Mangusta UNICO Paintbrush Series by Borciani Bonazzi

Mangusta UNICO Paintbrush Series by Borciani Bonazzi

The Mangusta series is made of a very soft fiber with slow water release and very high absorption to be used in very diluted and thin colours, such as watercolor, diluted acrylic, or oil in very light layers. The magic paper test is done to see, first of all, the types of reactions the brush tip has: With the round tip, a change in pressure changes from a slight line to a fully rounded sign. With the flat tip, we can make calligraphic signs that go from a wide base to a very thin one. With the cat’s tongue tip, we can make strokes that go from being very round and wide to very thin ones. The effect and visible results of the Mangusta brush’s various tips can be seen using a paper towel and black Indian ink. Mangusta fiber’s high absorbent capacity can be seen in this technical watercolor test: using a round brush to coat the background and dilute it with plenty of water. And then continue with the thinner tips in order to create thin-lined and accurate strokes in the foreground. Mangusta brushes are ideal with very diluted acrylic colours, that allow creating both full, flat, and very deep patterns, as well as emphasizing all the details of our work with the thinner tips. The extreme softness of the fibres assures that no trace is left in the coloured material.

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  • valzerna says:

    domani mi arrivano i pennelli Borciani e Bonazzi, non vedo l ora di usarli! vi faccio i miei complimenti per il vostro sito internet! l interfaccia è uno spettacolo, e il sistema di selezione delle varie misure, con l indicazione del numero e della rispettiva misura in mm, è piacevolissimo da usare! non conosco altri siti che offrono un sistema così semplice e intuitivo! saluti dalla Svizzera

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