Make your own Color sticks with wax and paints used for polymer clay dolls

Make your own Color sticks with wax and paints used for polymer clay dolls

hi everyone I’m Barbara from fairies in
my pond and I have a tip to share with all of you today for most of you that
are following me you know that I use melted clear candle wax for my polymer
clay dolls now i’m going to share this little tip with you and I call them my
little color sticks I take a clean q-tip and I will put a little bit of my paint
on the table now I find that this type of paint works the best for me I have
tried it with Genesis but Genesis doesn’t give me the creamy consistency
that this particular type of paint gives me but if this is if Genesis is all you
have please give it a try because it might be something that you like okay I
put a little bit of paint on the table and the one thing that I do want to say
is that in your in my melting pot I have my wax already melted is that you’re
going to put your clean q-tip or in the paint and then you’re going to dip it
into the wax so your wax is going to get some color in it the only thing that I
want to put out to you is that you know don’t waste your your wax but although I
never wet waste it just put a small amount in it when you’re using a color
ok then I would dip it in there and now i have a colored wax stick i’m going to
take my polymer clay doll and i’m going to put this on pretty heavy so that we
can see this in the camera now the reason why I like this is
because it doesn’t give me that blotchy look that paint can give you on polymer
clay at least I experienced that and I don’t like it I find that just by using
a paper towel works the best and what I’m going to do see how that just blends
I’m going to wipe that off and see how it lightly gives you a color so if I
want it more which see I wouldn’t want any more but I’m trying to do it for the
camera so we can see it now I have all different colors of sticks i have brown
i have gray i have blue what you know whatever whatever colors that you use
for shading there we go okay i don’t know if you can see that
the difference but then if I you know want to take some brown and shaded in
here or around up in here you can do so and then when now this is an option what
I will do is I after I get all my color on it I will take sometimes just a paper
towel and I will dip it in the wax and I’ll go over that and it just seems to
me like it just restores it I don’t know I just love doing doing using the wax on
polymer clay ok now that for it what now here’s how I store them and I already
have this one going so you take I take my q-tip some wax paper waxy side up and
I will roll it take my other one and I’ll roll it and I’ll keep doing that
tape it up and stick it in a ziplock plastic bag and that will keep it nice
and clean pull it out use it on your polymer clay doubt i love these things
they come in so handy ok everyone hope you enjoy and you give it a try and I’ll
see you in my next one


  • Shirley says:

    wow what a marvelous ideal! I am a life hacks junkie so this is just great. Thank you for sharing this.

  • rosalie Thompson says:

    Thanks for the tip. Holding off on using the wax till I can see what type to purchase. Looking forward to working with the wax, love the smoothness of the color.I have another question for you, when you sculpt the head with the wax as the inside of the head , do you sculpt on a wood stick, (rod), to hold as you sculpt around the wax, or do you sculpt the front half, then the back half on tile like your first videos on how to sculpt a head? Thanks for another great video.

  • Char Yates says:

    I so greatly admire your work, and your gracious gift of sharing with us. I have to assume, you are adding the color after the baking. Can you then coat the colored surface (with PYM II or the like) to keep it from rubbing off on anything else?
    Please continue your wonderful hints, we sit at your knee to learn.

  • Rhonda Magee says:

    what a great idea Barbara!!

  • Sweet Willow Designs says:

    Really great Tip Barbara, I'm going to try this on some of my jewelry pieces and see how it works.

  • Tracey S says:

    Hi, can you tell me, is it just plain bees wax that you melt?and is this oil paint in the tubes? what a lovely tip and such beautiful work you do! thank you

  • Illustration With Eveii says:


  • Illustration With Eveii says:

    where were you when we were making dolls in college XD Dx

  • MissArtsyGurl says:

    Thanks for the tips this was very helpful. 😀

  • shitpea #1 pussy says:

    as always tysm:) I really like the softness an natural look it gives, I Love rosey cheeks I use pastels an lately they look blah, so I will try this.. tysm

  • Vicky Vavaroutsos says:

    I love this idea. I've been binge watching your videos and I have learned so much! Thank you!

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