Making Painty Papers – Building Your Creative Stash – Speed Version

Making Painty Papers – Building Your Creative Stash – Speed Version

hello everyone it’s Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio andvthis is the sped up version of the live stream from
February 28 2019 the live stream over on art joy of sharing live stream channel
where usually Peg Robinson and I and I do live stream together but today
it was just me so I was talking about making page papers the old-school way
using mark making and just general stuff around your house and the paper that I
am planning on using is this I’m recycling this paper this is under paper
I’ve got newsprint under paper and I’ve got deli paper that already has some
paint on it and my my idea was to use delusions paints which this is really
kind of the only application I have because I don’t use the delusions on my
gel plate because I dry too quickly but then of course I said that and then
started out using a different paint but I wanted to make a pastel colored one
and I don’t have any pastels in the delusions paints they did come out with
the whole set of them but I don’t have them so I’m starting out with a brayer
at the beginning you saw a lot of tools and I was talking about a lot of
different tools that you can use for this process and they don’t have to be
things that are expensive they can be things that are from the dollar store
things that are from the trash or things that you know just you just have around
the house however that that being said a brayer is a good thing to have a very
useful tool and not terribly expensive and can be used for a lot of things so I
started out with the brayer then I moved to a a pay paid scraping tool which
another another one that you could use if you didn’t have this is just a cheap
spatula which I end up using on another one but here I have the dilation paints
out and I’m just using this silicon paint scraper type thing from art basics
finna bear to different coordinating papers across my
second piece now I’m working in layers and I end up having four pieces when I’m
done and they’re not even finished I still have some of them still have
layers that I need to put on them but I’m working on something setting it
aside to dry and then working on another one and that’s how you would do this you
would work in multiple groups to make these paintings what would you use them
for I’m gonna use them in art journals I’m gonna use them on hours trading
cards I’m gonna use them on tech altar takes I’m gonna use them on larger
pieces of art I’m gonna use them for collage I’m gonna use them for all kinds
of things and the reason that I think it’s a good idea to have this type of
thing in your stash is because sometimes you really just don’t have the time to
sit down for two hours and make something but you really need that
creative outlet to release stress and to give you a sense of peace and calm at
least I do and I know that in the upcoming several months I’m gonna need
this I’m gonna need a place to escape because some things are going down in my
family that are I just I’m gonna need this but I’m not gonna have a lot of
time so I want to build up my stash in I will be continuing to do this type of
activity of creating partially creating things or creating papers that I can use
in a flash and then eventually making a collective book and we’ll be doing that
on our joy of sharing we’re just we’re talking about that type of stuff just so
that I’m always ready to go at a moment’s notice I have got stuff I can
take with me I’ve got a bag to go so that I can go to you know the hospital
or the infusion center or whatever I’ve got something that I can do quickly that
that will satisfy me in my creative process without really having to take a
lot of time and effort to make something so I think that everyone should have
have these type of stashes that should you should have this type of
availability too make something quickly and you know for
whatever reason get out your your stress or get out just you just need to do
something creative even if you’ve only got 15 minutes so I think that building
these type of painting papers it is something that definitely we all should
do and so I hope that you guys some I know some people followed around her and
followed along during the live stream inmates and painting papers and as you
can see the things that I’m using for mark making are not expensive these are
just you know a medication bottle or a lid top or this one’s a piece of plastic
canvas i cardboard tubes all these type of things old gift cards or hotel key
cards just any sense of stuff you don’t have to even use expensive paint you can
use craft paint for this where it dries very quickly and very matte so you know
it’s it’s a good option for something like this use your recycled papers that
you don’t want to throw away they have a little paint on them but maybe they
don’t have enough that they’re not interesting enough but you’ve got some
paint on them you can build on top of them doing mark making so that’s what
I’m doing on these layers is making marks using just you know stuff just
just a bit of stuff that I have around the house not expensive stencils not you
know no gel plate no anything like that see now I’m using a $1 Betty Crocker
silicone spatula to scrape paint if you’d like to scrape paint that’s a good
option I did have a little bit of trouble with my coffee bean colored
dilations and I ended up having to throw that one away because it was hard but
I’m also using the grey I’m using some titanium buff on this one and that
melted chocolate color a viewer did send me 12 delusion paint pots that she was
not planning on using so I have I have duplicates of a couple of them but most
of them were colors I didn’t have so that was another reason that I
using delusions today this bear I was using a sponge brer which you could buy
at a hardware store to kind of calm down the paint these things aren’t drying as
fast as I expected I thought that by the time I reached for the fourth one again
it would be dry and they weren’t so I needed to kind of like press down some
of the paint into a thinner layer so here on mark-making simply with my
fingers that’s another thing that you can do to build up your interesting
pattern and composition on your paper is to just you know use your fingers do
some finger painting always great this one again I’m like just using that
sponge brayer to kind of calm down the pain it’s making stripes like my sponge
brayer which I just I throw that into a wet a bucket of water here I have some
wallpaper drywall tape I’ve got some shelf liner I’ve got some sequin waste
which makes interesting marks with some sponging and so I’m just going ahead and
continuing layering on this paper and the question that I’m going to be asked
and I already was asked is when’s it done when are you finished with the
paper well you may never be finished with the paper I don’t know
the ones that you’ll see at the end and the pictures I don’t consider them
finished I still had more things I wanted to do that I didn’t fit in the
hour and a half in the live stream maybe I should have only made a couple papers
instead of four but I just I wanted to show all the type of tools and things
that you can use that you just have around your house so here’s some
packaging material that came with an electronic I’ve got plastic packaging
I’ve got things that I have made using styrofoam meat trays styrofoam sheets
I’ve make stamps out of that foam stamps just all the kinds of of
inexpensive ways that you can use junk basically to do you mark Mickey and
that’s what I was talking about during this the shelf liner makes an
interesting rectangular shape if you use it as a stamp I think it’s pretty cool
so I was showing that also that piece of packaging with the rectangles that you
see if above I’ll be using that one too and then your brayer usually has an
interesting pattern on it from doing that as well so you can just roll it out
on your clean paper if you want you to make more stuff and of course the paper
that’s underneath here that’s protecting my desk will end up being another one of
these paint paper z’ so it’s just kind of a never-ending process but I do use
this stuff in my art in my mixed media art as part of my layering and collage
I’ve I I use this all the time so I’m sure you’ll see me using it in upcoming
projects so we’re back to the pink and orange ones this one has a lot of warm
colors and I was getting out some other things and the things that I was finding
kind of said to me flower shapes so I ended up using some of the different
flower shape things that I have in my bin that one is a piece of card stock
that has been put in one of those embossing folders I have some styrofoam
ones I have some with fun foam what else do they have
Oh some sequin waste it looks like flower shapes someone sent me that and I
don’t know where they got it but I know it’s very inexpensive stuff that can be
found here and there and around you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it so going back in with the same colors
generally when I do painting papers I pick a trio of colors sometimes they’re
a light medium and dark of the same color sometimes they are complementary
colors like in this case pink and orange are both warm colors they’re
complementary and they mix well together and
sometimes I do use contrasting colors and I just do it in layers and let one
layer dry so that I don’t mix those colors together like blue and orange
look beautiful together but if you mix the two of them together you get brown
and I’m not fond of brown the spell yeah this is a simple intuitive process that
anyone can do I hope that you guys will make some painting papers and sometime
in March at the end of March we’re gonna start putting together our collective
books that have all kinds of stuff in them and we’re gonna be be making you
know these these travel binders I have it scheduled for the end of the month of
March at this point on the art joy of sharing a live stream channel which is
at 9:30 mountain 10:30 central every Thursday so you can put that in your
time conversion if you’re not feeling you knighted States or even if you are
and you’re not sure how what different time that is you can find that out on
Google by just doing time conversion it’s in the morning for people in the
United after noon for people in the United States and early evening for most
everyone else so that’s when the live stream is this one is made out of piece
of styrofoam that I’ve just drawn some dents into it with a ball stylus and
then cut it out into a shape and that I think that one’s really fun this one is
that piece of embossed cardstock and I just scraped some paint over it to see
if I could catch the raised areas you want it to be on the raised side not
that well either side would make a pattern but I wanted the raised areas so
it makes kind of a flowery shaped pattern I’ll go back in on these with
some pins like right now I’m starting with the pastel one just showing some
distress crayons and some neo color Qi crayons and some pasta pens anything
that you have even if it’s just you know your kids
markers or whatever you can make some more marks some are precise marks using
pins our crayons because they’re a little bit easier to control or of
course a paintbrush a smaller paintbrush and some paint also you can make marks
so I was just showing that you can use these water soluble pastels and then
blend them with a little with a wet rag I really like that color
they say it’s sky blue but I think it’s periwinkle that’s what I was saying then
just some some dashes just dashes they are great marks dashes I did that with a
light couple light colors this one is supposed to be my pastel one and I ended
up getting that brighter pink on there but you know you got to have contrast so
then I was showing these pestle puska pins and you can just you know shake
those and make splatters I like it I like splatters that’s another form of
mark making and this brown one kind of looks like bark it’s definitely not
finished it has a lot of layers left to go but I was just adding some sequin
waste stenciling ish stuff on there with a darker Brown not the coffee bean the
coffee bean was dry so I ended up getting some I think it’s burnt sienna I hope you guys are enjoying this the
people in the chat were very lively today and I tried did my best to keep up
with the chat wild while trying to do stuff analyze the livestream it’s tricky
of course I had to get out some copper because you know it’s copper this stamp
is pretty interesting it’s some kind of amoeba shapes cut out of styrofoam and
then I used a ball stylus to press in so it’s pretty fun stamp and I thought it
went well with those oval shaped things on there sorry pantheon from the sequin waste and
then this other one is just round circles and I decided to bring back in
some of the light colors as well but this one has a lot more layers to go
still it’s definitely not finished I didn’t get hardly any mark naked on this
one also it’s brown but I was you know giving my shout out to peg who couldn’t
attend to the live stream today by using brown because she likes brown so if you
are enjoying this process in this video please remember to give it a thumbs up
leave me a comment or question below subscribe if you haven’t already and
turn on that notification though or check your notification belts make sure
that it hasn’t accidentally been turned off because that has happened to several
people lately also you can share this by pinning it on Pinterest or sharing it on
Facebook if you know somebody who would be interested in this so then I got out
a shipping tag and I just tore off the piece of that pest l1 and glued it with
some matte gel medium onto a shipping tag you know I love to make altered tags
these stamping there is from a stamp set from Gina Erin’s Etsy shop and I just
love that scribble writing stamp I bought the whole stamp set just for that
one but there’s some other really cool mark making stamps in it as well
and it wasn’t quite dry so then when I put the liquor tech snack medium it
faded that black and she kind of agree which I liked
so I was happening with that I added a little bit of paint here and there with
my fingers because I think that looks nice to kind of blend in some of the
layers there’s another one of the stamps from the same stamp set it’s like kind
of a little swirly circle so you can see how quickly you can make something using
these painting just really quickly you know mix do some
more mark making on there throw a focal image on there I usually
layer so I put a layer on the back and put some ribbons on it and called it
good so this basket has a bunch of stamped images on tissue paper I
recently did a swap where we swapped stamped images on tissue paper with each
other so you end up getting a lot of stamped images that you don’t have and
hopefully the person that you you swapped with got some that they didn’t
have so while I’m drying my tag I’m looking through to try to find a stamped
image I want to use and I end up with this cute little owl that’s just an
adorable stamp love it so that’s what I decided to put on my tag I cut in
quotation marks out the image using a water tank brush and then attached it to
my tag using some fluid matte medium so when you do that it just fades right in
and you can’t even see the edges or anything and it looks like you know
you’ve stamped it on there or drawn it or whatever I wanted a torn edge on the
bottom and I want and then I wanted to make sure that the hole was punched and
I got out my water soluble crayons and started to color in the image a
little bit using the crayon direct sheet of paper and then blending it with my
water tank brush I made him have some blue eyes and then I used pink and
orange combined colors to fill in the body of the owl and a little bit of a
blueish green to do the leaves on the tree branch that he’s sitting on I liked
that he came on his own tree branch because then I didn’t have to draw it
you know I don’t like it when things float and then I was just talking about
India ink and so I got out my India ink and dip pen and did some scratchy doodly
mark making all around the owl filling in the
details a little bit with just very scratchy scribbly type lines using my
dip pen and some India ink which I think makes it stand out from the background
more this is just one of the many ways you can you know make your focal image
be more interesting and coming out from the background yeah Unitas fun dip pens
are fun and then to finish it which you won’t see in the video I did let’s see
what did I do I sponging the edges with black I mounted it on another piece of coral
cardstock I added some catch lights to the eyes
with some gemstones and I put some ribbons on it so you’ll see it at the
end that’s it for me thanks bye bye you


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