My Paints & Pens | Sea Lemon

My Paints & Pens | Sea Lemon

Hello! It’s Jennifer from Sea Lemon Thank you to all of you who are following me on my social links and following my art challenges especially the most recent one the April daily doodle challenge if you don’t know what that is, you can check that out right here it’s really awesome to see how many doodles are coming through on a #sealemon I search that tag so I can find your doodles and it’s really cool! This is probably the biggest response I’ve ever had from any art challenge so it’s really cool to see that you guys are having fun with it and along with the pictures that I’ve seen in the comments I’ve seen some of you ask what kind of pens do I use or recommendations on pens and I’ve seen some comments throughout my other videos asking more specifics on the paint that I like to use so I thought I’d combine the two and make this a quick overview on the paints and pens that I like to use Ok, so before I begin uhm, if there’s any paint or pen or specific product that I’m showing and I don’t mention what it is be sure to go in the description below to see the link where you can find it and what the exact name of it is And if you’re not already be sure to subscribe to my channel Sea Lemon for more art and DIY and if you like these types of videos give this a thumbs up and let me know more about what you want to see in the comments below For the pen drawings that you see I like to use a ballpoint pen it’s nothing fancy but I really like drawing with it for some reason and lately I’ve been really liking this InkJoy pens because they draw really smooth I really like drawing and painting with things that go on and glide smooth I take to paint and, like, a really smooth pen better than, like, chalk or, uhm, a pencil for some reason I just like really smooth mediums For highlights on top of paint, or ink, uhm, projects I’ve been using this Gelly Roll white pen A white gel pen works well if you didn’t leave room for making highlights on your art and you don’t wanna go erase something or go over it, or you can’t so if you just do a little white over it it can really make a piece of art pop For, like, markers you may have noticed I have this big thing of permanent markers a Micron is always good when you need a really fine tip pen to doodle or draw with Sharpies do have fine point pens but they kind of bleed a little bit more on your paper than another drawing pen will If you do want a permanent marker that doesn’t bleed like that Sharpie does make a pen uhm, it doesn’t bleed I think it’s equivalent to the other drawing pens I think it just depends on your preference and the cost Sometimes I will use a highlighter I think they work just as well as really colorful markers and they are really vibrant They aren’t opaque obviously but they can really add a splash of color to your artwork I know a lot of you have suggested Copic markers I haven’t tried any of those if you have any suggestions for beginning Copic markers leave those in the comments below Right now my marker stash is kind of like overloaded already so maybe down the line I will try some Copic markers Alright, now onto some paint pens I don’t have it anymore ’cause it dried out, or I used it all up but I used a white paint pen in a previous tutorial it’s a white acrylic paint pen I really do like them because they are really opaque and your artwork below isn’t going to come through so I really like to look for an opaque pen I have this metallic one, it has a ball in it and that helps to break up the paint which I think really helps, in my experience The past paint pen that I used didn’t have one of those and it really dried out and I couldn’t get the paint back into the tip so if you could find a pen that does have that I think it helps don’t really any brand that I can say that I prefer over another in paint pens you kind of have to just try some things and try them out and see what you like I recently got this brush pen which I used for some brush lettering I’m still working with it, I’m really a beginner at brush lettering and I really admire the people that can do brush calligraphy beautiful stuff like that I have terrible handwriting so that kind of stuff doesn’t come naturally to me I think I’ll just stick to my corky-bulky letterstyle for now These circular things back here is where I store my paint a lot of people asked ” what is that? ” and ” it’s a cool wall-thing, how can I make that? ” and you can check out that DIY video right here along with other craft storage ideas It’s a kind of modular system and I made it so that it would work with what I needed it for and that’s a great thing about DIYs that you can make it work for your space So I just put these 4 pvc pipes things on my wall and they’ve been holding up really well so far and the majority of my paint is all in here I do have some acrylic paint tubes that are stored over there but for the most part I always reach over here for all of my paint My go-to paint are my oil paints over here I color-coded them on the bottom so I could better see what color I’m reaching for these are water mixable oil colors So these are a lot different than your traditonal oil paints because you don’t need any mineral spirits or chemicals to remove the paint from your brush or to dilute the paint and because of that I love these I love that I can just fill up a cup of water and mix them and remove it from my brush I just hate the smell of using chemicals on paint and brush the mineral spirits and that stuff is just like…bleah! so I just much would rather use water just like you do with acrylics or watercolor so for that I love these I use oils for a lot of fine painting projects or if I’m doing a lot of detail on something I also use them with water, the water mixable oils, if I’m doing something that’s like watercolor but I don’t really want to use watercolor so sometimes I make them act like watercolor and they don’t dry out on you as much because they still have that oil base and they’re going to just stay in that paint-mode a little longer if you have something to do or if you just still want to work on it in a few hours it’s not going to completely dry on you Oil paints are probably not the best use if you want your project to dry really fast so just keep that in mind that you will have to factor in some time for your paint to dry but i think it’s worth it because it’s great paint to use if you need something realistic or you just want that blendability you want to blend something really soft or make really vibrant colors oil paints are great for that I do also have some watercolor paints but since I force the water mixable oils to act as watercolor I really don’t use it that much so I don’t need other watercolors so that’s, again, why these oils are my go-to The next one is a gouache I used a lot of gouache in Design School we had to use gouache it’s like a really thick watercolor I really like it now because I’m used to working with it but if you’re like a first time user of gouache you may be like: “why is this so expensive?” and it can be really intimidating when you use it at first but once you get a feel for it it’s basically like thick watercolor and it really has a vibrant color I still have some left from Design School sometimes here and there I’ll use it just to use it up Gouache is also more expensive I’ve noticed especially when you’re a design student it can kind of break your bank so just keep that in mind you know, if you’re like just on a whim you want to buy some watercolor maybe try some watercolor, first and then step up to gouache I still have a load of tempera paint and I’ve only used it on a couple of projects – and that was a scratch art – I haven’t really found another use for it yet because of just the type of paint it is it dries really flakey and really thin and crispy it’s kind of like really thin watercolor in my opinion I haven’t worked with it much yet but I’m still hanging on to it for the day when I might feel adventurous and need to make another tempera project Next here are my acrylic paints I have a lot of metallics, I’ve noticed so I seem to like the metallic acrylic paints they have a really good consistency when you wanna paint your projects rather than using spray metallic paint I like a good metallic acrylic paint Whenever I’m getting paint I always look for the most non-toxic paint uhm, I just like to be the safest I can be I get paint on my hands and everywhere else so I just want something that’s not going to be poisonous or, you know, those labels if I see that label that says like “may cause cancer” I just put that paint right back and I don’t want that paint So just, when you’re looking for paint look for the most non-toxic that you can Usually any paint products, markers that are in kids aisles are non-toxic because, you know: kids, you want them to be safe That’s usually a safe bet but if you find yourself in a really specific section of paint and markers just double check and make sure that it says “non-toxic” if you want to be safe For acrylic paint the advantage over oils is that is going to dry faster and it can go on more projects, possibly but you might not be able to blend them as well acrylic will stick together and bond together kind of like latex it’s a very standard paint to use on any type of project Now the fabric paint which I have been kind of gaining a collection on uhm, it’s different than acrylic paint because if you’re using it on fabric it might ruin your washer or dryer, I’m not sure I don’t want you try it but fabric paint is made for that and it’s really strong but it acts like acrylic paint so it can be flexible it flexes with the fibers in your fabric I think they come in different textures this one is matte and soft Sometimes if I am out of an acrylic paint I will substitute the fabric paint instead When you water it down I’ve noticed there’s this, like, metallic kind of particles that dry in the paint – I don’t know if I’m explaining that right – it’s also really strong this paint has been the hardest to get off my fingers when I go on wash everything up it really stays on your skin so just keep that in mind, uhm that you might not want to fingerpaint with fabric paint it is really hard to get off your brush too when it dries so dont’ let your brush dry with fabric paint on it because it’s really hard to get off And I encourage you guys to kind of experiment with different mediums to find what you really like Just because I like, maybe oil paints doesn’t mean that you have to go on buying them You can just kind of experiment and find something that you do like making art with because it makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable once you find that thing or multiple things that you like making art with If you have any other suggestions or experience with different paints, pens, markers wahtever you like to draw with leave it in the comment below I would love to read it and I know others would benefit from it too so leave that down there Hit that like button if you haven’t all already be sure to subscribe to my channel Sea Lemon for more DIY and art videos If you want to jump into another video you might like one of these right here links will be in the description below and be sure to follow me on those social links along the bottom I love seeing your artwork as I said before I will still be looking for those art challenge posts with a #sealemon so keep on going and I will keep posting my stuff I will see you guys next time


  • Aditi p says:

    Hey Jennifer!! loved your videos soooo much!! u r tooo cute 🙂

  • Catherine B. says:

    +GummyTumor Yeah, but Copics are worth it. I like to buy a few when I get some allowance money. And the art store I live by has really good deals on them, which is great too. However, I don't recommend buying like 10 at a time, because your money will quickly vanish from your wallet.It's great to buy them little by little.

  • Rumi Miteva says:

    Hello can I send you a picture of me and my sister, and you want to paint in us?

  • M. L. says:

    Hi Sea Lemon, do you try Copic Marker yet? 😉 I Love your Art work and also how you try to explain it. Lovely greetings from Germany 😉

  • I Love Guinea Pigs101 says:

    Are Gelly roll pens good pens to use?
    Or is regular gel pens good to use

  • Ikimashou says:

    Copics are expensive but there are many ways to go around it. In the USA they sell 6 packs of certain color schemes and if you buy them from a craft store with a 40% coupon, each marker comes out to $3-$4. I budget myself at a marker every week or other week if I need specific colors from the craftstore (at the price i mentioned above thanks to coupons.) Because they are alcohol based, they do bleed so you need to be paper savvy for certain projects. The fact that they have tapered brush tip makes the ink flow very uniquely. The closest thing I can compare it to is the toggling of the opacity meter on a photo editing/ drawing software. I was someone who thought Copic markers were for art snobs. I bought a pack on a whim and fell in love. I love watercolors and used to use Tombow artist brush markers back in highschool. They are water based so the ink always smeared and the brush tip frayed because of the traction on the fibers. Copics were an upgrade that fixed those problems for me. Also! Because Copics are alcohol based, you can layer colors (Ex. you can put a light blue over black and a light fog of blue will appear in that area.) The fact that these markers are refillable is also more bang for your buck. People complain that they're too expansive because of the amount of colors there are, but like a good artist, you know you don't need all the colors. You can settle with 25 cool tones and 25 warm tones and be set. Or even 15 and 15 if you don't plan on going crazy with them. Hope this rant was useful!

  • Carina Calinici says:

    +Sea Lemon I use some pens which are really opaque, and I think that you will love them. They are called Posca. Hope it helped!

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  • Why Not Read says:

    im an manga artist and i like to mostly use classic artmaterials. Mostly markers, but i also use paint, canvas, watercolor and then i have done a little bit of digital art and i am begining to do a lot of digital art.

  • Sophie Krogh says:

    I love copic's. The Best marker in the World 😱🇩🇰and you are the Best. And i com from Denmark 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰😱❤️

  • Vayona Narekuli says:

    Theres a brand called TiTi. It's a Korean brand and they sell these oil pastels. I recently ordered them and they are REALLY good! They are actually meant for kids but they are actually high quality! They're really soft and smooth and smudge easily. They have a wide range of colours (i got the 48 set but there is a 55 set too). They're so soft that you can write on your hands with them! I really suggest it to you since you like smooth mediums, it looks like it would feel rough but its actually quite smooth.

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  • andi najda says:


  • Jamie Phan says:

    Can you review Stedters and Stablio pens??

  • mark ockwell says:

    I use spectrum noir and spectrum water colour markers, they work out a bit cheaper here in the UK. also love uniball fine liners and acrylics or water colour paints.

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  • Maggi Kodani says:

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  • Cristina Baron says:

    I work with copic markers and love them! Some tips are to:
    When writing in a journal, make sure to put a piece of paper under the page on which you are drawing.
    Make sure to invest in alcohol marker paper so the markers don't bleed. Got mine on amazon

  • Heleana Sisante says:

    Instead of Copic, go for BiC. They are much cheaper and I believe they have the same quality of ink. They aren't refillable, or dual ended, but I use them and I stick with them for my artworks.

  • Laxmi Adep says:

    Thanks for giving information about many paints and sharing your experience in this vedio

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    that oil paint sounds awesome! i'm hesitating to get into oil painting because of the extensive cleanup but acrylics dry up so quickly on me >.< definitely will be giving them a try!

  • Deborah viner says:

    I have the spectrum
    noir alcohol markers and promarkers and flex markers can't afford copics but I love these and so much cheaper well the spectrum noir are anyway and if you can get the letraset promarkers which have been rebranded by Windsor and Newton , the letraset brand is no loner made so way cheaper but work sooooo well

  • Tangerine Toy Store says:

    Hobby Lobby has amazing 5 pack off brand copic markers

  • Glitterscum says:

    you look soooooooo pretty with a ponytail 😍😍😍

  • Puerto Shecan says:

    i add a tiny bit of glycerin to my brush rinse water to help keep my brush from drying out too quick as well as helps my paint stay wet a littler longer and helps dilute a tiny bit when painting on fabric to help keep from having layers too thick and not be as flexible.

  • Phương Dương says:

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  • Aqua Sea123 says:

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  • Avigail Klous says:

    Copic markers are great, but pricy, a nice substitute is the Spectrum Noir markers, I use them and also Twin Markers, there is e special storing system with a bag which I have, but since I have so many of them, I bought a plastic desk paper organizer (I'm not sure that is the right name) and in the local sort of Home Depot asked if they can saw it for me to the right size…. the guy there looked at me as if I've grown two heads, but he did it and it works, I would post a picture but there is no option for it. Thank you for all the great information, and greetings from Holland! 🙂

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  • Becky Salazar says:

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    Becky salazar beckysalazar22 1974gmail 6

  • Becky Salazar says:

    Becky salazar beckysalazar22 1974gmail 6

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    For me it's all about mixed media, specifically markers and watercolors!
    My favorite sketchbook is Strathmore vision, I use Arteza and Sakura koi watercolors, for markers don't bother with Copics, pro markers or shuttle art markers work well

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