Mixed Media Acrylic Painting And I have An Art Challenge For You!

Mixed Media Acrylic Painting And I have An Art Challenge For You!

Some painty inspiration to get you doodling
with your paints and pens today. And I’m back in my junk journal with a speed
paint of a page I did last week. Now the aim of this piece, well there wasn’t
really a big aim for it, I just wanted to fill a page loosely with color and some mark
making and I had a very specific color combo in my mind for this one. So the only thing I decided when starting
was the colors. I’ve picked two warm colors and five neutrals
for this. And I have an art challenge for you which
I will go into later in the video. But let me get this piece started. Oh, and the other thing I decided before starting
was that I was going to use a palate knife to apply the paint on this first. And I really like using the nozzles on these
paint tubes. You see me using these quite a lot. They are great for controlling the amount
of paint that you can put on a piece so that us perfect for something quite small, like
this and really handy when you are adding it directly to the page. And I get questions about these nozzles, so
for those of you who haven’t seen them yet or aren’t sure what I am using, I’ll link
them up, well they are always linked up when I use them, with the rest of the products
in the description but I will also put a link to a quick video I did testing them out on
different paint brands as well. Now the idea for this paint layer was not
to over mix the colours but to layer them up in kind of patches over the page, until
I was happy with the coverage. The paint dries pretty quickly because, well,
I’m spreading it out really thinly just like I did with that plastic card a couple of weeks
ago. Do you remember? That was the black and white flower that was
on quite a dark background. So the colors I am using today, they are all
listed below as well. Starting with Venetian rose, Orange azo and
Naples yellow red light, and I really like these three colors together. The warmth of the pinks and orange contrasting
with the neutral of the Naples yellow red light, I think it works quite nicely to my
eyes but I also have another color in mind that I wanted to add to this. And is particularly yummy because it is just
such a great contrast, but I wont spoil the surprise, so don’t peek at the color list
just yet!. So I wasn’t really sure where I wanted this
page to go other than, you know, starting with the color and that color combo that I
have in my head, so I did add some marks to this, and first with an orange ball point
pen. Now also part of my color combo is a raw sienna.
and I, I actually have a lot of difficulty with this color. You know I generally love colors all sorts
of colors , I have, sort of, you know, some of my favorites that you see me go back to
again and again. But the raw sienna, well, I love the idea
of it and when I pick the tubes up for my color combo, and I have done this a few times,
this is not just in this project, I have done this in other projects as well. They look great in the tubes, it looks really
fab with the colors I pick with it and then I put it on my project and for some reason
I just have this kind of reaction to it like an aversion. And I really want to make it work because
in the tube it looks great, on the project, I don’t know, as soon as it goes down my
head says, wow! That’s not working, that’s messed up! And I think it might be because this neutral
is just one of the most opposite you can get to the jewel colors and I’m often attracted
to jewel colors. So they kind of are where I go to first. And I seem to be able to cope with other neutrals
and earth tones as wel, but this one is definitely my Achilles’ heal. So I try very hard to keep going and you might
have spotted that I’ve also picked up a little bit of red on my brush, and that was
just from my palette. Totally accidental and not part of the color
scheme but you know, once I put it down there I just went with it! Anyway, so I decreased the use of the raw
sienna and did some mark making with it and that made me feel a lot better. I still think it works nicely with this color
combo which is why I sort of just kept going with it. But I think for me I just needed to use it
in small bits, and when I put it down first, I used a big sort of swath of it, and yeah,
it didn’t really work, l like, like using it in little parts here and there. And anyway we are still in the early layers
of this, so I can break up the bigger areas with more paint and ball point pen marks as
well. And that is how I keep going and keep building
on this piece, letting it dry if I change up the colors or change the material that
I am using. So for instance, when I swap to the brown
ball point pen I let the paint dry completely before i try to use that over the top. And I was actually working on three pages
at once when I did this one, so I could swap in between the different pages to let one
dry and then swap back and, you know, just carried on working like that between the three. And I like working like that because it gives
me a little breathing space as well. So if I want to let a page rest for a bit,
you know, maybe I am not quite sure where it wants to go or or i want to sort of revisit
my options then swapping in between gives me that breathing space that I need and also
it helps me not to overthink it as well because it doesn’t give me a lot of time, it just
give me enough time to say put a layer on one piece and then go back to the other piece. So you are still moving them along quite fast. But I have talked about this before in my
other videos but I haven’t actually spoken about it for a while, so I know new viewers
to my channel, you might not have heard me talk about it this. A lot of the pieces I have been doing recently
have been single pieces or they have been ones that I worked on in a session with a
group of other pieces but they might have been unrelated pieces so that when I come
to do the voice over I don’t tend to talk about those other pieces so much. But this one was part of three pieces that
had a connection between them because they were all done with layering and also with
mark making as well but they have all been done with different color combos. So you will probably be seeing at least one
of those pieces in an a video coming to YouTube soon-ish. I am not quite sure when yet, I haven’t edited
that one yet. But I did give my Patrons a peek of all of
the ones that I worked on that day. And talking about patron did you, did you
download the free to everyone colouring page? Have you used it yet? Let me know how you got on with it. And what you think, because I’ve been thinking
that if people like it then I might do more of them. And you can let me know in the comments. Leave me a comment on a video is fantastic! Thank you everyone who does that! But you can also let me know by liking my
videos and sharing them too, I mean it really does help with the whole YouTube thing, when
your videos get shared, liked and commented on, so massive thank you to everyone who does
do that, I really do appreciate it. Now, I wasn’t really intending to use black
or white in this color combo that wasn’t there when I started this piece, and they were later
additions, but I think they worked out quite fine. So started with black, anyway, I use white
a little bit later. And I wanted to use a bit more of a fine marking
so the black pen seemed to be the best option, at the time. I had already used that brown ballpoint pen
so I didn’t think a black ballpoint pen would add any more there, it probably wouldn’t be
that discernible from the brown. So the black paint pen seemed like a really
good option. And I added in a few shapes, and dots and
lines. Just a little bit of mark making there. And it looks really stark against the other
colors, at the moment, you know it is really quite noticeable, but at least the other,
you know when I used the ballpoint pens they were a very similar colors to what had already
been put on, whereas the black kind of just stands out doesn’t it? But remember I do have this mystery color
in my head as I am working through this, something that I did decide upon at the beginning, as
part of my color combo. So when I added the black I already had this
mystery color in my head so, and this balances with that. Can you guess what the mystery color is going
to be? No peeking at the color list in the description! Now before that mystery color goes on I wanted
to add some more contrast so I lighted up the Naples yellow red light, which is already
pretty light but I added some white paint to it to make it even lighter and then it
would just stand out a little more to the layers of that color that I already put on
there. And once that was down I broke that up a little
bit so it wasn’t so blocky with the pink and reinstated some of those circle motifs that
I put down with the brown ballpoint pen. [MUSIC] Ok, wait for it! We are all most there, almost mystery color time and it’s…it’s Payne’s grey! Yay! High five to you if you guessed it without
looking at the color list in the description! I’ve not used Payne’s grey for ages. I think indigo has been kind of nudging the
Payne’s grey out recently. And where I would usually have in the past
so of reached for Payne’s grey, I am now reaching for indigo. But Payne’s grey is still one of my favorite
neutral contrasts. It is just such a beautiful contrast. But this tube had actually slipped in, slipped
down at the bottom of my storage, where I store these paints and when I was looking
for this particular combo of the orange and the pink and the Naples color, Naples yellow
red light, I was routing around and found the Payne’s grey and it’s exactly the contrast
color I was looking for! Otherwise it might have been indigo if I hadn’t
have re-found my Payne’s grey. But I definitely think this works better. And another thing I hadn’t intended to do
on this piece and that was to mix some white in with the Payne’s grey to make other greys. So actually I think that here I have got 6
neutrals, in, in this piece, not the 5 that I said at the start. So there is white, there’s black, grey, Payne’s
grey, raw sienna and the Naples yellow red. So this is really the bases of your art challenge,
that I was talking about earlier. And the challenge is to use lots of neutrals
in your next piece! And you might be used to using whites and
blacks, they are colors that we, we go to quite often aren’t they? I mean they are very useful colors, but try
extend them a bit, try and use some greys, try and use some buff colors and and some
browns and see how you get on with them. And you can use them anyway you want. So you can go all neutrals if you wanted to. But do try to mix them up, so if you use greys,
blacks and whites try also to get some buff colors in there too. See if you can just fit in as many neutrals
as possible. Or you can use them the way I’ve used them
today and that’s really as accents and contrasts to warm color set or you could use a cool
color set too and try them out that way. But see what you can do with them and have
lots of fun with it. And if you do share on social media then tag
me in because you know I love to come and have a look and my social media links, well
they are all in the description. I’ve got more mixed media ideas for you
here so you can even try out your neutral color combo with these so watch them next
and I will see you there!


  • Cindy Bell says:

    you are my favorite doodle master! 🙂

  • Eva Villa says:

    I guessed it. When you used the black I knew it was gonna be a dark color. Nice page

  • Gaby & Lucy Art says:

    Amazing artwork! Your style is unique! Never saw before!

  • Kim Daniel says:

    So interesting with all the mark making and doddling. Love the colors.

  • Elena Knighton says:

    Very PRETTY page. I love the doodling.

  • Leslie Thompson says:

    Love this..I make it too hard. 💜

  • Heeral Patel says:

    I love how unique and different your approach is. I will definitely give this a try 🙂

  • Acrylic Painting Tutorial : Art Taiga says:

    Great colors challenge

  • Sue Falls says:

    So nice! Color combo was perfect❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Diana Seely says:

    I really like your original pieces, no stencils, no collage, no stamps, no stickers, it’s all you! And they’re so fun and interesting! Thank you!

  • Judy Daino says:

    I have to admit, while I was watching you build up your layers, it kind of reminded me of my style. At first I thought I wouldn't like it because it reminded me so much of my style but I have to say, when you were finished I loved it. You know I'm kind of all over the place with mine but you know how to make it all come together. That is my downfall. Once again, I love this piece and you just rock at all you do. 😯🤗💚❤🌹

  • Thomas Tymstone says:

    I think if you go for a more vintage-y Raw Sienna it has a bit more yellow or you can water down your current brand or mix it with a Buff titanium. I think your revulsion is the well the resemblance to something less pleasant. Changing the hue might help.

  • Anita Swarts says:

    You really inspire me, thank you! 💜 I think the raw sienna looks great, it adds a rich earthy-ness in my opinion. I would've guessed it to be yellow ochre. Different brands' colours often look different from each other.

  • Patrizia Cathey says:

    Kim, I know exactly what you mean about this color.The only way I found to make use of it and like it,is to thin it down with water or medium.Your piece turned out lovely !

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    Wow it’s looking awesome
    So beautiful art

  • Craft Owl Makes says:

    Payne's Grey is one of my favourite colours. I came across it by accident! I love how it looks with pink and coral. I use it as a "clean up" on my Gel Press plate.

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    Wonderful as ever! <3

  • Theresa Petermann says:

    I really like the mix and match quality of your mark making. Your page turned out great. thanks as always for sharing.

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    Love the color palette and the design with the white paint pen against the dark background at the end is fab!!!

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    As you were working through this spread it really got me thinking, I also tend to love jewel colors and use them mostly, but watching this really makes me want to try more bolder colors and incorporate some darker one too. I love how you added the Payne's gray and did your mark making on that specifically. I am totally inspired and will definitely give this a try staying as close to your color pallet as possible. I am really wanting to step out of my comfort zone as I am so tired of always worrying that I will mess up something. LOL. (The struggle is real). I love how yours turned out and as always tfs!!

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    The color scheme is beautiful!

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    love your layers and hues 🙂

  • Carol Agnew says:


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    Awesome, Kim! Your painting turned out wonderful! I´m okay with neutrals…except for brown. I love it when others use it and I like earth tones…but not brown, lol! I don´t know what it is with that color. So this is a great challenge. Tfs, hugs, Fia

  • Akin467 Jennifer Akin says:

    I like your marks and the variety of paints and colors that you use.

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