[Medibang Paint Pro desktop version how to] Blur Effect

[Medibang Paint Pro desktop version how to] Blur Effect

Hello everyone and welcome back to CLGTart Today I’ll show you a very useful filter from Medibang Paint Pro Which we can use a lot in comics, digital artwork That’s Blur This blur filter is always used to blur background or some parts of your artwork So we can focus to the main characters/objects Sometimes, there’s a character in comic who is just walking up and barely seeing anything We also will use this blur effect in this case And for some effects that are common in romance comic You can also see the artist use the blur filter for the outline that will make the atmosphere in the scene looks more romantic So I will show you guys how to do it now I will switch to this picture for the first example This one will be for the case you just have 1 layer picture First, you will use the select tool (I choose lasso tool here) To select the specific area which you want to make it blur In this picture, I want the front leaves will be blurred. So I select the whole front of the picture After selecting the area, you can make a copy. Just to make sure you won’t mess the original art Use hotkey Ctrl/Cmd + C or use Edit ->Copy from menu. The paste it with Ctrl/Cmd + V or Edit ->Paste Right after you paste it, a new layer with the copy will created automatically You will work in this new layer and not afraid if you make a mistake Or you can use the same layer too, if you think it’s not necessary Next step, go to Filter ->Lens Blur Gaussian Blur and Lens Blur give same result, but the Lens Blur have another Brightness effect so I will stick to it. Check Preview to see the result immediately If you want the result still look details enough, just leave the brightness to the smallest number. The radius will be the key to make everything look blurred, you will slide it to different number to get different result. My recommendation is 5-9 is a good number. Click OK and it’s done! What if you increase the number of brightness? The filter will try to fake the light on the objects you choose and make it look brighter It’s also less details than before So my advice that you should draw things in separated layers That maybe a pain at first but later it’s super helpful When I want to make background of this picture blurred I simply choose the background layer (layer10) Then go to Filter ->Lens Blur It’s easier and no need for selecting a specific area. As I mentioned in the beginning of this video Blur effects also helpful in digital artwork since it will let the audience focus on main object This case is the face of the character This means the hand of this character shouldn’t have much details And you can see the good result when I make this hand blurred You will forgot the hand and pay more attention for the girl’s face That’s all I want to say Thank you for watching and see you next time


  • Mark Angelo Cilot says:

    I want to used this app in my laptop with my huion pro 16 but
    Whenever I draw lines sometimes it doesnt pop out
    I want to try your tutorial but that always happen to my medibang dont know why😢
    Btw your tutorials is great😊👍

  • Ari Tei Fall says:

    Thank you! Your videos are always helpful!

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