Inside the Brooks Hyperion Elite | THE CUT UP | Runner’s World

Inside the Brooks Hyperion Elite | THE CUT UP | Runner’s World

(energetic electronic music) – I’m sorry we did this to you. – This is the Brooks Hyperion Elite. It’s the lightest and fastest shoe that Brooks has ever
made and it’s the shoe that you’ll see towing
the line at the US 2020 Olympic marathon trials
alongside the likes of the Nike Vaporfly NEXT%, the Alphafly, and all of the other carbon plated sort of super-shoes that we’re
seeing coming out in 2020. So I’m here with test
editor Amanda Furrer, who’s been running in this shoe a bit and what we’re going to do today is we’re going to talk
about the specs of the shoe, what it’s like to run in it, and then we’re gonna cut one in half and see what makes this shoe work. – In 2018 it was given
to Dathan Ritzenhein. He ran the New York half marathon. He came in second overall. And then the next month Des Linden was hand delivered these shoes four days before the marathon. Shadrack Biwott also was given the shoes. And they were painted black. Some people suspected that, that was these shoes were Vaporflys. They were not, they were the prototype of the Hyperion Elite. – Compared to let’s say the Vaporflys, how do these shoes feel to run in? – Okay so like having
experience with the Vaporflys, they’re my go-to racing shoe for about, maybe a year and a half. The Brooks shoes to me
because I wear Brooks a lot when I’m training, they have that kind of nice, not exactly wide platform
but like accommodating. I notice when I was first running in them, I almost was like floating
with the Vaporfly. With these I felt like a monster. They do feel quite firm. – So maybe less comfort but
that sort of aggressive, powerful stride that you, I
guess you’d want on race day. – Really the only issue that I have, is because this is a unisex shoe, the ankle is a little wide. – [Dan] Let’s fire this baby up. (upbeat music) (saw whines loudly) Already we can see that the construction of the midsole and the carbon plate is similar to that of another shoe that we’ve just done a video on, but there are some differences. Specifically we’re seeing
a little bit more foam beneath the plate on this shoe, and a little bit less foam above it. Otherwise the shape of the plate seems to be relatively similar. If we want to put a set of calipers to the midsole itself in order
to judge how thick they are, we’re using the world
athletic standard here, and these shoes will show
up a little bit thicker than the advertised measurements because they’re both
men’s size 11 and a half as opposed to the standard size nine. We can see that the forefoot on the Brooks is approximately 22 millimeters
according to our calipers. And we’re seeing about
33 mils in the heel, so that’s 10, 11 mil drop
but compared to the Vaporfly, we’ve got you know evidently more foam just by what you can see with your eyes. And then the calipers back that up. We’ve got about 40 mils in the heel, and we’ve got let’s see, about 31, 32, call it 32 in the forefoot. So that immediate feeling
of touchdown comfort that you feel in this
shoe and not that shoe is definitely born out
by the amount of foam. – Okay well assuming that the 4% is kind of like the NEXT%, that bounciness I can see with
like the way this is layered, it’s probably because
of the foam composition. With the way it is distributed
over here on the Hyperion, when I was running and I
was saying that like my feet just felt like they were under a spell, it was almost like not exactly
that I was leaning forwards, but like as soon as my
foot hit the pavement and then like go up,
the other foot would go, and just go, and go, and go, and I think that’s because of the way the propulsion plate is just
like sandwiched in there, and there’s barely that much. – I mean this shoe is
not an un-stiff shoe, but we can see bend it,
especially when it’s cut in half, fairly easily whereas if
you go to bend this shoe, it requires a bit more energy. – That stiffness I think
kind of helps with the speed. So more stiff, more speed. Also it, you know it helps that it’s a lightweight shoe as well. – So the last interesting
thing is to compare the shape and placement of
the plates in both shoes. They’re have been people
who have said that Nike has nailed the placement
and the shape of the plate, and that nobody’s going
to be able to copy it and that makes this
whole shoe battle unfair. These plates look very, very similar. The placement seems very, very similar. And so if Brooks or another company were not allowed to do that
from a legal perspective, then we probably wouldn’t be
looking at this shoe right now. So Amanda, having run
three races in these shoes, what’s your verdict? – So I’m not saying that
that 4% guarantee or more, taking it off your time is untrue. It probably does. The data backs it up. But also the Vaporfly, the NEXT%, is not for every runner. I run in those shoes. I basically made the skin of my ankles like hamburger meat at
the end of my races. Maybe you’re a Brooks runner. Maybe you’re Saucony, maybe you like Nike. The thing is all these companies are coming out with their own race shoes. – So that’s the Brooks Hyperion Elite. It is a very lightweight, firm, fast shoe for race day only. And it’s not the only of its type that we’re gonna see in
the next coming months, so let us know in the comments which shoe you want to see us cut up next. (upbeat electronic music)


  • MisterTracks says:

    amazing content

  • manny T. says:

    Very interesting. I personally can't wear the vaporfly due to its instability. The NB RC and Saucony.

  • charles hamar says:

    I would love to see as the next cut up: Adidas Adizero Pro

  • Dylan Nowak says:

    No subtitles.. :/

  • DBos77 says:

    Very bad idea using gloves with that saw. Your fingers will be turned into hamburger if the gloves get caught in the blade.

  • Alex Cooke says:

    Who let this man operate a saw without eye protection and those bulky ass gloves on?

  • Christopher Macrander says:

    I know you guys probably don't work with shop tools very much, but it is a bad idea to wear gloves while using a band saw. It is way too easy to get the glove caught in the blade. Stay safe out there!

  • RobinsonFullHouse10 says:

    Thanks for the video! Can you clarify two comments made in it though: When she said she felt like a monster, was that a positive or negative statement? And when she said her ankles were like hamburger meat, was she referring to the Nike shoes or Brooks? Thanks!

  • Evan Medina says:

    Bro, this is not running related, but ur gona cut off ur fingers or hand wearing gloves. Toothed blades grab clothing in for a disaster, but skin only cuts with no grab

  • nathanielcorcoran63 says:

    Hobby Jogger’s trying to analyze shoes like they have any idea what they’re talking about I love it

  • Chris Hamilton says:

    Nike Alphafly Next%

  • Lincon Rodrigues says:

    hey guys, thank you very much for posting such a good explanation in the very way…. I have a question to Amanda: "When I see the pros crushing these times with the brooks, most of the time I think: – ohh, these shoes are good for them perfect gait and is designed to respond optimally for runners that can achieve and hold the ultra-human speeds… at the video is said that ou have done 3 races on these shoes. which distances? in which distance it makes the most impact on your times/speed, etc…? are you also an elite athlete or also only a human? 🙂 greetings from Vienna

  • Jim O'Connor says:

    This shoe is a flop! 30-50 race miles….$250…… Vaporfly is in a different league and shoe sales will bear this out.

  • Tom B says:

    Saucony Endorphin Pro!

  • raymond tuason says:

    just asking how come no one is talking about "zoot"

  • Elliott Putney says:

    You should cut the sketchers speed elite next

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