Krylon vs Rustoleum Mirror Spray Paint Comparison

Krylon vs Rustoleum Mirror Spray Paint Comparison

Hey guys, today I’m going to be comparing
Rust-oleum’s mirror effect and Krylon’s looking glass spray paints in a side-by-side comparison. Stay tuned! First I’m going to clean the glass with a
glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Both cans have the same application directions:
I’m going to shake the cans for one minute, hold the cans 8-10 inches away from the surface,
and apply five light coats one minute apart. This is what it looks like after the first
coat. Coat number two Coat number three Coat number four Coat number 5 And now it’s time for the reveal. The Rust-oleum has quite a bit of streaking as
if I didn’t clean the glass good enough. You can also see a kind of ripple effect as
if there were some defects in the glass. The Krylon has a very fine crackle effect
which is extremely uniform over the full piece of glass. The temperature at the time of application
was 78 degrees and the humidity was 65 percent. The rippling of the glass itself was a lot
less noticeable with the Krylon. The crackling effect of the Krylon makes the
glass look very old, which could be cool if that’s the look that you’re going for. The Rust-oleum mirror looks extremely streaky,
which may have something to do with me not cleaning the glass well enough, even though
it did look clean at the time that I cleaned it. Both of the mirrors look extremely dull and
I’m not very pleased with either result. If you found this video helpful or interesting
or enjoyable, please consider hitting the like button, or subscribing to my channel. And as always, thanks for watching.


  • #L0v3Bu& Pr0dUcT0f94 says:

    I would like to try this paint on my dresser do u think it'll have the same effect or look more like silver

  • Squatting_Monkey says:

    Instead of cleaning the glass with glass cleaner, which leaves a protective coating on the glass, try cleaning the glass with rubbing alcohol next time and see if it helps with the streaking or the crackling effect.

  • The 570 Experience says:

    I got the same result in my video

  • Laurice says:

    Your cardboard looks rippled. If the spray wasn’t applied thick enough, maybe you could’ve been looking THROUGH the glass, and at the rippled cardboard. Also, you may need to use a different cleaner for the glass, and make sure to not leave any streaks on it BEFORE applying the mirror paint. Nice idea though. Thanks for sharing!

  • Zachary Spriggs says:

    So glad you were intelligent enough to realize it is supposed to be for glass. I've seen people on Amazon reviews before talking about how they sprayed their fireplaces with it and got a dull grey look. If they read the can, they would know it is for glass or other smooth, transparent surfaces.

  • Mike Bova says:

    Your poor results are mostly due to the prep and application. Try just running the glass under warm water and drying with a clean towel. First apply a primer and then apply the paint. I also recommend watching a video on how to properly use a spray can to apply paint. Never just hold down the nozzle. Use a sweeping motion and apply the thin coats evenly. Your coats were applied too quickly and didn’t evenly cover the surface. A clear coat at the end my also improve the result.

  • Jesus Saves says:

    Dope paint never seen this

  • Wali Sumya says:


  • Norman says:

    Not a big fan of RustOleum. Drying time is much tooooo long.
    I haven't found that the durability is anything to brag about either.

  • Gamer Vince says:

    I'm a little late to the party, but I can tell you exactly why it's not working perfectly. I come from a modeling aspect, scale models that is. Lots of experience painting with different types of paints. Problem 1. Acrylic paint dries too fast to level properly, a longer drying time equals better leveling and a nicer finish. Problem 2. There are no true mirror finishes when it comes to painting. Only actual chrome will look exactly like chrome or mirrors. Trust me, modelers have been looking for the holy grail of chrome paints since the beginning of model making. But, your results are some of the finest I have ever seen. The only other product I've seen that is worth the price are…C-1 Metalizer (It's a powder) 2. Molotow Liquid Chrome. And yes, I know you are looking for a mirror effect and not chrome. But they are the same thing in the painting world.

  • PinkRoseRed says:

    Rust-Oleum looks more like a real mirror.

  • R. P. says:

    Try cleaning the glass in a dishwasher… it’ll come out squeaky clean

  • Lavender Rainbow says:

    Thank you for doing this. I certainly changed my mind on one of them =^o^=

  • KingKatRider says:

    worst spraying technique I've seen chic

  • JD D says:

    Best structured review/comparison I've seen so far. And I'm like a dozen in

  • هشام الحارثي Hesham Alharthi says:

    1:50 brought to you by Meryl Streep

  • Aniket Upadhye says:

    Is that work on my bike's metal
    Please let me know?

  • Michael Noble says:

    I wonder if this comes in black.. i need to paint my motorcycle

  • 1agway says:

    Thanks for doing this. I agree alcohol cleans better and the streaking and hazing may be on the side that wasnt cleaned

  • DEMONOX 6IX6SIX says:

    That’s why it’s made for graffiti lol

  • Rosie VeHi says:

    Wow!! I wished I should've watched this vid before i did my jar. I thought I did something wrong when I used the looking glass krylon.

  • Orlando Miller says:

    THUMBS UP for crazy wait dances. And did you clean both sides of the glass?

  • Caroline Stevens says:

    OK…The Can says "mirror effect". It doesn't mean a perfect mirror finish. That's almost impossible from a spray paint.

  • Miss Goldstone says:

    I'm collecting all my used candle jars and one day when I'm an adult with my own house I'm gonna spray them ALL with something like this and they'll match while being different shapes. Dunno what I'm gonna use them for but can you imagine a mantel covered in quirky mirror jars/cups with little battery candles flickering away in all of them? I might even do a mercury effect on them to make it super fancy ^.^

  • alex barredo says:

    I like the way you make this video, specially the way you dance

  • TheAureliac says:

    If you believe your prep altered the results, you should have re-done the demo. Cute but not useful.

  • Chiigui Nogos says:

    I like the way you dance 😆
    My question is who's the best for my mirror ?

  • Erin Mayfield says:

    Late to the party, but could I use plexi glass? Would if still have the same effect?

    I’m trying to make a demo mirror for my art class to use so the kids can see me. The ones I’ve found online cost an arm and a leg. 😭

    Would this work? Would it be better to use glass? I’m just trying to find other options out there!

  • A Corn says:

    Put it on something they can spend fast while keeping it secure you be surprised at the effect you yet

  • amethyst stone says:

    Thank you it was very helpful

  • Paul Burn says:

    Perhaps try another experiment with clean glass?

  • chiboy773 says:

    Do you think it would be good to use on a chrome plated rim?

  • slammed ek9 says:

    First. You cant paint very well… You dont hold the trigger and just spread it… Smh

  • syxx Poppin says:

    She's so cool .I bet her name is Becky🙃

  • CalebTime TheSavage says:

    try to find the ASMR

  • Nicholas Fox says:

    The spray technique needs to be worked on.

  • Duane Donaldson says:

    It streaked because you doused on the spray paint,you didnt spray in even coating,it had nothing to do with the glass cleaner.if you would of sprayed on plastic or metal in that way you would have had gloppy runs everywhere.

  • sagrath1982 says:

    Maybe too many coats?!

  • Madd Scientist says:

    both brands work great for that "aged, antique-look" if you want to fake a mirror 🙂 or if you are trying to fake mercury glass…it does the job quite well

  • djayricky says:

    Thanks for this. You have an ear pleasing voice as well.

  • InspiringWeightLoss says:

    Very helpful. Thanks a bunch!

  • Pakarv says:

    no you Krylon SCP-173

  • John Brando says:

    This is the voice you hear right before you go under Anesthesia

  • Charles Douglas says:

    Her creepy tongue sound didnt let me focus

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