My Oil Painting Palette – Old White Porcelain Table

all right so we’ve gotten quite a few
questions about my palate when everyone sees what I paint on and there’s not a
lot I can do about making this available to the public because it’s about – well
it’s over 30 years old actually I don’t know exactly how old it is
because when I bought it it was old so it’s a porcelain an old porcelain table
has a little drawer here lots of different tubes some of these are so old
but and all this stuff up here most of it doesn’t mean a thing I just kind of
stick things there once my own but what’s important about this is it’s 30
inches off the ground so right below my waist is perfect for my arm I don’t have
to scrunch my arm up here it’s just the right height. It’s huge – I I think I’ve
put the dimensions somewhere on that on this place list or something I don’t
remember exactly but I’ve got this nice big area for mixing in and I like I
don’t like to have to clean off my palate somewhere just do but I like to
mix constantly and make start with one pile and then extend that pile out
warmer on one side cooler on another maybe darker on one side lighter on
another it doesn’t really matter as long as they have plenty of space that I can
keep manipulating that pile and modifying it for whatever it is that I’m
working on in my painting and that helps me to keep the harmony more in my
paintings I think then constantly scraping and starting over and I like
white because that’s what they start with generally on my painting some
people will put a tone on there they start every canvas with some kind of a
tone I don’t some of them start off with just white and I just go for it with
that white panel so I like to start with white I can see all my colors well I can
see the kind of values that I have in there this is I’ve used it for a long
time and maybe it’s just because I’m used to it so I know they’re it’s it’s a
real debate between artists I don’t debate it I just like it but a lot of
artists think ray is the way to go I’ve tried great
didn’t appeal to me when I tried it so this is what I stuck with but if you’re
out you have to go to I don’t know you just have to get like you pick that at
garage sale or an auction or something but but if not they do have some I’m not
acrylics or something maybe glass that you can get and put a white backing
underneath it but I do recommend a nice big pallet where everything can be
spread out and you don’t have to worry about these little dinky piles of paint
that might constrain our imagination all right there you go have fun
talk to you later happy painting

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