My 29th Birthday & Review Of Drawing On Toothpaste Box

My 29th Birthday & Review Of Drawing On Toothpaste Box

As you can tell I woke up this morning and it was a little bit colder in my apartment than what I had expected Especially since I’m used to the summer weather and having the temperature be above 90 degrees. I Forgot about the temperature drop at night and I had all of my windows open and most of my apartment and It was pretty cold in here. So I’ve got my jacket on to Keep me nice and warm a bright green Jacket, I look like a giant lime. But anyways today We’re gonna be talking about this drawing I did About a month ago. I will be uploading this at a time lapse video but I just wanted to show you the drawing and talk about what I had created and this drawing was actually done on a Toothpaste box I came home one day and I was it just didn’t know what to draw. I had I had to pick up some toothpaste and so after that, I was enough of the box away and so I just used scissors and I I cut it out, and then I got myself a Sharpie here and I just started dueling away and This is what I ended up creating and I have no idea what most of it even is You can take a look at it and tell me what you see in this drawing but when I look at the drawing I see Some kind of guy with the face there’s like some hovering boat here there’s a landscape and then On the sides I just I filled in those areas Completely random stuff as well. And then I think that’s like mechanical and then they’re stippling everywhere It kind of looks like What if there was like like kinda like a comic book in a way were like each part of it transitions from a Certain scene to another scene and that’s kind of the the idea had in mind But then I just kind of went random with everything is sort of drawing stuff all over And then let’s see. What else do I have in here? I think it looks like this Sun there’s like organic looking things as usual and clouds and Then oh, there’s a big toaster here There’s a big toaster for your toast. And then this this person that I drew here they they look really sad I Don’t know maybe that is like that looks like The one character from goosebumps, I think When did goosebumps come out what’s that like the 80s or something? I think that was before I was born Or was it the early 90s? I don’t know and Then let’s see there is Another what looks like a Sun there and then there is some mountains and then some water and then there’s like a Just random circles all over the place and I know Sutton I tend to draw these Like interlacing Long lines like these here I Don’t I tend to draw that a lot and most of my drawings? I think it looks kind of like if you have a bunch of rubber bands like a rubber band Bowl and like put it together and it’s all like interwoven and Yeah But I’m lots of random things in it this drunk took me maybe Oh Hour and a half to draw Did taking it over than that, but I know it took a little bit more than an hour to do But yeah, this is what I do sometimes when I don’t know what to draw or what to even draw on I’ll just like take something that I’ve I’m going to throw away like a cereal box or this for example Um a toothpaste box and now to start doodling random things on it, then this is what I create but um Yeah, could I improve but I’ve got a long ways to go But um, I try not to compare myself to what other people create We can now look up to what other people’s doing. But um, I Prefer to just compare myself to what I’m doing And how I’m doing things and to just try to be better than what it was yesterday but sometimes I just like because random and creative and doing one run of things like toothpaste boxes, but Yeah So I do have a blue of several box shredded wheat and then an oatmeal container that I’m gonna draw on and then all time-lapse that and I’ll talk about that for a video in the future but um today actually happens to be my 29th birthday and a Lot Has happened in life Well and don’t really know where to start when it comes talking about that because I have entire videos talking about Overcoming things and would have dealt with and it was an artist and all that but it turned 29 today and I don’t feel like I’m 29. I feel a lot younger although some days depending on How sore I am from lifting or Other reasons I feel a lot older but I’m surprised by how much time has passed since graduating high school 11 years ago already This went by quick and I’m hoping in the next 10 years don’t go by that fast because if they do Before I know what I’m gonna be 80 years old And then I’ll be looking back and saying well, I remember back in my day when we had to draw with pens. I Don’t think that I have forgot his style Although there’s a digital art. He’s getting more popular as time goes on But yeah, I turned 29 today and I look forward to all these things that I can create for my channel and all my subscribers everybody that watches and I just try to keep getting better, but along the way have fun and just Try to be happy with what I’ve got and what I can create with the skills that I have so it’s a Guess for some people it’s another day for their birthday. They get to a point where they just don’t want to celebrate no more because It’s just another year another day. But um Yeah I’ll talk more about my life experiences and birthdays and everything in another video, but for now I’m gonna go eat breakfast because I just woke up not too long ago and I’m hungry and if we’ve got things to do today, so anyways, um until then I will see you in the next video and you have fun doodling and Go ahead. Let me know what you think of this random doodle on a toothpaste box and I Guess happy birthday to myself and I hope any of you out there that have a birthday coming up soon. Happy birthday You too as well, and I’ll see you next video and you have a good day. See you later


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  • The Jubilee Diaries says:

    Happy birthday !!! Time does fly my brother . I cant wait for the time lapse video of this piece ! πŸ™‚

  • Martijn van Dalen says:

    Happy birthday Sir! πŸ™‚

  • Shell Presto DiBaggio says:

    Happy birthday!

    I read an article a while back that the best way to slow your perceived passage of time is to try new things and break your routine. That's why high and grade school feels so long in retrospect to the daily grind of adulthood. I've at least found it to be true.

    That toothpaste container looks awesome! What a cool idea for an unusual canvas!

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