Monochromatic Portrait Painting by 5 Value Scale.

Monochromatic Portrait Painting by 5 Value Scale.

Titanium white and Ivory black. Value 1: Lightest. Value 2: Light. Value 3: Mid-tone. Value 4: Dark. Value 5: Darkest. Preliminary sketch. For more information of proportion and gesture, watchBasic proportion and Gesture for Head Drawing’. Making ‘Shadow Map’. Value 4. Value 3. Value 2. Edge Control. Value 1. Value 5. All the 5 values are placed. The rest is refining detail (time-lapse).


  • kitty liu says:

    So so so nice

  • Elvira Marino says:

    Stupendo . Complimenti e grazie. Elvira . Italy

  • Chris Jay says:

    Thank you.

  • Ioannis Fiore says:

    thank you for sharing this knowledge!

  • Vijay Patil says:

    Amazing, thanks a lot for sharing it

  • PHeMoX says:

    Would you use the same paint colours when using a glaze for colour afterwards or would you prefer to use say raw umber, white and ultra marine blue perhaps then?

  • Valentina Nguyen says:

    This is freaking awesome this video is a gem

  • dave says:

    wow, thank you so much for showing us how it's done. so informative!

  • Ea Maa says:

    ?thank you for sharing .. can i now what is the brand of brushes

  • 13_sombras_tattoo says:

    I love your videos, they are very instructive. You are a great artist, my respects.

  • Himesh Anand says:

    How Old Are you? and when did u started painting? i'm 17 and i just started learning painting on my own from videos!. i'm good at drawing and the beasics like perspective,anatomy(but havn't mastered them)..but the thing i suck at is painting!! can u give me some tips? And yeah i paint digitally! because traditional is pretty expensive xD

  • Observer 2.901991α_Kurisutina says:

    Hi +Zin Lim , I just discovered your channel and I already see that you teach something very unique, also, you are a very talented artist and also a very talented art teacher!
    I just saw some principle that there are not explained in books, or at least in the books I've read.
    I can't thank you enough, I hope to see more instructional video soon! Have a nice day my friend!

  • Ben Austin says:

    29.00 is that just a dry brush? blending the two values together?

  • David R. Darrow - drdarrow says:

    Great Skill, and a fine approach. I appreciated the discipline involved in reserving values until you moved on to the next, saving highlights and darkest darks for last. Brilliant.

  • Furqan Thamer says:

    amazing amazing
    loved it

  • SFA Dude says:

    Hi Zin Lim, I had been watching your videos lately and really like them, thanks for sharing!

    I got a question, do you have any place where you get the reference from? I had been self teaching myself for a while but I struggle getting good, decent reference to copy/study from. And that ends up taking quite sometime away from me that I could be using for studying.

    Thanks alot!

    Also, this is my instagram, I just leave it here because I never know who may like what I do…

  • SFA Dude says:

    Hi again, I got another question! at 25:20 you start blending. I was wondering if thats because you started using a medium?

    Im new to oil painting, started just like a week ago… so I was wondering if from the beggining were you using mediums, or at 25:20 ?

    Really thanks for these videos. And sorry for two questions!

  • j woolfe says:

    I am totally trying this tonight! can't wait to get off of work and PAINT! BTW I really appreciate this video it is one of the only one where we get to a: see the palette AND b: see everything in real time

  • Lida Khosravi says:

    Amazing . Thank you

  • Parshuram Kamble says:

    Awesome video, but it would more great if reference is also shown, this will help follow along the video and learn 😁

  • Sara Ramahi says:

    This is amazing … thank you so much for sharing

  • PencilMad says:

    Great job Zin!

  • Mal says:

    really good channel !

  • OC_VILLAIN says:

    36:59 I held my breath when he got the BLACK ,.Lol
    .black could be unforgiving. Lol

  • dreanki says:

    Your videos are wonderful, i can't thank you enough. Hope you are doing well 😊

  • Jill Yan says:

    what brushes do you use?

  • Louisa Linton says:

    Pity you speeded up the end… I was really enjoying watching the painting in real time. Terrific!!! Thanks.

  • patroon15 says:

    That's beautiful Zin. Been looking for a video like this for a while, i will take some ideas from your technique and hopefully will make mine abit easier

  • Jackie Miami says:

    It requires a lot of patience to watch this video. I really liked your demo in pencil.

  • Jackie Miami says:

    Finally, a very nice result!!!

  • Ryan Embry says:

    wow, such disciplined painting. not a brush stroke wasted. impressive!

  • Martina Palazzese says:

    I love bw portrait but on youtube I don't see many of these. You are great as always. Can I ask you what type of brand oil color do you use and how you deal de support (canvas or board) ?

  • SOOART says:

    very nice work!

  • Fouad Dchiri says:

    Awesome tutorial!

  • Шерик да says:

    ty for video but pls do video like this x2 speed

  • YDellMe says:

    you made it look so easy 😉

  • Ranjit Ray says:

    It is wonderful and easy

  • Warren C says:

    Lim, I love your work, you're a real talent. But please…don't fast-forward the final details at the end, it's the icing on the cake and yet you rush it. We don't get a second to enjoy the final result!

  • blackcat138 says:

    What's with the ending? Why the rush?

  • Fred Carrillo says:

    Thank you very much for adding the values and edge control in the captions as well as not speeding the video up. This video showed me how to get passed "ugly" phase of the process right after putting in the division between the shadow and lit areas. My edge control is bad. Very helpful.

  • Angelicatoo says:

    this is amazing, I wish I could give it ten likes,, I have been painting my whole life but in a coupe of minutes you have taught me something quite profound about the power of the darks, you could have stopped with the darkest tone and still had a perfectly readable picture, thank you.

  • Tommy Sumo says:

    Zin, you're awesome! Stroke by stroke until it's truly a masterpiece. Fantastic work!

  • Rajlakshmi Jadhav says:

    Why did you fast forward towards the end?

  • Arun Ravi says:

    what kind of paper wud u prefer for oil paint?

  • shogrran says:

    How do you know it's 5 values and not 12? I want to learn to paint… i have had no formal education but I'm just trying out things…

  • Otaki Senpai says:

    Your so great a big respect for you and god bless you🎉🎉🎉♥♥♥

  • jack daniel says:

    thank you so much for taking your time to share. it is very gracious of you and greatly appreciated. i would like to say i wish you didn't. speed up the eyes portion. I'm not sure how many people would like to see your technique for painting eyes. however, that being said, thank you so much for taking the time to share

  • Laurika van der merwe says:

    What do you use to make your drying shades of paint fluid again. Like at minute 23:00

  • Gerald Cimmerer says:

    Love it ,would like to see the finished rendition

  • André Mangabeira says:

    Hi Zin. First of all thank you so much for the educational videos. Will I have big problems doing this exercise without any medium at all ?
    I mean, the paint will be too sticky ? I am alergic and I have heard about people painting without any medium at all, only strait out of the tube.
    My only experience is with watercolor.
    Second, becoming a patron will I have access to this full video in real time, without the speed up on the end ?
    Thank you so much . (sorry any english mistake)

  • yamile calzadilla says:

    Hello. Do you think liquin would work for a painting like this instead of linseed oil? Also, did you do this in one sitting, or did you wait for layers to dry. I’m very new and trying to get into oil paints, thank you.

  • carol morato says:

    Can you do an acrylic one too?? This is amazing I love your style

  • 46 Touring says:

    Video hadn’t even started and I liked it instantly. 👍

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