Meet The Artist 2019 LET’S GET REAL!

Meet The Artist 2019 LET’S GET REAL!

hello guys welcome to my channel I’m
Amanda and today we are here with a very Lengthy video. This is your warning! It’s
gonna be long. If you want to break up in a parts then that’s fine. If you want to
grab a cup of tea and chillax- don’t say that word that’s weird –
then that’s cool as well. This is my Meet The Artist video and I’m super
excited because I was tagged by Tor to do this meet the artist video type thing
and I did do one last year. I wasn’t really happy with it so we’re gonna do one that
I’m super happy with this year and I also want to talk about a different
topic. Basically let’s get real topic so I am
going to do that. In this meet the artist rendition that Tor decided to do she
wanted to tag three people and she tagged me obviously, Katy and Mira. So if
you want to go and check out if they have done their videos yet then you can.
‘There’s no time restraint or limit on it Chloe Rose Art, Amanda Elis Art and I also want to tag drawing wiff waffles
now obviously this is a non time constraint thing and if you don’t want
to do then that’s fine but here you go you can do it or you can’t. [Laughs] So, quickly about the art that I am doing in this video. I did not know why I haven’t
done this before but I haven’t. I saw a video from Chris Hong Art and she was
doing a watercolour portrait and I was like why have I never put these two
together if you guys have been following me for a while you’ll know that I used to
do coloured pencil portraits and digital portrait. I’ve never done watercolour
portraits. I have done them in the past, like tiny ones or whatever but I’ve
never really sat down to learn how to do it before. So, I decided for this meet the
artist. I wanted to do that. Now, instead of me telling you my dislikes and my
likes and stuff like that they’re the exact same as the last year’s video so
if you want to, you can watch it if you’re that interested I just
wanted to talk about this subject… It’s more than halfway through January 2019
and my ambitions and goals and life wants have already changed since the new
year and a lot of people make new year’s resolutions during the new year.
Sometimes we get a little bit ahead of ourselves and that’s exactly what I’ve
done here. I’m the type of person who will say that I’m gonna do something and
I’m gonna work on it and I’m gonna be the best person that I can ever be a lot
and I end up never doing the things I say I’m gonna do or I end up just doing
them years later from when I said it. Case in point – I’ve noticed that since I
stopped going into the gym I have put on a ton of weight so I really want to lose
it. St op eating as much junk as I was eating So, No chocolate, no cookies, no
Crisps no juice. I really need to start getting this whole art business up and on the go, because I really want to – well I need to make money somehow. Making money
with my art as my dream job and my glasses are squint by the way, they sit like this. Naturally, so I have gotta keep pushing them up and it’d really annoying but I have to get new ones. I also want
to quit doing this thing but I don’t want to have to have this device or carry it
around with me anymore. It’s annoying. I started this channel because
I wanted to film whatever I wanted to film stuff that doesn’t have it to do with art or
games, challenges collabs, beauty, just lifestyle stuff So I will try and see if we can put up a couple of videos like that. Maybe room tours or house tours or something. I don’t know. I’m also in the middle of colouring in some cards And there is a lot of Christmas
Card Designs in it and I thought. well I really want to get it and I want
to colour them but I don’t want them to go to waste so I want to send them to
people. The thing that gets kinda pushed to the side, is time for myself. Me to just
chill out. Drink a cup of tea and read a book or something you know what I mean
like breaks or going outside and taking pictures or going outside and painting or painting personal things. I’ve decided that I’m going to get serious about watercolour. I am going to start by doing a colour chart. and then I’m going to do little watercolour exercises because I’ve actually never done beginner
watercolour exercises because I kind of just jumped right in. I just want to get serious about it and I just show my face and do better at editing and artsy shots. Instead of just having my camera on this tripod and having it at an
angle facing down the way I want to maybe have the tripod here sitting down
here at the side and then having it pointing towards the desk and then maybe
have some cool shots of me mix in the paint or drawing something at a different
angle where you can’t actually see the drawing but you can see the pen stroke.
Just things like that! I just wanted to mention that I want to do a 31-day
journaling challenge so I want to write in my journal about stuff every day and
there’s a couple of prompts that you can follow that can really like sort out
your life if you follow the steps Create art every day. Do something to make my life healthier each day, I’ve been watching this person on YouTube called
Tori-anne her YouTube channel is Juicy Ink recently she done Hermit mode
challenge where she didn’t go on social media or watch TV or she didn’t look at
her emails or anything like that. The only thing that she done was go onto
YouTube, the upload screen on YouTube and upload a video that is literally all she
done, so I was thinking about doing that but I really want to do a 30 Day
sketchbook video challenge so it’s not just a sketchbook you’re challenging
yourself to draw in every day it’s also the video that you’re challenging yourself
to upload every day I think that’s a good idea. I don’t know.
so that’s my plan I tried to quit this You know. I tried to quit this I tried to do
this and I failed at both on that I’m gonna drink this last can. I know you
should just pour it down the sink and all that but you know what
I can’t justify putting money down the sink So I’m gonna drink it and then
after this I’m just gonna drink water again. cuz I really like drawing mushrooms
and I would like to make a little mushroom world at some point I know that
it’s been done plenty times before but I wanna do a mushroom world! I really want to do a
Christmas art themed thing. Study Anatomy and full body more. Backgrounds and
environments. At least two characters I want to create two characters I’m happy
with. I want to complete six sketch books This year I want to finish the
Strathmore portrait book that I’ve been working in for like two years now. I
also want to do this hash tag called 50 things I want to try and participate in
mermay this year. There’s a hash tag that goes around in June and I don’t
know it’s very popular but it’s called
junebugs and basically in the month of June you draw a bug every day and I want
to draw a bug every day. Inktober! I’m gonna do the do the time warp
tomorrow So The Time Warp is a tag where you draw yourself as a toddler, a child, a teenager and a young adult so I want to
do that. So I really need to sit down and figure out exactly what I want. In a previous video, I mentioned, it was on my other channel
actually, my vlogging channel. I mentioned how my eggs were and too many baskets
I had my Sims channel, my vlogging channel, my art channel, art itself, I had
twitch, life stuff. I was making 18 videos a week and looking after my son and
being a terrible…. terrible person otherwise like I wasn’t looking after
myself very well and I was also kind of shut off from socialisation and the
world outside I still am a little bit but I was – it was – that – I was in a really
bad place I didn’t think I was I thought I was being the best person I could ever
be but I definitely wasn’t that’s insane! 18 videos a week, plus all the
other stuff that I have to do like housework and look after my son and do
all the school stuff that he had to do and also spend time with my family and
Matt that was ridiculous Caiden only went to school for 3 hours a
week then and I don’t know how I managed to fit it all in but I did end up
learning my lesson. I tried to shut down my Sims channel and then I started it up a week later but then I shut it down later on and I’ve been trying to figure
out my other YouTube channel. My vlogging channel for a while as well and I
eventually decided to stop uploading there and focus on my art channel, my
art and my personal well-being. So basically what I’m trying to say is
realistically how could I have all this stuff in these baskets and have a
healthy amount of eggs in each without burning out or making myself ill?
and the answer is I couldn’t. Back then I thought my eggs aren’t too many baskets
I have too many baskets and I have too many eggs in my baskets I don’t have
enough eggs to spread out in these baskets I was spreading myself far too
thin. I wasn’t happy I was just plugging along. I was burning
myself out a lot. I was depressed. I was – it got deep guys but I think that
instead of saying that my eggs were in too many baskets I should have said that
they were in the wrong baskets! What you need to do. is figure out what
your important baskets are. How many times am I gonna say eggs and baskets in
this video I wonder? I needed to figure out what the most important baskets were
and I had to have a healthy amount of eggs in each basket. It’s a tricky thing
to do because you can’t spread your truth yourself too thin but you also
have to have enough things to keep you going as a creative entrepreneur otherwise
you will just get no no whee in this online world. So I sat down and
I was like right! What are my baskets? What can my baskets be? I wasn’t really
gonna get personal in this channel but I kinda have to because it’s kind of
important to acknowledge that I am one person and I have different kind of
things like my personal, mum, home life as well as my online, art, youtube life kinda intertwines with each other. For example I have a kid and I use the hours that he goes to school as the hours I have to work on YouTube and art. I also
have to sometimes squeeze my housework and my self-care into those hours – but
Caiden goes on holiday from school a lot so there’s also unplanned stuff like him
getting sick or Matt staying off too – and that seems to stop me from making videos
which is fine. I accept that but it shouldn’t be stopping me from doing
everything that I need to do in my real life. Firstly I want to talk about my
priorities before you can set the right kind of goals and shoot
for the things that you want in life you have to get your priorities straight
first. I want five different baskets okay so I have my self-care basket my home, my
family, my business and my pleasure so once your priorities are sorted out you
can then focus your mind on your baskets so obviously you have the five main
solid baskets, self-care – which for me basically means skincare, showerin every day, getting dressed and ready, going to the gym three times a week and
walking as well is really important for me and also remembering to eat at the
right times and healthily. Then we’ve got home – which is see on top of
housework invest time and money to make it a safe and enjoyable place to be
in and then we’ve got family – allow time to spend with family, schedule it
and if you have to show affection and love unexpectedly. Business, treat it like
a job figure out sub baskets work on what you want to the most first. No
excuses. Pleasure – It’s okay to stop everything and read a book, watch TV
show, unplug and enjoy other people’s company. Treat it as a reward for hard
work. That’s basically my main baskets and then I have sub baskets which for me,
my family basket and my home basket and my pleasure basket are baskets on their own, but I do have a business sub basket thing because
before my baskets were in too many of the wrong baskets so I was doing the
Sims channel and I was doing the vlogging channel and I was doing twitch
which I didn’t enjoy and I didn’t want to do so you need to do things that you
actually do enjoy and those things you need to experiment obviously but those
things that I have decided that I enjoy it to do with business is obviously Etsy, I
love making art prints and art well I haven’t made art prints yet but I love
making art work for Etsy to sell on Etsy and I also have my social media accounts
like Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and all that stuff
don’t really post on those much but I’m gonna try and then I have YouTube and
networking which kind of go into the same thing where you watch a video when
you comment on it and you make friends and all that stuff but you’re so
upload to your own YouTube channel and keep that afloat and then I have my
website which I haven’t actually designed yet because – Well, I have. I have
three different websites but I want to design one properly so that I can
have a home hub for all of my stuff but that’s gonna come in the near future
and then the last thing is patreon because I want to start a patreon
because I think that’d be cool and it would force me to make creative things
to share with you guys so that you can enjoy more of my content and so that I
can enjoy making more stuff the most important thing is don’t be afraid or
scared to fail because if you’re new at something and you haven’t done it before
in your life then you’re gonna fail at some point it might be a big fail it may
be a small fail but at some point you’re gonna fail and you need to learn how to
come back from the fail rather than just going okay right I’m done that’s it
never doing it again but yeah so I just wanted to share this with you guys
because it’s something that has held me back from doing the things that I want
to do in the things I’m to focus on for about a year and a half maybe even more
and I think that I feel like I’m at a place now where I understand this and I
feel like I can fix it now. So I’m quite happy with that but I’m gonna end this
video here because it’s really long I hope that you guys enjoyed it please
remember to comment like and subscribe and tell me if your eggs are in too many
baskets or not… or… if you’re quite happy where you are and I will see you in my
next video bye guys


  • R Conklin Art says:

    My children are grown so with me I find my art sometimes consuming my life and me forgetting to get out and breath a bit of fresh air. For the most part I don't mind the isolation because it gives me plenty of time to think about my next piece of art but then I also find myself wondering if this is really how I want to live my life. "It is a bit of an internal conflict but I do get so much enjoyment from creating."

  • monkeymintaka says:

    I would have found it hard to look at all the promises I’ve made myself that I hadn’t kept 🙁 I used to keep all my old journals and it was literally just me complaining and promising myself I would do things better. I found them quite depressing so I threw them all away a while ago! I can definitely relate to this video! Your portrait turned out really nice 🙂

  • Scruffy Scrubs says:

    I can honestly say that I am like you with all the goals, what I want to do. I get side tracked. I'm always on a new diet, too. Lol. How do you do your self portrait….do you do it by memory or do you find a picture of yourself? I can relate with too many eggs in the basket. So many things I want to do! I bought a new sewing machine, only have used it once! I have 2 books I am writing…Well, was writing. Ugh! I'm not very self disciplined. Your portrait is very good!!!

  • Liz V. Art says:

    "Don't say that word that's weird" – me in every social situation. Jokes aside, I'm glad you were able to identify that you were doing this. I realised 2 years that I was constantly changing my mind about what I wanted to do! I decided to really sit down and ask myself what it is I like to do and that's how I figured out I love art (and bookkeeping) so I have been working towards that since then. It definitely took me some time still to really get into it , but I now feel like I can say that I am putting my effort into art and not wasting time on things I am not interested in. Good luck with everything !

  • Carina Costina says:

    The portrait is coming out really nice! Girl, I relate SO MUCH to the whole goals thing. We even have the same ones for the most part! I have a tendency to self sabotage or give up halfway through and it's a bit frustrating. I've been thinking of starting an art YT channel but then give up on the idea as I start filming by making all sorts of silly excuses. Frankly, I don't know where to start but I do know that one day I want to do art full time. Keep up the good work Amanda 🙂

  • Marilyn Blue says:

    Wow you really have put a lot of effort into this vid, it is lovely and also some shocks to see all those older clips. Happy to see you are finding a balance with your private and business side of life. All the improvements you have made are starting to shine in your art for a first watercolour portrait of yourself that is very enjoyable to watch. I think it is your time to blossom this year. Thank You for sharing your art and views I find you very inspirational.

  • Alina vs Art says:

    First off, chillax is a great word! I use it all the time. Might have used it in some of my books. No one complained about that specific word, just saying 😀

    I loved your selfportrait and I totally get the sidetracking bit. I do tend to make lots of goals and achieve about 50 to 60% of them. I do that monthly and yearly. I tried to make less crazy goals, but then I achieve less… That said, when it comes to art, things are a bit different. I am very aware of just how much I have to learn and that stresses me out a bit at times. But I am trying to focus more on commitment to drawing as often as I can and not on progress (otherwise I'll go insane).

  • Angie Hewitt's Artroom says:

    The only time we want lots of eggs in lots of baskets…… is at Easter.. chocolate eggs…
    balance is so important. I'm a community artist, pre 2018 I was running art groups, delivering art workshops and organising art exhibitions… 2017 was an awful year for my personal life, family problems etc..
    I'm self employed and have been for 5 years now. So as 2017 went on, situations were escalating… I kept all my work commitments.. by December 2017 I shut my work diary, I let everyone know that I was taking time off… everyone was so lovely..
    So 2018 was my year to heal and recover. Financially it's been so difficult paying my rent, keeping a roof over my head. But emotionally, if I hadn't have realised I needed a rest then I do believe I would have had a huge breakdown. And I could have lost everything, including my work network, home etc.
    Half way through 2018 I opened a YouTube account so that I could comment on art videos.. and now I have my own channel.. and I feel human again, and happy, and ready to get back out working again.
    I think YouTube saved me because I was beginning to feel worthless.

  • Artistnoob says:

    I really like how you talk in your videos I always feel comfortable.

  • Illustrate Tor says:

    YAY!!! You did it ^_^

  • Hey Fernance says:

    18 videos a WEEK DANG, no wonder you needed a change! I can definitely relate to wanting to do ALL THE THINGS and burning out in the process. Your portrait turned out really nice, I love the abstract background, it contrasts so nicely with your hair colour.

  • Andrea Jackson says:


  • April Rains Fine Art says:

    I can relate to this a lot. Well, not the 18 videos a week part XD I'm constantly trying to figure out how much I can actually handle and 'holding myself back' from being over-ambitious. But I also struggle a lot with unproductivity and finishing things– when I get overwhelmed my go-to is to do nothing instead. It's a constant battle to find a healthy balance. I've gotten so much better over the past two years and even though I'm not there yet, I'm constantly improving in small ways. The honesty in this video is very refreshing and encouraging

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