Mario Theory – The Hidden Origins of the Magic Paintbrush | SwankyBox

Mario Theory – The Hidden Origins of the Magic Paintbrush | SwankyBox

From the livelihood of ghosts in paintings,
to the true intentions of quirky scientists, we’ve been all over the place in the Mario
universe. It seems that every topic that I cover opens
the door to another one, and the mysteries I started to tackle in Luigi’s Mansion have
only snowballed since then. However, there is one topic that remains unanalyzed… And the power behind it is quite scary to
think about. During Egadd’s research, I strongly believe
he stumbled upon something that he really shouldn’t have tampered with, as it has
the ability to easily ruin the world that everyone lives in… and that power, comes
in the form of a magic paintbrush. Now the idea of a magic paintbrush is quite
bazaar to begin with. Even though EGadd has created a bunch of other
odd inventions, this one in particular seems a bit out of place. Like I mentioned in my previous theory about
EGadd, this paintbrush has the ability to create teleportation portals, objects, and
even enemies… In many ways, it is an instrument that allows
someone to play god. They can create whatever they want from this
paintbrush, and with a few strokes their ideas are brought into existence… The reality of it is that the paintbrush is
simply a tool, whereas the paint is where the real power is… But what exactly is this paint? And how did someone like EGadd come up with
it? Magical paint in the Mario universe is actually
found in many games. While we have earlier titles that are focused
on painting that lack this aspect, we also have the portraits in Princess Peach’s castle
in Super Mario 64 to consider. Much like the paint splashes in Super Mario
Sunshine, these portraits almost have a fluid-like consistency despite retaining their composure. They also act as portals to other worlds as
well, similarly to Super Mario Sunshines’ painted M’s , that allow you to teleport
around the island. But, what makes these paintings so special
compared to the other ones in the castle? And where were these paintings purchased? While we don’t have the answer to that in
particular, the paintings of Luigi’s Mansion have a slightly different aspect to them. They have the ability to imprison both people
and spirits within their frames, and to some degree the canvases have a fluid surface as
well since Mario’s in particular shows us he is able to move. It is also important to note that this portrait
also acts as a portal, since Luigi was sucked inside and transported to the fight with Bowser. Beyond paint acting as portals in these three
instances, there is the aspect of creation which is entirely different. Vincent Van Gore originally shows us this
power by turning his ghostly paint into other spirits – and this is something EGadd must
have drawn inspiration from when creating his own brush. The problem with this concept is that EGadd
wouldn’t be able to actually utilize this ghostly brush, as it seems to be bound to
Van Gore’s existence. Even if he wore the ghost gown he invented,
there would be no way to bring back this powerful instrument to the world of the living, as
the object would still be within a different plain of existence so to speak. However, if he used a different medium… Something tangible yet magical that he had
access to… That would be a different story. There have been plenty of events that have
taken place in the Mario timeline that would provide great knowledge that EGadd could leverage
for his research. Seeing as EGadd set off and traveled after
the past events in Partners in Time, and to acquire his ghostly collection, I imagine
he explored a lot of the Mushroom world. Starting off, in the Koopahari Desert there
was a machine called GLOM that was created which had the capabilities to create clones
out of sand. This was part of the Nintendo Adventure Book
Double Trouble, and these clones were absolute copies of the character that was targeted. They were equally as strong as the original
character, and Mario had a difficult time fighting his clones. Whatever this machine saw, it created, and
this eventually lead to its downfall as it was lead into a hall of mirrors within Fort
Koopa of the desert and cloned itself until the original GLOM overloaded and exploded. Soon after all the clones returned to sand. This explosion destroyed Fort Koopa in the
process, and its very possible EGadd visited these ruins while exploring the world. Perhaps he drew inspiration from the scraps
of the machine, or took this with him to use later in his research. If sand could be used to build controlled
clones through this process, who’s to say this couldn’t be done with other mediums
as well? However, GLOM was still constrained to creating
what it saw. While it was very impressive and potentially
inspiring, it didn’t allow full creative freedom. But, there was one last outlet that would
give EGadd the edge he needed… And that was the realm of subcon. Subcon is the area that Super Mario Bros 2
takes place in, and while many people believe this game simply took place in Mario’s dream,
the sequel to the game, which is essentially the same game as the first, proves otherwise. In Super Mario USA – yeah, that’s what its
called – you are once again within the world of subcon, but this time the King of Subcon
wishes upon the power of the stars to call out to Mario and friends for help. Wart has once again returned to sub con, and
in the opening cutscene you can see he simply hopped between dream realms after his first
defeat. The game is actually a sequel that was played
in conjunction to a live broad cast on the Satellaview that featured voice acting for
the characters. Based on what we see within this game, it
can be determined that subcon is more so a magical world of dreams rather than simply
a dream itself. Wart appears outside of subcon in many instances
in other media as well, as do several other things from the game. Given that this alternate dimension full of
magical and bizarre properties is connected with the Mushroom World… That means things can be brought out of it… And I believe this is where the paint for
this magical brush originates from. The Magic Potions and Dream Machine of Subcon. Now I know you’re probably thinking that
is a bit of a stretch, but hear me out on this. Throughout your journey in sub con, you encounter
potions that when shattered have the power to form doorways to other dimensions. It’s like inception in a bottle. But beyond these potions, you also have a
dream machine that was created to run within the realm of sub con, which has the power
to create monsters. Wart uses this machine to create monsters
out of thin air – and I can’t help but think there is some kind of link between these portal
doors, and the power behind the machine. We know these potions still work outside of
sub con, as Bowser has used them to escape time and time again. If EGadd were to discover one of these potions
and trace it back to its roots, he would ultimately have a blank canvas to do what he wants with. The Dream Machine still remains intact, and
its functionality is still the same throughout both games. If this technology and potions were leveraged
in the production of a brush that has roots in the dream world, then these figurative
concepts would still be manifested the same way in the real world. This brush, which is blessed with the power
to make dreams come true – much like Bowser Jr states – is not meant to reside in the
Mushroom world because its has the capability to ruin this dimension. In its raw form, this inky liquid spewed without
direction, it has the power to collapse landscapes and fuse people into solid objects. I mean, in Super Mario Sunshine people literally
sink into concrete – which is some pretty scary stuff. If Mario wasn’t there to resolve the issue,
there’s no telling what would have happened if chaos continued to spread before his anticipated
arrival. Isle Delfino, to some degree, could have been
erased from existence if the paint shifted to a full on portal similar to the teleportations
spots around the island. While this wasn’t the case, the island or
parts of it could have easily been cast into a realm similar to subcon, or even beyond
subcon into subspace. Subspace is basically that inception-like
place in Super Mario Bros 2 where you enter a dark mirror world of the dream world – which
is already confusing. Regardless though, the residual effects of
this brush are unknown, and while water has the ability to wash away this painted substance,
that doesn’t mean it disappears into thin air. More than likely it has gone on to contaminate
the ground and water all around Isle Delfino, and upon accumulating through circulation,
there is really no way to tell what dangers could be in store in the future… Egadd, destroying the Mushroom world one invention
at a time. But now that I’ve dumped that on all of
you, I’d of course love to hear your thoughts. We covered quite a lot of ground in the Mario
History books today, but at the end of the day, this is only my spin on the subject. Your thoughts are just as important, so please
share them.. Do you think the paintbrush draws power from
the realm of dreams? How does it fit in with all the other magical
paint scenarios in the Mario Universe? And last, what kind of lasting danger does
such a tool have on the Mushroom world? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below! And with that… Thanks for tuning in to this dimensional ride
through dreamscapes! If you’d like to join me on my YouTube voyage
and crack the hidden lore of the Mushroom Kingdom, then the subscribe button is just
what you’re looking for. Thanks for watching guys and gals, and until
my next video, cheers! You’ve made it to the end of the video! But wait, your quest isn’t over yet! If you liked this video, I highly recommend
you check out my Mario theory playlist. From EGadd’s questionable morals, to the
odd history of Mario’s grandfather. On the flip side, you can find another one
of my playlists on the right. Pixel Portals is a series I super enjoy, so
I hope you will too. As always, there’s a slew of other videos
on my channel too, so regardless, I hope you enjoy!


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    First off, I would like to say that this is one of my favorite channels on youtube (Along with Boundary Break and others). And secondly, you are a pretty awesome person in general (and not just for gaming reasons). As someone who loves looking into the lore, history, secrets, and etc of videogames myself; your theories and ideas on games greatly interests me. Therefore, since I also like to think very deeply about this kind of stuff, I would like to share with you a theory of my own…which also happens to be about the Magic Paintbrush, and its potential origins. But more-so about Bowser Jr, and his potential origins.

    My own personal theory is that Bowser Jr himself was created by the Magic Paintbrush.

    My explanations on this are pretty simple, although very lengthy. My first explanation about this is because of the Magic Paintbrush's ability to create actual creatures. And not just paint-like creatures, but extremely convincing creatures with their own sentience. And we see this property all throughout Super Mario Sunshine. We even see this with a new staple character in the form of Petey Piranha, who also originated from this game. At first glance, there's absolutely no telling that something was off about him. And it is only when you defeat him that he turns into a puddle of brown paint. This also applies for the King Boo look-alike, as well as the Pokeys and several other enemies within the game. Petey and Bowser Jr in particular are special, since they both originated from this game, and have reappeared in several games since.

    My second explanation behind my theory is how, and why Bowser Jr came into contact with E. Gadd and his Magic Paintbrush in the first place. I really doubt that it was pure coincidence that he just stumbled upon E. Gadd and his lab, and E. Gadd just so happened to "give" him the Magic Paintbrush without a second thought. Prima Games states that Bowser Jr fooled E. Gadd using his magic bandanna to disguise himself as Mario to trick E. Gadd into giving him the paintbrush. I severely doubt this as well. Sure, you could fool a bunch of Piantas, but fooling quite possibly the most genius mind in all of the Mushroom Kingdom? Even if he is a bit scatterbrained? That seems like a huge stretch to me. Not to mention, the magic bandanna itself. It's actually different from the modern bandanna that Bowser Jr wears now. Instead of the white bandanna with a mouth-like design, Bowser Jr wears a blue bandanna to turn into Shadow Mario within Super Mario Sunshine. And on this blue bandana, we see a Mario-like nose and mustache that was drawn with…a white, paint-like substance. Huh, that's odd. Now why would someone who already has access to magic paint and its capabilities want to steal something that also involves magic paint? Did he somehow come in contact with a small portion of it, and wanted to target E. Gadd in order to obtain the source of said Magic Paint? Seems plausible, but I doubt this as well. Because, not only would he have had to figure out how to use the magic paint without the paintbrush, but also according to Bowser Jr's own words, he doesn't actually know who E. Gadd is. "A strange old man in a white coat gave it to me…". What's the problem with this, you ask? If he doesn't actually know who E. Gadd is, it would be very unlikely for Bowser Jr to both find him and target him (stealing or not), as it would be extremely coincidental if that happened. Pure chance, dumb luck, and a little far-fetched. Possible? Certainly. But it doesn't sit well with me, because there are TOO many "coincidences" that happen within this game. Not to mention, E. Gadd is practically famous, as seen in Partners in Time, raising further questions about why Bowser Jr doesn't know who E. Gadd is (Although he could've became famous after the events of Super Mario Sunshine perhaps). Additionally, let's assume that Bowser Jr didn't have access to the bandanna prior to meeting E. Gadd. This in itself is pretty much 100% not plausible, because again, E. Gadd is one of the most genius minds in all of Mushroom Kingdom, and if he had any morals (which are admittedly questionable), he would have immediately recognized Bowser Jr's likeness to Bowser, who is one of the most feared figures on their entire planet. And although E. Gadd's morals are questionable, I really doubt that he is actually evil. So then why? How did Bowser Jr find out about E. Gadd? Why did E. Gadd earnestly give Bowser Jr the Magic Paintbrush? And, most importantly, why did all of these events take place as conveniently as they did? (Outside of the "magic of videogames" line of logic, because that is boring)

    My third explanation behind this is that, while Bowser Jr might've not known who E. Gadd was, there was someone ELSE who did. That's right, Bowser. Since Super Mario Sunshine takes place right after the events of Luigi's Mansion, Bowser would have CLEARLY had to know who E. Gadd was famous or not. Because, in that game, Luigi was able to foil both King Boo and Bowser's plans by using E. Gadd's Poltergust 3000 in order to save Mario. Not only would this understandably make the both of them very angry, but it would have also made Bowser very curious about the scientist and his technological capabilities. Because it wasn't just Luigi that saved the day, but Luigi with E. Gadd's Poltergust that saved the day. And, since Bowser constantly looks down upon Luigi (as seen throughout multiple games where he doesn't even remember what his name is), he most likely attributed Luigi's win to the Poltergust 3000 and its creator; E. Gadd. Once Bowser found out about who E. Gadd was, things began to set into motion from that point on. He went to find and target E. Gadd, in order to force him to create an invention for him to help him beat Mario. Something that could help him create endless hordes of enemies that are completely loyal to his will, something that could help him travel throughout the Mushroom Kingdom quickly and effectively (portals), and something that could let him "Make all of his wishes come true!". Sounds familiar? Yup, the Magic Paintbrush. The Magic Paintbrush seems absolutely tailor-made to Bowser's own desires. And something that Bowser forced E. Gadd to make for him. It makes perfect sense. Not to mention, E. Gadd already had inspiration for such a similar idea, as explained in this video about Vincent Van Gore. But, there are still some questions left unanswered. If Bowser knew who E. Gadd was, why didn't he tell his son about who he was? Sure, this could be contributed to how Bowser might only remember particular names like "Peach" and "Mario", since they are constantly on his mind (with rare exceptions like "Kamek"). But this is still weird, because outside of Peach, Bowser is shown to be very open, honest, and talkative to his son. Why leave such an important detail out? Unless…he didn't tell him, because he COULDN'T tell him.

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    This doesn’t mean that this is 100% true, it’s just a fun theory that kinda would make since.

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    My theory and timeline idea. E. Gad made the magic brush as a means of bringing art to life. I purpose he also made Mario 64's paintings with it (Though he didn't know Mario at the time I like to think Peach bought them off him) In Luigi's Mansion 2, E. Gadd says he sells King Boo's Painting at a garage sale. What if he sold the paint brush as well? To Bowser Jr. Luigi's Mansion happens, E. Gad sells the King Boo painting and Brush, Bowser Jr gets the brush, Sunshine starts while Luigi's Mansion 2 is starting/happening. This is why Luigi and E.Gad are not in Sunshine. E. Gad is too busy with Luigi to clean up the mess from his brush, so he sends FLUDD over to aid, which Mario picks up, thus kicking off Sunshine.

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    O just noticed that symbol today

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    i heard the word "subspace" * I T S B R A W L T I M E*

  • alex kuhn says:

    My opinion about what happens when FLUDD sprays the paint with water is that the water and paint chemically react and render the paint inert, if the paint had a more goo like outer surface protecting the part that actually reacts then that would explain why the paint can be on top of the water in Rico Harbor and not be rendered inert. FLUDD’s pump is forcing the water through the protective outer layer to let the water react with the paint. Alternatively E Gadd might have made FLUDD after he realized what the paintbrush was being used for and installed a filter that when water is passed through leaves a compound in the water that counteracts the paint by causing the paint to go through a chemical reaction with the compound without causing harm to the ecosystem, a chemical reaction with a compound would explain why the paint can be on the water in multiple places without vanishing but the moment it is sprayed by FLUDD it disappears.

  • Roaring Thunder115 says:

    I just looked back on this video and had an Idea… What if the Paintbrush made Bowser Jr.
    Bowser wanted a real son so he used the brush.

  • Roaring Thunder115 says:

    I think a link between Kirby is here…
    Kirby has many characters who can use paint to make things come to life…
    What if one brush somehow got into Mario’s world and E.Gadd claimed he made it?

  • I'm done says:


  • MiloMarioPixelBrother says:

    I know this is kind of dumb to think but I mean
    And just hear me out on this:
    What if Subspace from the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the same Subspace that Mario and friends adventured through in Super Mario Bros. 2?

  • CW GD says:

    I’m a little late, but I think that Egad created the paint brush from the materials you mentioned, and then bowser stole it to paint over the normal paintings in super Mario 64, making them portals, then used them to trap Mario in the painting in Luigi’s mansion after he was defeated in super Mario 64, then, after thinking he had Mario trapped forever, gave it to the painter who kept it for his art, and created all the non-character ghosts in the mansion.

  • TheSuperM101 says:

    What if Egadd made the paintbrush and then he accidentally made the paintings in luigi's mansion, but then he knew he couldn't fix it alone so he purposely trapped Mario in order to help him fix everything but then he realized he was trapped and then created king boo as a scapegoat for his actions. Mario being trapped caused the bringing in Luigi. Egadd's support for luigi, was all because Egadd knew he would get away with it and he could use them as helpers for his scientific research at the same time. Think about that while watching to this video its like Egadd is the big plot device and is the pot stirrer basically, he even made the nozzles to again aid Mario but why else would he do it? As a guinea pig for scientific research because you know that old man ain't gonna risk his life shooting into the sky and going around at the speed of sound.

  • zachattack12 says:

    Is the dream world and dream team the same as the dreamworld in the other Mario games I’m curious

  • Raddie Cat says:

    Kid: Hey what happens when I'm asleep

    ME: you know what's wired in super Mario odyssey the super Mario sunshine connected island complex is gone?
    But in the early maps of the places in earlier games, it was there on the maps sprawled about.

    Even though the people appeared in space after the game?! Did the paint teleport them through reality into a there sunny new home?
    By that logic super mario, galaxy is the direct mirror universe to the main Mario world, and the Paper Mario universe is only adjacent.

    Does that mean there's a paper subspace?! Does that mean the dream machine has four spatial dimensions? So the dream machine holds together the two universes acting as a portal?! And the physical version of is contained inside the book appearing in super Mario & lugui paper jam!?

    There are infinite universes does that mean the dream machine connects all universe? Ours to does that mean our dreams are interdimensional gateway and dreams are just the limits of perception as subspace seeps into your mind?!

    KId yea that, I call it a dream! Know anything about it?

  • uszerntlm says:

    We need Wario to use it! and become shadow mario!

  • ꧁༺Drakath Fenrier༻꧂ says:

    This theory of yours is supported by the fact of Noki Bay's ruins and the fact that the goop colour is shared with Time holes in Partners in time.

  • MrNugget says:

    If there is more insight on this topic when Luigi’s mansion 3 comes out can you make an updated video? This is one of my most wanted questions in the Mario universe, considering Mario sunshine never mentioned where it came from and I always recognized e gads symbol on the paintbrush. And the ending of sunshine always bothered me sense it ended with this mysterious paintbrush sitting in the ground…

  • ultrinion alternion says:

    I’ve been trying to look up more about glom but I can’t find anything

  • The moon has risen says:

    3:03 I love that game

  • Caleb Tynes says:

    I love this finally the mario question answered

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