Meadow Landscape, Bob Ross Style, Pt 2

Meadow Landscape, Bob Ross Style, Pt 2

Well good afternoon everybody, this is
Yovette, Painting With Yovette and today we’re doing the color part of the
Meadow Landscape, of Bob Ross style now here’s a description of the supplies
that I’m using you can pause the video and then write them down if you like you
will need these supplies and also some thinner and so let’s go ahead and get
started. Now this I just love this painting okay to begin with this is my
palette you notice that I just kind of bring a little bit of paint down on each
color and I always load my palette the same way because that way you never get
confused and that’s really great so to start off with we’re going to use the
oil painting medium and what I want to do is take my little blue shop cloth you
know there’s like a paper towel you get at Costco and the reason I love these is
because they’re lint free and they just do a wonderful job of painting on a
canvas or putting oil on a canvas and you know I always use a smooth canvas so
mine has been gesso and sanded and so this goes on very very smoothly if you
don’t have this then if you have your canvas is rough then you’re going to
have to use a brush to put it on so the next step is we’re going to take a
little Indian yellow now Indian yellow is just a gorgeous color and as you can
see it’s transparent which makes which makes it really glow when you add white
to it so start off by just going across your mountain hopefully you all have
this under painting done in the gesso black and white you don’t have to do
that you can just do this whole painting and just regular oils if you’d prefer or
even a kerlick if you want to try them so anyway with the Indian yellow and
just go right across your mountains go across the trees blend up just a little
tiny bit in the sky and the next color I want to use is
is yellow ochre and I’m just going to go above the yellow because I want just a
slightly very slightly darker shade of yellow it doesn’t change the color very
much it just adds a little bit more depth to the sky which is nice and again
just sort of blend it up into the white a little bit you want to make that thin
enough going up that you can add the next color to it so that they blend
really well together okay my next color my favorite well
almost my favorite is just plain bright red bright red mixed with these yellows
is just outstanding and you just start again going into the yellow a little bit
and just go all the way across keep going right over your trees that’s not
going to make any difference at all and every once in a while just kind of blend
down a little bit into the yellow making a very smooth very smooth transition
makes a very very pretty sky excuse me as you can probably tell my voice is a
little bit funny I have been sick for though this is going on my third week
now so I’m working at getting better I almost didn’t get this video done but
thank goodness I finally did I had to struggle with it it’s been a real chore
but anyway it’s here so my next color alizarin crimson another beautiful color
of course all the bob ross colors are beautiful but they don’t have to be bob
ross if you have different kind of paints don’t worry about that just use
the color that’s closest because your painting will still turn out absolutely
beautiful so now taking that alizarin and blend up a little bit and also blend
down a little bit so that you are mixing those colors together one end to the
other and the next color that I’m going to use is phthalo blue you can use
Prussian blue if you don’t have Phthalo and they’re both very
pretty either one will work so starting at the very top corner wow that is
really blue and you know I want this to be more of an evening sky so that’s too
blue for me so let’s add alizarin crimson to it and that that alizarin and
blue make a very pretty kind of a lavender color so Oh Now
isn’t that a lot better okay so adding that two colors alizarin and the blue
and just go across the top of the sky that’s what would be the very darkest
part of the sky and just sort of blend down into that alizarin and oh my that
is so pretty I just love that I just love these color combinations in the sky
there’s just no end to what you can do with them okay now I want you to clean
your brush or get a new brush and we’re going to go into the water and do the
very same thing that we did on the top except that we’re just going the reverse
so our yellow would be the first color just like we did in the sky and then a
little bit of the ochre underneath and blending that down just a tiny bit more
here and this this water water is reflective of your sky so what you have
in the sky often times is exactly what you’re going to have in the water so
then let’s add the red to that making a very pretty reddish color maybe it’s
just almost kind of a pinky color right now excuse me I may have to stop and cough or something if so I’ll pause the video for a minute but hopefully that’s
not going to happen I’ve got my water beside me a little cup of hot tea
hopefully that’s going to tide me over okay so we got the alizarin in there now
a little bit of blue and alizarin to make our lavender
combination and just starting at the bottom the water just go ahead all the
way across and just make that water blend into up and into the alizarin so
see isn’t that perfect it’s just a complete opposite of the sky color but
it looks so real I just love that and these you know you guys have been asking
and asking for more black and white more black and white so I’m not going to do a
tremendous amount of them but I will do this one and I think I have another one
following this it’ll be kind of fun maybe I have I don’t know we’ll see who
knows what next month is going to bring every month is different in our
household as some of you know okay so now taking a clean 1 inch brush and
using only the corner just the very very corner of that brush dip into white and
get a good amount of white on there go ahead and tap it and right here above
the mountain I want you to start me using crisscross strokes and adding that
pure white into the yellow tap your brush because it’s going to pick up a
lot of yellow so you want to keep the brush as clean as possible go back and
reload into your white and do the crisscross strokes again and each time
you do this it gets a little bit whiter and what this is what this is actually
doing is making that glow right there above the mountaintops and it is so
pretty I mean it just is really neat the way the it’s just like a sun glow you
can’t see the Sun but you really know it’s right there so one more time let’s
go right over that same little place and this time spread it out into your
mountains a little bit because you want that kind it’s kind of like a mist and
you just want that to go out over your mountains excuse me there now that is absolutely lovely you
couldn’t ask for a prettier sky with a nice bright glow to it I really like
that oh you know when I lived in Alaska we got to see these sunrises and sunsets
every day because we live right and we lived right on the Wrangell mountain
range and so early in the morning you know they have 24 hours of sunlight
almost too little Alaska so every morning we got to see a sunrise and then every
evening a gorgeous sunset oh it was just beautiful
I kind of missed that a little bit but then again I don’t I love Oregon where
we are now Oregon is very nice okay what I’m doing
with my fan brush I’m taking a little bit of brown and SAP green and I’m just
I haven’t got too much on the brush it’s fairly thin but what I’m doing is just
creating little treetops way back off in the distance I just want a hint of green
shade back there yeah you know the dark that we put in with the gesso that
pretty much laid out the the basic landscape part but now I just want to
add these little touches of green that’s pretty so let’s just go ahead and add
those this is such a typical scene of Alaska that I’ll tell you that’s one
gorgeous state I’m I don’t miss the snow definitely but the summers are
outstanding the summers are so warm and and just beautiful the the colors the
the foliage everything is just gorgeous in Alaska so continue with these little
trees I moved over to the filbert brush now it just helps to get that in a
little bit better oh no I didn’t either I’m sorry what am I
talking about sorry my mind isn’t here altogether okay under your trees just
smooth out the land a little bit and just let that little bit of green and
brown come down into the land part excuse me
what I want to do now is add more green more brown I’m making a bit of a richer
color because I want to start adding a little bit of definition in the trees
you know the ones that would be closer to you and they would stand out a little
bit more so this is a typical tree that I do with the fan brush I have videos on
doing trees and and evergreen trees and different kinds of trees if you want to
look on my channel I have I think a whole section of just nothing but trees
so that if you’re having if you’re struggling with trees a little bit maybe
that would help you out I’ll put a link in the description below so that you can
check it out if you want to so just continue on with these trees the
evergreens and bear in mind these have to be on the smaller side because they
are off in the distance and don’t make every one of them just exactly alike
like this little section here I have actually three trees it’s just three
evergreens to you excuse me three evergreens together and the two outer
ones are just slightly slanted outwards because I don’t want them all stick
straight so it’s just kind of a little cluster and I think that’s really pretty
and so now just touch up any trees that you want and then wipe your brush off
really good just so that there’s just a hint of color and now go back up into
these mountains here and see where we put in with the gesso we put in the
indication of little trees going up the mountain
side well just give that just a little hint of color that’s always very pretty
not too dark either you don’t want that dark excuse me I’m gonna be doing a lot
of this I’m so sorry you have to listen to me but better times are coming right
yes anyway go ahead and just touch up any of
these trees that you want add some you can’t take them away but you can always
add something that will be of a little bit more interest I like here I put in
just two together so I’ve got a group of three and then I’ve got one and then
I’ve got two and then a couple of ones so you can you can just do your trees
any way you like you do not have to ever follow everything that I’m doing what I
do is just what I do and so you do what you do so now this is coming along very
nicely I like the way this is developing this does look like it’s way off in the
distance and yet these evergreens these particular ones do look like they’re
closer which is what I wanted to achieve and let’s just make this one a little
bit taller I don’t want them all the same height that looks a little weird I hope you guys are following along with
me I paint slow enough that you probably can do that with no problem at all a
matter of fact I get comments sometimes people say oh you are so slow
boring and others just absolutely love the fact that I go slow because that way
they can actually follow along with me in paint and I like that I like being
slower and having people be able to follow me if that’s what they choose to
do so now I’m starting over with a one inch brush clean one inch brush
landscape brush and I’m going into green black and brown and now what I want to
do is just the ground cover and you will not be able to see this over the black
Jessel but it’s there and it’s just ever so lightly giving a hint of shade to the
under color now when I’m doing this notice that I just go right over the
tree it won’t make any difference because we’re going to do the tree last
or probably pretty pretty much last and so this is just giving a little color to
the ground now let’s reload again little green
black and brown on the one inch brush you don’t have to be too careful with
this the only thing I would say is don’t get it in your water that’s the one
thing that we don’t want is the green water
there’s too many pretty colors in the water so just continue on again just
keep going right over the trees doesn’t make any difference just cover all that
land back and forth and like I say that does not show up now
but when we put the top coat on it will pick up that green underneath and it
will show absolutely fine so now still continuing with the green black and
brown I’m just pulling down a little bit on the shore edge of the water I just
want to start making a shadow so that we can just kind of reflect that color into
the water even though you can’t see it it’s going to be showing in the water so
just take your brush and just tap it in the green mixture and just touch the
edge where the water is and just pull straight down and I’m not pulling down
really far I’m just pulling down Oh probably a half inch or so and that
gives your painting a lot of depth now that was pretty easy to do just bring it
down just pull little teeny pulls and see how it’s reflecting into the
water now that’s all we need there that’s perfect just perfect okay I
want you to just wipe that brush really good just get all the excess off and now
I want you to start pulling across the water to kind of blend those reflections
to kind of make them glossy and when I doing this now I’m pulling from the our
edge into the center I never go from the center out always
pull from the outer edge in the reason because if you touch your water with a
brush full of paint it’s gonna leave a big glob of brown in there and or green
and I don’t think you want that okay now I’m back into my fan brush I
just I’m going to lighten just a few of the trees just a very few using just
yellow ochre that’s all I have on my brush and I’m just barely touching I
just want to bring in just sort of a mixture of color here so it’s not just
all solid green if you wanted you could even add a touch of red and there that
would be pretty I should have thought I should do that but I’m already into this
okay so smooth it out a little bit on the bottom if it needs smoothing and if
you like what you see then just leave it alone and if you don’t like what you see
go ahead and fix it whatever it might be and now I’m just blending a little bit
on the bottom just blending that yellow this is an original painting by the way
this is my own composition it’s not a copy of anybody else it’s just something
I sketched out when I was bored and just wanted something to do I do that a lot
just pull out a piece of paper and just start sketching something even when I’m
driving I like to do that just pull out an old envelope or piece of paper and if
I see a scene that I like or a mountain a tree it could be anything a building
I’ll just start sketching and it gives me lots of good ideas for future point
paintings which is nice so now I’ve gone into some yellow and just a slight very
very slight bit of white and I have taken my brush and and I’m the one a one
inch landscape brush just pull down pull down and push back so that you get a
little Ridge of paint on your brush and that’s what will give you that nice
brighter highlight see like in the center right there under where the the
Sun would be rising well that’s where you want your brightest land so little
taps I’m not tapping hard these are very very very light touches and just going
back and to side to side and down to the water I don’t want to I want to stay
away from it in going into the water I don’t want to go into the water and as I
go back towards the right side I’m lightening my touch so that I don’t have
a lot of color back there it just says more realistic again reloading white
yellow see pull towards you and then push oh I didn’t do it that time sorry
push up and it just gives you that little Ridge and just continue with this process and
make sure that you leave a lot of dark areas because it’s the dark that gives
you the depth that’s not is it what the high light gives you some nice features
too but that darkness is what gives you that shadow gives you the the depth that
you need for for the land okay I’m liking that that’s looking pretty good
so let’s leave reload again a little white little yellow you can add a little
yellow ochre every once in a while if you want you can add a little red if you
want or you can just keep it in the yellow tones I’ve chosen to pretty much
keep it in the yellow tones although I do pick up a little Indian once in a
while and sometimes a little ochre it just changes the color slightly but now
see we’re under them under the where the Sun would be rising that’s where I have
my bright area so reloading again now let’s go to the other side and again
just touching the tops just the tips of the brush I’m going right up to the tree
if I went over it it wouldn’t make any difference because I’m going to be
covering the tree anyway so just keep on going with this little tapping motion
remember to leave the darks go to the next little mound here and just touch on
the top and just lightly lightly lightly come back into the background and as I’m
going back I’m still lightening my touch because I I want to see the indications
of the grasses but I don’t want to see a big glob of paint
because this is in the distance and all your light is more centered towards the
center so stay away from the sides there are I like that that’s starting to look
pretty good that’s just a few more taps here just a couple and you can make this center part as
bright as you want but don’t get it too too bright just those little taps now
that’s very nice I like that okay next my pallet knife a lot of you
have a lot of struggles with a pallet knife and it’s really not that difficult
it just takes a lot of practice and a very light touch so I’ve put together a
mix of brown and white and I’m just going to bring in the indication of a
few Oh River rocks stones along the edge of the water and my touch is just
feather-light it just is extremely light I I put the point on the canvas of the
point of the knife on the canvas and then I just drag to the left depending
on which bank I’m on I’ll either drag to the left or I’ll drag to the right so
this time I’m dragging to the left and it just leaves that nice little brown
color there like there was a bit of old rocks and stones and just just nice
things to look at so on the left side of the painting on the left banks then I
would be pulling to the right side and like I said my touch is very very light
and my mix on the on the knife is just brown just burnt sienna or dark sienna
it is dark sienna and a little white sometimes I throw in a little ochre with
that anyway bring this right down to the water just a little dirt banks that is
so pretty and it adds a lot of interest to the painting otherwise it would just be so green a
green is pretty I love green but it can be overbearing okay just keep on going
now with this mix and wherever you think that there should be a little rock or a
stone just go ahead and just put that in just leading with either the heel of
your of your knife or the toe of your knife oh I’m liking that that is very
very pretty yeah I like that a lot okay now I want to add some white to that mix
and a little bit of ochre so I’ve gotten a little brown a little white and a
little ochre and I’m making a marbled mix as I’m sorry you’re not seeing my
canvas so easily it’s just very hard the way I’m painting to show my kin
to show them excuse me my palette very hard to show my palette at the same time
I’m pating painting so now I want to go over these stones and just highlight
with this light colored mix and just and then the highlight is even lighter a
lighter touch than it is with the under part of the rocks so just barely touch
just barely graze just so softly see if you just lighten your touch if you’re
having difficulty with this particular step lighten your touch and you and the
canvas will grab the amount of paint that it wants and it’ll leave the rest
so if you start pushing all it does is make mud it just mixes your colors and
that that’s what you end up with is mud not very attractive okay let’s go ahead
and just oh just a tiny bit more and now just add some dark dark brown I’m just
going to go underneath these rocks here and the stones and just plain brown
solid color and I’m just going underneath along the bank edge to give
it that little bit of depth like there’s some actual real dirt down there along
the edge pull it flat pull and out and that gives you just the perfect little
roll of paint to be able to do this kind of work I know making water lines you
use the same technique and I know it’s not easy to learn but if you keep
practicing just pull your paint out as flat as you can get it and then pull
your knife down about 1/2 inch and across and that that’ll load your knife
perfectly okay continue on with just a little bit of land a little bit of
dark dirt underneath these rocks along the banks edge and see how see how that
just pops it just brings it to life it just makes it look so real so there’s a
boo boo but that’s okay we’ll just make a rock out of it and just put a little
water line underneath that middle it’ll be just fine now let’s go ahead as long as we have
that nice light color later color if you want to put a few little tree trunks in
your evergreens now would be the time to do that just a couple of light ones
don’t make a solid strong line just kind of mix it up a little bit and just put
one or two here and there just to break it up some are you guys liking this
painting you know I’m also do you guys have any questions for me if you have
questions why don’t why don’t you write them down in the comment area and I’m
sure be glad to answer or maybe on a future busy a video maybe the next video
I don’t know we’ll see yeah I love answering your questions I answer a lot
of them by email and by comments and just by even by telephone so anyway down
into the rocks all I want to do I put a few rocks in there with gesso and so
what I want to do is just mix up the color lit and mix up the color a little
bit I’ve got some of the brown rocks some of the black rocks and the rocks in
the front edge would be a lot bigger because they are very close to you
whereas as a as the water goes back the rocks get smaller and smaller and
lighter and lighter in color so now that I’ve got my dark color in I’m just going
to add a little blue a little white a little lavender or lizards gives me a
lizard because I want it kind of a rare very light light light purplish color
and then just touch the top of those rocks it just kind of gives it a little
bit of a highlight and if you’ve not seen me before this is
your first time watching as you can see I’m a left-hander so if you are a
left-hander go ahead and write me and tell me that I love talking with
left-handers and also would you share my video with anybody you know this a
left-hander and even if they’re not left-handed if you’re liking this would
you share the video please I always appreciate shares I’ll tell you
it means a lot to me it helps my channel to grow and it’s just very very nice man
and I just appreciate it so much I know I keep saying that but I do also give me
a like if you’re liking it that’s always fun now I guess likes are kind of going
by the wayside now as a the latest I’ve heard is that or they’re not going to be
doing likes on all the platforms anymore so that may be a thing of the past I
don’t know so now I have two piles of white paint that I’ve spread out now the
first pile I’m adding just some Phthalo blue I don’t want it too dark but I do
want to be able to see it kind of a bright color because it’s going to be a
reflective light to the other pile I’m adding this red just plain bright red
but very little because I don’t want it I don’t want it bright red it’s just
kind of like a little pink color and then just a touch of yellow to make it
more of a salmony color and that’s going to be the highlight part of the of the
trees and again we’re going to be working with the knife I don’t know
about you guys but I love knife work it’s just a lot of fun and it took me
forever to learn how to use a knife but once I did it’s fun okay using the small
tip of my knife the small edge the short edge I should say I’m just lightly
touching on the right side of the tree and that’s the tree on this side on the
on the right side and just come up both those limbs and
just a little bit here and there just very thin thin roll you don’t want much
at all now on this tree because this tree is on the other side of the Sun you
want to highlight the left side rather than the right side the very light touch
again very late and just kind of skip a few spots and just hit here and there
spread it out just a tiny bit and see against that dark see how that just made
it glow it just really really made it pop so a little bit more over here oh that’s nice that’s so pretty I can see
I’m going to have to touch up that that right side tree a little bit because
it’s a little bit too much blue but that’s an easy fix and I’ll show you
that in a couple of minutes okay just grab some brown and just that’s all it
is just grab some Brown a dark color and just go ahead and go over that blue a
little bit and just kind of cover it up where you got it got it too much just
light touches try not to smear it though because you can end up with a lot of
smears mm-hmm well I’m surprised my voice is not giving out I I thought I
was going to lose my voice earlier I’ve been fighting and struggling with voice
problems for like um going on this my third week no funny it wasn’t a cold it
wasn’t the flu I have no idea what it was but whatever it was it was very
uncomfortable okay this branch I don’t like this
branch it needs to come into the painting a little bit more because that
tree is kind of leaning outwards that was one of my viewers brought that to my
attention and thank you very much for that anyway I just want to add a little
bit more to the tree to make it not so left-sided I guess I would say and I
noticed that earlier on the undercoating I would have done that so anyway I
didn’t so we will continue on now I want to just with that dark color a black
color just go ahead and make a few little trunks branches I should say in
the on the right hand tree just to add a little bit more to that tree because it
I didn’t do it in the undercoating I sort of stopped my trunk and I should
have added some branches to that but I didn’t so so I’m putting them in
afterwards and it still works it’ll work fine I love the way this sponge made
this tree because it looks like it’s it’s almost like a silhouette I think
that is so cool I really like that so here we go with the pink no or the
salmony color now this is the highlighted side of the tree so on the
right tree we’re highlighting the left just light little touches just little
dabs kind of skipping spaces every once in a while now you can if your tree is
more straight you can use the long edge of the knife which is a lot easier than
using this little short edge the short edge works for me but for someone who’s
just trying to start learning how to paint it might be a little bit more
difficult so now to the other side and Here I am
using the long edge and just sort of skipping along almost like I was doing
the snow on the mountains that’s what it’s that’s what it’s like and just
highlighting the the right side of the left tree is that confusing enough anyway to continue on just little taps
and go into the ground there a little bit and just hit a few of your branches yeah like that that tree turned out
pretty good anyway even if it is slanted the wrong way of course the angle of my
camera right now the way the the camera the way the
painting looks it’s really hard to tell it really is exaggerated looking at the
camera so a few little touches here and that’s looking very very nice you know I always appreciate when you
guys do a painting with me or after I’ve done it and you finish your own and I
really appreciate it when you share your photos with me I get a lot of photos and
of course I think towards the end of the year I put together a slideshow of all
the viewers that have sent me something and so that’s always fun to look and see
if your painting is on there that’s always a lot of fun and I’ve gotten a
lot of requests to I I have trouble fulfilling all the
requests that I get trust me there are a lot of them and I just do what I can
because I don’t post very often as you know once a month is my best right now
and I’ll keep plugging away at it though little by little okay now I’m taking and
just touching with the brown again anything that I got too wide on the pink
area I’m covering up and the same with the blue if I want to cover that bring
out those edges a little bit on the tree trunk at the base okay now I want to
just get a little bit of green and yellow and ochre all of all the yellows
and green together and just I’m just go ahead and just touch the bottom of the
tree just a little bit because you want to have like there’s some grassy areas
covering its little roots and don’t make it too too bright now mine is a little brighter than it should be but don’t make it too too bright these grasses
and you know always you can wait for your painting to dry if you’re not
liking what you have you can always wait for it to dry and touch it up afterwards
that works out fine I do that with just an enormous amount of pintings because I
am never satisfied typical artist I am never satisfied with what I create
I always think oh this I can do this or I can do that and make it just a
little teeny bit better so anyway now I have my liner brush I’m dipping into
thinner I want to get a good amount of thinner and a little black and a little
Brown touch of blue and make a very very thin watery mix I’m going to make Birds
if you’re not sure about making Birds try it on your palette first just make a
few birds just to get the feel of it I just come down kind of like almost
like making an M the letter M but you just come down and swoop back up and
it’s really easy to do now when I put it on my canvas a lot of times I’ll wait
until the canvas is dry first before I do this but sometimes I put it on like
now it’s wet and so I just brace my hand somewhere so that I have a very
steady hand and my Birds I don’t like to make them all flying the same direction
so you’ll notice that I have them flying different directions I love birds in a
painting you know why because it just adds a little bit of life to an
otherwise dead painting a scenery is very pretty but you know it needs some
sort of life speaking of life I have to learn how to paint cows I don’t know why
but I think I need to learn how to paint paint cows I think that would make a
great tutorial even in something like this and pain to
put a couple of cows in there anyway back to my painting fan brush a little
brown a little green and see how I’m tapping the brush the fan brush just the
corner I’m tapping it I just want to get some dark color in here and the same way
that I was tapping on my palette I’m tapping on the canvas and watch my brush
I am twisting and turning my brush I am not pushing hard at all it’s a very
light light touch just kind of like leaving little flecks of leaves and
color on there and it’s too bad but my light is so bright where I’m painting
that it’s casting a brightness on the on the canvas itself so you can’t see it
but it’s really very very pretty but anyway go to the other tree now just a
few little touches just light touches this is a this tree is just about spent
it’s about the end of its years and it’s going to be passing on soon so we don’t
want very many leaves that’s not like the other tree okay and now I want to go
in I want to start adding a little bit of red yellow and ochre let’s see well
just all all those lighter colors not too much red yet though and I’m going to
do the same thing only this time I want to watch where I’m tapping I want to go
kind of like more towards the outer edges I’m not filling in the tree like I
did with the green this is more towards well it would be more like where the Sun
would hit on the outer edges so just a few taps here and there you
can add more if you like the red just definitely go ahead and add more red the
red is really pretty in there it’s very autumn feeling of course my grass I
should probably add more red to the grass too if I’m going to add so much
red to the trees maybe I’ll do that afterwards after it dries I can do add a
little red just by doing like a a wash just a very thin thin thin coat to just
tone it tone the grass anyway let’s go ahead and do this on the right on the
left side tree just a few little leaves of color that’s pretty I like that yes that is very very very nice now you don’t want to get too many
leaves on here because like I said this is this tree is on its way out it
doesn’t have many leaves at all and if you’d prefer you can make a green tree
it doesn’t have to be in the autumn colors it can be a nice spring green
with flowers in it or oh like what’s the apple tree those are gorgeous you could
make any kind of trees that you wanted I just kind of thought well with this
color of canvas that I have I thought these colors would be nice
okay now I’m adding just a slight bit of yellow again staying towards the outer
edge because that’s where the light would hit the most that would be your
brightest I like that and now just a little bit of white and I’ve got liquid
white on here just a slight bit of liquid white I’ve added a touch of blue
so it’s not pure white and now just a few little water lines underneath the
stones are along the water’s edge and that just pretty much is how it’s going
to make that water sort of come to life it’s like it’s kind of like a little
ripple kind of rippling a little bit and again this is hard do you need to have
your paint a little bit thinner and you also need to have the tiniest tiniest
roll of paint so that you don’t get big blobs of white on there because that
does not look good if you have a big globby white if you do have a big blobby
white like that spot right there just blend it in with the bottom of your
knife just rub back and forth and and that’ll sort of diffuse it into the
painting more kind of lessen the line so to speak and I’m going to just highlight a little
bit here just with the knife I hope you guys really start working with a knife
it is a lot of fun and now any touch-ups you want to do like this spot is too
blue for me yet so I’m covering it up with a little brown you can’t even
hardly see that with the light that I have on there but oh well I wish I knew
what kind of lighting I could get that would really show the true colors and
not have any glare especially on a black canvas or any any gesso canvas so here
it is the finished painting I hope you guys do this and I hope you love it and
please subscribe if you’re new and please share my video and thank you for
joining me love you all bye bye


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