My New Brushes For Water Mixable Oil Paint!

My new brushes for Water Mixable Oil Paint! Ah, my cute little friends are still here
today! Hi everybody welcome back back to Paianting With Yovette, I’m so happy you
could join me again today! Guess what? I have something new to share with you
today. Well I’ll tell you what let’s just go see what it is okay? Oh boy, Christmas
came early today! I have a new toy and oh, I’m excited about this! It’s like I
don’t have enough brushes so I’ve only got like 300 and so I need to order some
more right? Well I did that I was crazy. I’m anxious to see what’s in here. This
is supposed to be some new brushes that work with the water mixable paints,
specifically for them, and so I don’t know, it was it was expensive but we’ll
see what it is! Okay Mimik Hog Natural Improved 20 piece
painters brush set with leatherette case. So this is supposed to be a synthetic
brush that works with the water mixable oils, sticky, and boy I hope it works! Wow my goodness sakes, can’t hardly get
in here. there okay. Supposedly when these get wet they don’t
absorb water like a bristle brush does. Oh my would you look at that, whoa oh my goodness Wow oh they feel really different! So
like I said before this is a 20 piece set. Yeah and oh my goodness all
different kinds now these look like there’s some for some really large
paintings, anyway it looks very interesting, oh and the fan brushes Wow I’m anxious to try those, especially on trees. Okay well anyway so I’ll probably
do a tutorial on these using these a little bit later and see what we come up
with and see if it works and how it works and I’ll let you know if I’m happy
with them or not! Anyway called Mimik Hog Hog Brushes. Well
this is something I just wanted to share with you, this is not something that I
have been paid for, this is something that I purchased myself because I heard
it was good, and so I just wanted to try it, and that way I can share the results
with you and you can make up your mind whether it’s good or bad,
I don’t know that remains to be seen, I’m gonna find out for myself. But anyway
well let’s see I’ve decided that I am going to use these brushes in my next
video, so hopefully that’s gonna work out wonderful! I don’t know we’ll see. So
anyway I hope you come back to join me, video will be on soon, and anyway thank
you for joining me today. Bye

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