My Favorite Paint Brushes for Painting Murals – Ten Hundred

My Favorite Paint Brushes for Painting Murals – Ten Hundred

One of my subscribers ‘future laugh’ asked me what kind of brushes I use to paint my murals So I figured I would make a quick video about the brushes that I use on murals like this one I’m on location at a mural that I’m working on in South Lake Union in Seattle, Washington So check it out basically for this mural I just use three kinds of brushes a large flat brush a smaller flat brush and a small round brush So these are the three brushes that I use this is the large flat brush? this is the smaller flat brush, and this is the small round brush and Let me show you how I use these three with a large flat brush You can turn it on its side like this to do your line work like this And you can turn it flat to do fill work Yeah, and the same thing applies with this smaller flat brush Just turn it on its side and you can do skinnier lines Or skinnier fills, and then this small brush the small round brush. I use like if I were to do it an eye a Really small eye, or some really small details You know, that’s This is for all the little detail work that I use in some of my murals So those are my brushes, and that’s how I use them. I just get the cheap kind from black or Michaels I don’t take super good care of them, but that’s it That’s the brushes man, so hopefully that helps you make in your murals And I hope it helps some other people who might be getting started in their murals That’s it. Thanks for watching


  • Daniel Cook says:

    What acrylic paints do you usually use? I've used several, most are very thin, and need several layers.

  • TENZING says:

    Loving the more frequent uploads!

  • FutureLaugh says:

    Hell yeah shout out!! thanks again for this video, a lot of guys out there just used to spray cans and this helps a lot. You just saved me 90k of art college, thank you Professor 10 Hundred!!!

  • FutureLaugh says:

    I know this may seem obvious to some, but for those of us not used to using brushes- this was really valuable info. Im going to always source back to this vid when anyone asks me in the future

  • Randall Paints says:

    Ha! I did I video recently where I bought cheap brushes because I don’t take care of them either! Love your work!

  • IvΓ‘n Romero says:

    What kind of paint do you use.?
    And how prepare it

  • crazypotato1000 says:

    What's your experience working with oils? Why do you prefer one or the other (for smaller paintings not murals)

  • alvin jones says:


  • Jewan Herbert says:

    Thanks ten hundred for the insight. Ive got my first mural coming up soon! Thanks for the inspiration

  • Dnlndn Arz says:

    haha I just did my first mural (a big one for being the first I've ever done) and something I learned from it is that I should have bought the cheapest brushes because even if I take care of them they were gonna get destroyed by the wall. Buy the cheap ones y'all!

  • Jeel La Go says:

    hi ten hundred love your works πŸ™‚ i just wanna ask is that chalk your using for making a sketch?

  • EZENAMI says:

    i like how that small eye kinda ended up being a nipple lol πŸ˜€

  • Off To Road says:

    Wow amazing video… I can't wait to buy some paint and brush for our walls.

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