Mortal Instruments DIY Shadowhunter Stele PEN: (For Shadowhunters Fans)  – A GeekyMcFangirl Tutorial

Mortal Instruments DIY Shadowhunter Stele PEN: (For Shadowhunters Fans) – A GeekyMcFangirl Tutorial

Hey everybody, I’m Amy. Welcome to my channel. Thanks so much for joining me for a Mortal
Instruments-inspired craft. Today’s project is how to make a Shadowhuner Stele, and it’s also a pen. You can find links for all the materials you
will need for this project in the description below the video
both on YouTube and at You will need something to bake your project
on: like a silicone and a baking tray a bic round stic pen silver polymer clay a clear quarts crystal point and a pair of pliers When doing a polymer clay project, I like
to work on a silicone baking mat on top of a baking tray. This way I can pop the project right into
the oven without having to transfer it. Start with a Bic Round Stic pen. This brand of pen is preferred because it
will not melt or lose it’s shape while baking. Use a pair of pliers to remove the ink cartridge
before you begin. Never bake the pen with the ink inside. Choose a quartz crystal point that you like. This will be placed at the end of the stele
that does not have the ink pen Now it’s time to open the silver polymer
clay. If you don’t have silver, you can make it
out of any color you have and paint the final piece with silver acrylic or spray paint at
the end. Soften and condition the clay between your
fingers. Roll out a strip of clay that is about an
eighth of an inch thick and a little longer than your pen and crystal Place the pen on top of the clay and use a
blade to cut away the extra on the top and bottom, leaving about half an inch of clay
at the bottom to wrap around the crystal. Position the crystal on the clay, press the
crystal and the pen down slightly, and your project will look like this. Trim one side so that it has a smooth edge
and wrap it up and around the pen. Press it down very lightly so the clay does
not get a thin spot. Then do the same thing on the other side. Trim, and wrap. Next it’s time to join the seam. Working slowly and carefully, smooth the two
edges together. Start from the middle and work up and down. Don’t worry if the ends don’t match up
perfectly. The last step is to trim the bottom, so it
is nice and flush even to the pen opening. Once the sides are smooth and the bottom is trimmed, it’s time to work on the crystal end. Use your fingers and your clay tools to make sure the crystal is securely encased in the clay The next step is to give your stele a slight
triangle shape. This will keep it from rolling around on the
desk and will define the top and bottom of the stele. Which will help when adding runes and decorations. If your quartz crystal comes loose during
this part, make sure to re-secure it in the clay. And you may also need to re-trim the pen end
of the stele as well. It’s important that the pen cartridge will
be able to fit back inside the pen after you bake the clay. So make sure the hole is the right size. Next it’s time to add your runes and decorations. This is where you can really show your personality
on your stele. I chose to add an angelic power rune to my
stele, by rolling out a thin piece of silver clay and shaping the rune at the end near
the crystal. You want to make sure to position your decorations
so that they don’t make it uncomfortable to hold the pen and write with it. Once the stele is baked and completely cooled,
your project is done. You are ready to save mundanes from the demon
incursion with angelic power. Thanks so much for crafting with me today
guys. If you enjoyed this project and want to see
what’s coming next, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. And if you’d like to see more Mortal Instruments
inspired crafts, let me know in the comments below, and I will give it my best try. Thanks, and I’ll see you next time.


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