Keep On Layering! Making More Mixed Media Layers

Keep On Layering! Making More Mixed Media Layers

My painting process video today carries
on from last week and I think this is going to be a series of pieces, as, well, I
am quite enjoying doing them and I hope you’re enjoying watching them too. Last
week I talked a little bit about working through your layering fear, so you know, I
have a thing and from the comments I could tell that I’m not alone with this,
and that thing is that I will usually get to some point during my piece and
during those layers but I kind of have the urge to stop and not because the
piece is finished but more because I’m afraid to continue and you know afraid
to mess up or go too far. So I shared the creative exercise last week that I’ve
been doing to help me to overcome that fear, along with the time-lapse of one of
the paintings that I did. And if you missed it I will put the link in the
cards and also in the description too. So this week I’ve got another time-lapse
painting process piece for you, using that same exercise. And I’ve talked about
letting go in my videos before about, you know, trying to be a bit freer with your
art. Some people can just do it naturally. I’m not one of those artists but the
more I work on it the more I can be more comfortable with letting go and learning
to trust myself. So I’m hoping them by me sharing this with you that it will help
with your work as well. The way I kind of came into art was pretty much sort of
working to a brief and I think when you’re working to a brief it’s a totally
different type of process or I mean it can be, the way I was doing it it was
definitely a different type of process. And I think it fits well with the type
of person that I am but since I’ve been doing more exercises
about letting go and being a bit freer and trying to work through my fear, then
I have been getting more used to doing that and enjoying it immensely. Now I think a piece like this we could even talk about knowing when your pieces are
finished and maybe that will be a subject for another video but not today
because I got a huge old list of jobs I need to get through so grab a cuppa
enjoy watching this piece evolve in front of you and I will be back later in
a video with some more information about the surface that I’m working on but
don’t forget that the products are all listed in the description if you need
them or you know you just want to know what
I’m using. [MUSIC] I was working in my junk journal again
today and there was actually a fold-out page in this journal and I’ve been
wondering what to do with that page for a while now I’ve got a few of these
journals they’ve all got this lovely fold-out and I’ve been keeping that
lovely fold-out nice and pristine but I thought this would be a perfect kind of
exercise to put on there. And it’s interesting to sort of work on a
different size and shape to what you usually do, so it was fun to change that
up now I’m thinking that I might have to start taking these to a canvas what do
you think? If you’re looking for some voiced mixed-media tutorials where I go
into some more details and talk through the steps, then watch these next and I’ll
see you there


  • J Creates says:

    Beautiful will try this too, recently made" start with focal point" enjoyed it a lot. You are an inspiration thanks for sharing ❤️😊

  • Sarah AnnArchy says:

    I absolutely love your work. I get so bogged down with the idea that every art piece I do has to be perfectly beautiful and then I get discouraged and do nothing. This idea let's you play, which is really what arting is all about, and helps you let go of that perfectionism that in all honesty I do to myself. I would love to see this on a huge canvas! Thanks so much for sharing your work with us! It's always a pleasure and inspiration!

  • Dorothy Kovak says:

    Amazing. You start from what looks like trash and creat this vibrant, energetic and colorful work of art. Really like the movement in this one. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kim Dellow says:

    I have some more chatty tutorials here:
    in case you are missing the sound of my voice
    😂😜 And for some mixed media floral inspiration watch these: 🌹🌸🌺🌼🌻

  • Tammy O'Neill says:

    What paint pen and color was the very first one you used after the ball pen? It was a light turquoise color! But I couldn’t tell which pen it was. And The name of the color you used -looked peachy

  • Kim Daniel says:

    Yes to a canvas! This is so pretty.

  • Cindy Bell says:

    Thank you for listing your products and the countries for Amazon products. This is just super! Love the doodles.

  • C. S. Johnson says:

    Love your work, you're work is plenty loose, that's the exact reason that I subscribed. Keep pushing your bounderies, don't become comfortable by always doing the same thing.

  • Crafty Scissors says:

    Nice 🙂

  • Linda Harris says:

    Love your videos, Kim! Thank you!

  • melstampz says:

    Your thoughts on fear helped me more than I can say. All of your work is so stunning. Your recent pieces would look incredible on canvas.

  • Sue Falls says:

    I get your no not knowing where to stop!!! This one turned out very nice❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Mags Nash says:

    Kim I really love 💕 the use of all those dots and circles… I really love 💕 it all and yes I think 🤔 you should go to canvas. Thank you so much xxx Mags

  • verafi lindeng says:

    I really like how your pages turned out, Kim! In both of these layering videos you seem to have so much fun 🙂 When I feel better I´ll try this, it´s good to go outside your comfort zone. Tfs, hugs, Fia

  • CreativityRules4Ever says:

    I love this wonderfully whimsical bright colorful piece!! You are amazing!!

  • Scrapitydoodah says:

    A very cool outcome. Every time you say “Let it go”, that annoying song keeps playing in my head LOL xx

  • Sandra Scott says:

    Kim I love this one

  • Judy Daino says:

    I absolutely love this Kim. Love how you started out with the scribbles and then started painting. I'm a bit behind on your vids. I am catching up though 🤣 maybe. As always you always make it look so easy and produce the most amazing pieces. TFS and happy painting. 🤗💜❤💝👏

  • Patty Kelly says:

    I truly love your process, thank you for sharing! YES to canvas!

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