Mixing Custom Colors for Watercolor Painting – Example 1

Mixing Custom Colors for Watercolor Painting – Example 1

– [Kristina] Hi
everyone, Kristina here, welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be
continuing my mini series on color mixing. And I’m going to be using two
stamp sets from Avery Elle. One has a really pretty
floral image on it and the other has
some nice greetings. So I’m going to be
using some five by seven Strathmore cold press
watercolor paper today. And my plan is to
stamp this floral piece from the Avery Elle
stamp set repeatedly all over this watercolor paper, and then I’ll be
painting that in. So in order to do that,
I need to make sure that I clean off
the stamp in between moving it to a new location
while I repeat all these stamps. If you are not
using a Misti tool, you just have the
stamp on a block, you don’t need to
clean it in between since you’re just going
to be adding more ink. But since I am
using my Misti tool and I’m going to be
placing that stamp down onto the white watercolor paper, I wanted to make sure
that that stamp was clean just in case I needed to
move it around a little bit. So I’ll go ahead and
stamp that again, just above the
previous stamping. And now I’m going to
rotate the paper around and move those
flowers all around to fill in all of the gaps. This is going to create
a really pretty pattern over this entire
watercolor paper. And I’m doing it very
carefully like this because it’s going to
be really the main focus of the card. A lot of this pattern
is going to show on the finished card. And so I wanted to make
sure that this pattern was stamped well. I’m now using a Pilot
envelope addressing pen to fill in some of the gaps
in between the stamped images. And I’m using this
pen in particular because it’s waterproof. I am going to be
watercoloring over the top, so I wanted to make sure my
pen wasn’t going to bleed. And I’m just filling
it in with some leaves and some circles, kinda
like little bubbles or like droplets or
whatever you wanna call it. Just something little
to fill in those gaps. And if you wanted
to use a small stamp from a different stamp
set, you definitely could. For me, I just thought
it was really fastest to use that same, kinda
to draw them on there with a marker. So now I’m using a flat
paintbrush to add a ton of water over the entire surface
of my piece here. And I’m going to be adding
some color on top of this. So I’m going to be
showing you the mixing on the palette I’m using, I’m using that same
Prang palette that I used in my previous video. And I’m going to have
this kind of split screen so you can see the color
mixing on the right hand side of the screen. And then the painting
on the other side. So right now I’m just mixing
a nice blue-green color, a little bit more
toward blue than green. And I’m dropping it in
as an underpainting. I used this
underpainting technique in a video last
week on an envelope with that coloring book page. And I’ll link up to
that in the top corner if you wanna check that out. But I really love
adding an underpainting in between all the flowers. I think it looks
really really pretty. So now I’m mixing
up another color and this time I’m just
adding a little bit more blue to the mix, I want it to be
slightly more blue than green. It’s really not gonna
show too too much once I have my painting
all over the top, but I just thought
it’d be a nice touch. And because the blues
were a little too close, I decided to make
this one more green. So now I’m bringing
in some more green, just filling in some gaps. And because my watercolor paper
was wet when I applied this, all of those edges of the color are going to wick
away and soften, it’s gonna be really
really pretty. So after I had all of
those areas filled in, used my heat tool to speed
up the drying process. You could definitely
use a hair dryer, anything like that
if you wanted to. Okay so now I’m going
to be mixing some colors for the flowers. So I’m taking some red, and I want to have kinda
like a dark purple-red shade for the darkest color
on the red flower. So I’m going to take a
little bit of purple, and I’ll be adding
that into the red, and it’s just going
to deepen that color and give it more of
a raspberry shade, like a dark raspberry. And then I’m going to mix
another version of the red, and I’m not gonna add
any other colors into it. I’m just going to have it be
just a really watered down red so it reads a little
bit more pink. And as I start to paint this, I’m gonna speed up
the painting process, but I will keep all of the
footage of me mixing colors, I’ll keep that at
real time speed. Because I want you
to be able to see the mixing of the colors ’cause that’s what
we’re focusing on. So I just put down just
a plain wash of color over the medium sized flowers. And then I mixed up another
color for the larger flowers, and I want these to sort of be almost a coral, like
a warm coral shade. So I’m starting out
with some orange. And I wanna have a
nice big puddle of that in my well here on the palette. Because I don’t wanna run
out of any of the colors. So I’m adding lots and lots
of orange to that area. If you think of it as
kind of like a thick, almost like the consistency
of a thick milk. That’s kind of
like what you want. So I added some red to that. And that’s going to
warm it up even more. And then I’m going to add
the tiniest bit of green. And green is the
complementary to red, and since that was kind
of a reddish-orange, it’s going to dull this
out just a tiny bit, and that’s gonna make a
really great dark coral shade. So I’m also going to mix
a really yellow-orange. And that’s going to be more
of like how it’s going to read more of a little more coral. Between those two colors, I’m going to have a
nice variation of color. A little more red to that. And then I’m gonna go
ahead and start painting. So I’m putting down that
lighter orange coral shade. And I’m gonna do the same thing
I did with the red flowers, I’m just going to put that
over the entire flower and then I’ll let that dry. So now I’m going to
mix up a yellow shade, and I don’t want it to be
this really bright yellow. I want it to be toned
back just a little bit, so it’s a little bit
more of a golden color. So I’m going to add the
tiniest bit of purple, just a little tiny
dab of purple. I don’t want too much, in fact I’m going to wipe
some of it off over here. And then I’ll bring
it over to my yellow. And I’ll mix that in,
and that’s gonna give it a little bit more
of a golden shade. And just tone back the
really really bright yellow. I’ll put that over
the yellow flowers. I want these areas to be
completely dry before I move on. So I hit that with my heat tool. And then now I’m coming
in with the darker shades of each of these. And I’m keeping the
shading really simple, I’m not trying to
blend in the shading. I mostly just want there
to be a darker shade on the flowers, kinda
like they’re two-tone. So that they don’t read so flat. They don’t look as flat
as they did before. I’m gonna move on to the
darker orange coral shade. I’m gonna put
those over the top. I really love how on
some of these areas where that underpainting
was a little stronger, that the flowers look
like a slightly different shade of orange. Or a golden color, I think
that’s a really interesting look to it. And it’s a fun way to get
variation in your painting. Try doing an underpainting,
and it’ll really, I think it gives a little bit
more of a sophisticated look. So I’m cleaning up my
palette, just with a baby wipe ’cause I’m gonna be mixing
some additional colors for the leaves. And I wanna make sure I have a nice clean palette to do that. So I’ve already painted
half of the leaves on this background. And now I’m gonna show you
mixing colors for the rest. Basically I took
a large paintbrush ’cause I needed a large amount of this green and
blue-green paint. I ran out and that’s
why I’m mixing more. So I moved to larger brush, I think this is a size 10 brush. And I’m using a larger brush ’cause I’m going to get
larger petals of ink, or of paint. So I’m adding a bunch of green
into both of my sections. And then I’m going to be
adding some additional colors to just tone these
back a little bit. So on the color on the bottom, I’m going to be adding
a little bit of yellow to make it more
of a yellow-green, really brighten that up, you can see in the
finished painting that on the leaves
there’s kind of a brighter yellow-green shade. That’s what this color
is on the bottom. And then for the color that’s
in the middle of palette, I’m going to be adding
quite a bit of blue because I want it to be a
little bit more of a blue shade. And I’m also going
to tone it back by adding a little
bit of orange. So you’ll see that process here. I forgot I did add some
purple to that yellow-green and it kinda grayed
it out too much. So then I added lots more yellow and that kind of
solves that issue. And then it was, became
more of that yellow-green, but toned it back
just a little bit. So I’m gonna add that
blue to that middle shade. Get it to a nice blue-green. And I do want it to be a
little more on the blue side than green. Because it is going to be
paired with that yellow-green and so the two of those together are really going to look nice. And a little bit of that
orange like I mentioned, that just tones it
back a little bit. And now I’ve got my two
shades that I’ll be using as I do the painting
on all of the leaves. So basically I’m just
going in really randomly and very loosely. Just dropping in some
different bits of color. I’m not being too precise, I’m not trying to
stay within the lines. I just want to get
this color on here and there’s quite a bit
of spaces to color in. So I added, I kinda alternated
between these two colors. I would add a little bit of
the brighter yellow-green and then I’d go back
and add some of that toned back blue-green. Just trying to get a
variation in color. So if you want it
to be more precise while you were painting
this, you definitely could spend a little more time on it, but I decided that since
this background was so large, and covering such a
large amount of space, that I would keep
this very simple and not complicate it too much. I like the little bit of shading
that I had on the flowers and I didn’t think I needed
to add a whole bunch more. Didn’t need to add a bunch more, so I’m going to add
a darker red shade on all of these buds on
each of the flower clusters. And then I’m going to go ahead
and let this dry completely so that I can move
on with my card. So once it was
dry, I cut it down so it could be a
background on my card. And I actually made a
little bit of a mistake, I cut it a little
bit too narrow. I should have cut it at three
and three-quarters wide, but I cut it at
three and a half. But that’s okay, I have
some really fun strips left over that I can
use on another card. And when I go to
assemble this card, I’ll just have to trim off
a little bit off the side because my card will
be a little too wide, so I just trimmed off
a quarter of an inch off that one side, and then
it was completely centered. As far as the greeting goes, I stamped a happy birthday
from that greeting stamp set in VersaMark ink onto some
licorice twist card stock from Basil. And then I applied some
white heat embossing powder and melted that
with the heat tool. And then trimmed out the
piece and adhered it down onto the card. And I just used a little
bit of foam adhesive behind the flower background and also behind the
happy birthday strip. So while I was
painting the flowers, I didn’t worry about
these center areas because I knew that I wanted
to use a white gel pen and just add a
little bit of white to the centers of the flowers. I thought that’d be really fun. And then I took a clear Wink
of Stella glitter brush pen and added a bunch of shimmer
on top of the flowers and the buds. And because I’d recently
squeezed my Wink of Stella, a lot of shimmer came out. Which I don’t mind, I
like lots of sparkle. So that’s my card for today, hope that gave you an example of how I might use a
little bit of color mixing with my regular card making. I’ll be back on Friday
with another example and show you all
that color mixing. Thanks for watching
and I’ll catch you guys in the next video. (upbeat music)


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