Milk paint Chipping effect & How to get that lovely uneven color tone

Milk paint Chipping effect & How to get that lovely uneven color tone

Hello! Here I am, with a huge bureau I was suppose to buy a small piece for the children’s room, though well, this piece is 135 cm tall … So it’s not a small piece, but it’s still a bureau! Very charming! This red color that is now, wine-ich red … it is… That will go away! And I thought I’d paint this one in a bright, very lovely color But first, I will apply a covering layer with Annie Sloan’s Honfleur It’s her brown color And the reason I choose Annie Sloan’s chalk paint here now, is because It is very gentle to work with now when I am pregnant So, it’s great! It attaches, I do not need to do any prep work It’s lovely! It covers very well and it is fast drying Minimal work but you get a great result! So, I’ll cover this piece with a brown color… Don’t forget to mix the paint thoroughly first Otherwise, I can say that it is not quite as comprehensive as you can wish for… I’ll mix equal parts Layla’s Mint and Eulalie’s Sky There. Now I’ve got myself a lovely color of milk paint So it’s about equal parts with Eulalie’s Sky and Layla’s Mint it became a pastel green color Really Lovely! Now then, I have Hemp Oil here it is pure hemp oil which I will use between these two color layers now What I will do now is that, I have one cloth here that is a little (little!) damp and so I pour oil on it I will apply oil where I want my color to flake (Chipping) Because I have no bonding agent in this paint mix therefore, the paint will loose where I have put on oil, because paint does not like oil I work with smaller areas in order to avoid the oil to dry into the paint too much It’s just to splash this oil on the surface… …mix the paint one last time… Then I scrape away the flaking paint … Then I do the same thing a few times more:
Apply oil and then paint with milk paint.
Each color layer I have mixed in a little more of Layla’s Mint
(to get different color shades). I scrape away flaking paint between each layer when the paint has dried completely. As a finish I paint the entire furniture with a water-based, matt lacquer.


  • Jamie Baronet says:

    It was so wonderful to see a painted piece of furniture by you again! I love the color and it looks beautiful in the room.

  • Donna Ketz says:

    Turned out beautiful! And congrats on your pregnancy!

  • Tracy Bromage-Spencer says:

    I was happy to see your notification on my screen this morning. The baby`s room looks so sweet.

  • ruby tuesday says:

    Looks lovely Lina, just wondering does the paint continue to chip/come off? I did this technique with wax instead of hemp oil and sealed with 3 coats of water based varnish and I am still able to scratch off the top layer of paint. Do you think when everything cures in 30 days it will not scratch off? Thanks

  • Cheryl Atkinson says:

    What a great piece for your baby. An heirloom to pass down to kids and grandchildren. Great work. You would think it would have chipped more with this technology but it is perfect

  • Gabriella Ghioldi says:

    Brava Lina, when is baby coming??🎈🌈🥳

  • Denise says:

    Lina, I was so glad to see a new video from you, they are easy to understand and I always learn from them. Baby can't be too far away now:)

  • J P says:

    congrats Lina 😊. I didn't know you were expecting. haven't seen your videos for awhile. darn YouTube algorithm doesn't always bring your videos into my list 😞

  • J P says:

    love ❤ it 👍

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