Mens Hair Inspiration: Textured Spiky Fringe | SlikhaarTV

Hello guys I’m Rasmus and you’re watching
SlikhaarTV. Today we’re going to make a texturized fringe hairstyle and we’re gonna use the new Black Gold Wax. It’s a new product that we’re launching for Black Friday, we have 5 designs and it
contains a high hold wax with charcoal and professional fragrance. You can go the description,
we’ve a link to a sign up form. We only have 1000 of each design available and they are marked in numbers so hurry up to be the first in line. Also remember to comment, like and
subscribe to have a chance to win 2 By Vilain products and a nice By Vilain T-Shirt. But now to the haircut. Let’s go to the salon! Congratulations! Here we have the winner from the last week’s comments + like + subscribe competition He won 2 By Vilain products & a By Vilain T-shirt So if you like to be the lucky winner next time go make your comment, like and subscribe. Also remember these bad boys here, we’ve 5 designs Collector’s Items, there’s only 1000 of each You can go to the description and Sign Up the newsletter to be 1st in line! Be the lucky owner of a new jar, it’s very limited so check it out and… See you guys next time! 😀

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