional, but you guys let me know what Designs you would like to see a yeah, if you guys have design ideas, please let me know I will do a video showcasing some of your ideas, but we’re gonna move over to the slipstream which is the next decal that can come in a Painted variant now which I don’t think I have even the stock slipstream Black, oh my gosh. That’s actually fierce. Oh, That looks so good That’s like I think the slipstream is a really good mixture of like a sweaty decal mixed with like something that is a little flashy because I Don’t know. I personally get kind of bored playing with just the matte colors I’ve got I’d be completely fine this especially if you have like a sweaty wheel like this Like a Christiano on that doesn’t take away too much attention from the decal Burnt sienna. Yeah, because normally I you my emerald pros is my wheel. So my decals have to be like really toned down otherwise It just it’s just a little too obnoxious in my opinion. Oh my gosh this cobalt Looks amazing right here. I love the way this looks blending in yeah, I’m so curious how this is gonna look with all the Like if you really get into designing the colors around the car or around these decals, there’s just so much There’s just so much more you can do now and tell you like it’s gonna breathe a little bit of life into these older decals Because right now I feel like the the newer ones have been stealing the show Forest green. Like I said forest green comes on real strong in my opinion gold. I don’t think they’re gonna have anything for gray. I Could see this working, I don’t know for what but like this this little bleeding color It does right here if you get the secondary color to Contrast it. I think it’ll look nice. But like I said, I’m not great at designing you guys You guys are the ones that are killing the designs Lime. Oh god, that is so bright. That is so that’s a little much onyx. I don’t think they’re going for orange Let’s go pink Man I just want to change these secondary colors so bad, but that’s not what this video is about I’m just showing you you guys get the ideas Yeah, I can go down a rabbit hole of designing and I’ll be designing a car for an hour and then I get done with It and I’m like, it’s not perfect and I’ll just go back to what I’ve been using and then Plus if I stream on Twitch every night 5 p.m Hopefully I see some of you guys there and if I try to design anything on stream, I just get absolutely roasted on stream it’s Yeah Nobody wants to see me design anything. Okay. So let my question is what does the titanium white look like? And contrast the default well right now wait So that’s kind of underwhelming. They’re not gonna even for white gold Because slipstream. Oh, it looks like the stock slipstream unless I’m mistaken Bases off your secondary color. That was the slipstream. Well, I’m trying to get with my favorite Definitely the black here the black the black slipstream On the white Dominus I think is gonna be an absolute Hit and so the next to kill we’ve got is the Trigon decal which I think mirrors your secondary color right now Which I think looks amazing as is and this isn’t first time. I’ve looked at this with any different sort of variant painted black I’m not seeing any difference or my have I lost it What does this change guys I’m not seeing any sort of Well, the black was uneventful hopefully they’re not all like this burnt sienna, okay. Alright that hay for a burnt sienna That looks pretty good I mean for over in Sienna You can somebody could definitely make this work this looks this looks kind of cool in my opinion That actually that looks amazing Let me see how this oh Yeah, I could work with that. Wow. I can’t believe I I usually hate burnt sienna because it plagues me in every oh No, that’s that’s fire. Oh my god, what does this look like default? Does it just match your secondary? Oh, no, no, no. No. No, this is the chief called. This is the way all my goodness This is like a whole new decal. Look at this You can get this too. Oh my god, I Love that No cobalt cobalt cobalt was the best right there. I mean with that design I’ve currently got I thought cobalt looked amazing crimson too much red forest green Like the way forest green looks dude the Trigon emote painted that’s the way grey Grey is probably not gonna be that looks the exact same Lime oh My god, this looks amazing. I wonder if endgame no, I don’t even think it’ll be overpowering in-game because sometimes like the heatwave and The fire got and stuff they can get they can get a little much for me. I Think dude, I think burnt sienna and cobalt might be my favorite so far for this build pink This look nice with like I Don’t know actually, I don’t know what I’m saying. I doubt they’re gonna anything different for platinum purple This decal just got infinitely cooler Rose gold, I doubt they’re gonna have anything for saffron No, I still think burnt if you’re gonna go with those warm colors, I think bernt’s you know I’m gonna go back and look at burnt sienna. Maybe I’m crazy No burnt. Sienna looks really cool. Mix my dog must look like an effing dragon. That is so cool. Oh My god I need Guys, it’s my view. I decal especially because i’ve been using the mainframe with the chi Cara lately on stream and I’ve really liked the way that looks this looks amazing To ten out of ten would recommend to a friend I check out sky blue. Oh my god Guys mmm She chief called titanium white which of course isn’t gonna look we’re gonna need a different you have to have a different design in order to this to look different than the the default but yeah, oh my god, that is Yeah, that that that’ll work right there and this is the default Of course you guys let me know what you thought was your favorite. I’m thinking either the cobalt Or burnt sienna. Oh my god. I’ve got a dragon for a car This looks incredible Best burnt sienna item in the game. Okay. So now we have the hexed we get in here. This is the default This is a little busy for me like I think and if I’m in game, this is a little much This is a little too active it. I think it might border on distracting. So if we go in here And go to black I’m not really noticing a difference here Yeah, guys you let me know I’m not is it just like the outer edges of the oh It is that’s not very That is um, I don’t know if Okay. There we go maybe I don’t know those first colors are just hard to notice but cobalt that stands out a little bit and then we’ve got Crimson, which is gonna be hard to notice on this car with these colors forest. Green. Probably gonna stand out This is a lot. This is a lot I This is like yeah, I’m okay. I’m okay on this. There’s probably not gonna be a gold variant Let’s go to grey Gray’s not gonna stand out much Like I said, it’s all about the design line Yeah, I don’t know I feel like the hexed This this this might not have saved the hex orange pink Is the hex to popular decal because there might be a reason I don’t see it a lot purple Yeah, it’s just a little too busy maybe it’s just because of the Dominus I don’t know but it is coming off a little too busy saffron Sky blue sky blue sky blue. Soapy. I’m telling you It’s a very underrated paint color and then titanium white which in this case is just gonna look like the default Okay, so that’s all the items imagery showing you guys today. Let me know What was your favorite black market decal you saw down below in the comments? Would you think the coolest one is my vote for the Trigon burnt sienna and if you guys are new to the channel? Make sure you hit the subscribe button and click that bell turn on those notifications It would help me out a ton stole a smaller youtube channel So every one of you guys that subscribes your you’re doing the Lord’s work. Thank you so much And also leave a like on the video Make sure to leave comments down below that stuff really helps the analytics out for the video Like I said on a small YouTube channel So all those things really help out and make it to where I can contend with the bigger YouTube channels And I’ll see you guys next time

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