KILLING IT by flanking the left side at Jungle Island Paintball

KILLING IT by flanking the left side at Jungle Island Paintball

Lindsey: What do you see? Lindsey: I can’t get up there Lindsey:There’s a guy that’s like three rows up, shooting at us. Damien:Ok. Lindsey:If you pop out, he will shoot you. Lindsey:I can see him. Damien: You can see him? Lindsey:Yeah at the right angle. Damien: Make sure he doesn’t move up. Lindsey: Hey Damien! Damien: What? Lindsey:Are you still in? Lindsey: If you’re still in, move up. I’ve got you covered. Damien: Move up? Lindsey: Move up! Damien: I can’t do it because….
Lindsey: Move up! Move up! Lindsey: You’re too late, Damien. God damn it, move up when I tell you too ok! Damien: I can’t. No. I’m good where I am. Lindsey: He’s got me pinned down now. Lindsey: Damien, why are you ducking? Lindsey: That’s not the guy that was shooting at me. Lindsey: That was Alex that was shooting at us. Damien: Really? Lindsey: Yeah. Lindsey: Someone shot him. Damien: Watch this window right here, they can see you through this window. Damien: I can see them through the netting this way. Lindsey: Ok there’s someone like three rows up. Damien: Ok. Damien: I’m going to watch through this window. There’s a guy behind the bus. Lindsey: Oops sorry. Sorry about that! Lindsey: Ok I got him. Lindsey: Damien, I think we can move up more. Damien: Wait, there’s guys in the back bus. Lindsey: Are they going to be able to see me if I move up? Lindsey: I don’t think there is anyone in front of us anythmore. Damien: What? Lindsey: There’s no one in front of us anymore. I think we got them all, or I did. Damien:There’s a guy in the back bus but he can’t see us and we can’t see him. Lindsey: I’m going to move up more. Damien: Watch the inside. Lindsey: So we’re at the place where there’s a huge gap. Damien: I know. Lindsey: Got him. Lindsey: I don’t think there is anyone in front of us by the way but there’s a huge gap in-between us and the next one. Lindsey: Who are you shooting at? Lindsey: Damien, what are you shooting at? Damien: There’s a guy cross map in the in the bunker. Lindsey: What bunker? Damien: It’s in those buildings on the left side. The right side, I mean. Lindsey: Did I get him? Lindsey: I got him. I got him. Damien: You got him?
Lindsey: Yeah. Lindsey: Or he was link behind a car or something. Is that the guy you’re talking about in the center? Damien: No, in a building. Lindsey: Oh, well I got the other guy. Damien: ARE YOU HIT? Lindsey: Just keep shooting until he says “I’m out” Lindsey: Damien, let me see. Where is he? Damien: He’s in the car, you can see him really clearly. Lindsey: What car? Which one? Oh which one?! Lindsey: Oh way back there? Lindsey: He’s too far. Don’t worry about him. Lindsey: I’m out of balls. Lindsey: We gotta move up. What’s going on up there? Lindsey: Are there people up there? Lindsey: HK shirt! Are there people up there? Damien: I’m moving up, there’s no one out there. Lindsey: Is here anyone up there? Lindsey: Run cities, anyone? Lindsey: Where is he Damien? Lindsey: I don’t think there is anyone up there. Lindsey: We got it. It’s over. Lindsey: High five. Damien, high five. Didn’t like what you saw? Why are you here? Maybe you should get the hell out of here. But maybe you should hit that subscribe button first? K, let me do a couple with my sunglasses.



    awesome! love the 2 pov's
    subscribe for a subscribe?

  • NoahDBoss says:

    Awesome! If you use two fingers(index and middle) to shoot, you shoot much faster… Just tap the trigger with each finger really fast to shoot LASERS

  • Jedi Musashi says:

    awesome! I like good split screen action! Check out my channel we use 3 to 4 cams and have done a few like this too.

  • Seth Kallenberger says:

    maybe ill see u guys out at jungle sometime that would be cool to meet you

  • Domenick Spinelli says:

    You guys playing saturday at jungle? I play at jungle regularly. if yall remember I asked you guys who hit my buddies car with paint a while ago. lol!

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