JetPens Haul – Akashiya Sai Watercolor Brush Pens

Hi Everyone! Kristina here. Welcome to another
video at my YouTube channel. Today I’m going to be using this pen set. This is the Akashiya
Sai Water Color Brush pen set. I was given some credits from and I asked
on Facebook what you guys would like me to try out and this was one of the suggestions.
I’ve played with these a little bit before this video. Not a whole lot. Just testing
them out a little bit. So I thought I would play with them on camera and give you my thoughts.
So the pens or markers have a really fun detailed cap like this. The thing that’s really really
nice about these is that when you uncap them and go to cap them they go on okay and then
you have to really press down until it kind of snaps. It also will only fit back into
this tray if the cap is on completely. So that’s a really great feature to make sure
they don’t dry out. So, most of the time when I’m doing coloring on this YouTube channel
I’m showing you haw to color stamped images. So I thought I would try that out first. I’m
using the brown marker and I just added color to the areas on this image that would be the
darkest. Now I’m adding water and kind of painting that all in. This image in from Mama
Elephant. It’s from the Bear Hug’s stamp set. I’ve stamped the image in some waterproof
ink. This is StazOn JetBlack Ink. So that I can add water on top of it. The thing that
really stood out to me while I was coloring this image was that the color from the pen
or the marker stays very very vibrant. Unlike other water color mediums that tend to dry
back and they kind of fade as they dry this one stayed very intense the entire time I
was painting it and then even after it dried. I did attempt or try doing some coloring onto
a laminated piece of card stock, so it was a slick surface. I just colored that on there
and then pulled the color in from there. So you can see that bear in the top corner. That
is completely dry and I love that the color stayed vibrant and was very smooth. They’re
kind of really fun. I didn’t try a whole lot of mixing colors on an image, I did a little
bit on that flower, but I really loved that effect on that brown. So I think for the most
part what I’m going to be using these markers for is for writing. You can add a little bit
of water on top and kind of fade out the color around that writing and it gives you a different
effect. You can also color onto a slick surface and then pick up that other color with a different
color, which is what I did with these two blues here. I picked up the darker blue with
the lighter blue pen. So, I’m going to do a little saying here that says “do something
creative every day”. Of course as you can tell all of this is sped up, it’s not in real time.
This definitely takes a little bit longer, but I wanted to try using some different colors.
I really love the look that this gives. These markers just don’t have a felt tip brush tip
it’s an actual brush tip, like with bristles and things like that. So you to get that skip
on your letters or as your drawing which is really really cool. It really does look like
you’re using an actual brush that you’re dipping into ink or into paint. The thing that is
also really cool is that because this ink kind of reactivates or actives with water
you can go over your letters with a water color brush and kind of get some different
variations and color. So that is what I’m doing here. I’m smoothing things out. I think
it gives it a real water color look. It looks like I’ve actually used water color paints
to write that quote. So I’m doing that thing here with that I showed you earlier with the
blues where I added some purple to this pink pen and then as I draw and write it pulls
the purple out and you get a gradient look. I think it looks really really cool. It’s
particularly fun when you’re writing out words or small sentiments like this. I thought I
would just pick up some of that color and paint it on with a regular paint brush so
the last thing I’m going to show you guys is the alphabet. I’m just going to write out
A to Z really quick. Just really casual. This isn’t anything in particular. I just thought
it would be fun to do the alphabet all together and show you guys what it looks like after
I add a little bit of water to it to smooth out all of those skipped edges with the brush.
I think the brush gives a really cool look. But you do want to have a little bit more
color and make it look more like a water colorey, you can add water to these. I think it looks
really really neat. So the thing that’s really different about these pens in comparison to
like Distress Markers or Tombow Markers is the tip. It’s an actual bristle brush tip.
It’s really really neat. I also feel like the ink color kind of stays on the surface
of the paper a little bit longer. So you get a little bit more variation in color when
you start to add water. I think it’s a really cool set. Kind of fun. It would be great for
travel. If you wanted to travel and want to add some water color to your kind of on the
go painting kit. So there is the Akashiya Sai, I think that’s how you say it, Watercolor
Brush Pen set. Hope you guys enjoyed. I will see you guys on Monday for a new Make a Card
Monday video. Thanks for watching.

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