Inky Papers for my Stash – Inktense Blocks and Pencils with Stencils & Mark Making

Inky Papers for my Stash – Inktense Blocks and Pencils with Stencils & Mark Making

hello everyone it’s Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and today I’m sharing with you making some more kind
of painting papers like I did last week or whatever it was I guess it was on the
live I don’t know anyway this time I’m using ink tints ink tints is made by
Derwent and it is a type of watercolor pencil or watercolor pastel
water-soluble but once it’s dry once it’s been activated with water and then
dry it is permanent like a permanent ink so it’s a unique product I have it both
in these this 12 pack of blocks as well as in a pencil set
I used to use watercolor pencils a lot and you know to color things in and to
make them pretty like stamped images and stuff and I thought oh wouldn’t it be
great to have some of these ink tints watercolor pencils because I could do
what I liked doing at the time but then they become permanent and I don’t have
to worry about maybe possibly using them in a mixed-media project because you
know in mixed-media you make a lot of layers and you make you put wet glue on
top of things that are water-soluble and they run so I thought intents would be a
perfect way to get around that and it is I just have I kind of put them away in a
drawer and I haven’t seen him for awhile and I thought I would get him out so
these papers at the beginning you saw some brown paper that’s from a sack you
know that you would buy something and they put it in a sack now it’s not a
grocery sack it’s thinner than that like I think it’s from a scrapbooking store
it had 12 by 12 paper in it and I’ve been going through all that stuff and
trying to clear some space and I found a sack full of stuff and I took the sack
and cut it up into pieces and then this is one of my newsprint under papers I’m
just going for thin papers because you know these are the types that I like to
collage with later so this technique that I’m using with my inktense pencils
is probably referred to as so rubbing you know you might go to some
medieval church or something cool like that and they will give you some some
pastel and a piece of paper to make a rubbing on one of the interesting
carvings or maybe memorial stones or things like that you can make a rubbing
as part of something to remember it but I did this at the Viking what is it
called the Viking Museum when I went to Ireland last year with my friends this
is the same thing you’re just using something which in this case is this
inktense block which is kind of like a pastel you can use it on your on its
side to to rub over the top a stencil underneath which then makes this
interesting paper and it’s just something you can you can use later in
any type of collage or art journal page or whatever you’re going to make that
you’d like to have some pattern because I’m using the inktense blocks it in one
and then I’m activating with a water brush with a water sprayer I’m just just
activating it I should be able to use these that makes it permanent I should
be able to use them in any mixed-media project so I’m building my stash I I
need lots of these type of things to make what would be called a collection
book or a flourish journal or something like that where I’m going to be
collecting a lot of these things and then using them later that’s my
intention with this and that wasn’t my intention with the painting papers I was
making the other day is to have a lot of interesting pieces that I can carry
around with me in the near future and do art on the fly so this distance –all
it’s a delusions one that had not this doily one but the one before that made
these interesting rubbings that I did it had when like kind of windows on it
windows and doors and he a keyhole and things like that and I thought
that would be interesting I particularly like the red one I think it looks like a
portal it’s into something I don’t know and then this one this DecoArt one was
when I just received an happy mail from Debbie so I wanted to try it out now
that that DecoArt one doesn’t work as well and I guess it’s because it has
much finer openings so the the best ones to do stencil rubbing with would be ones
that are have more blocky design and openings wider bigger openings which
then you can really pick up the designs with so that was that was something I
learned too as I was doing this then of course whenever I make paintings I like
to embellish them and so I figured I would do the same type of thing with
these these inktense papers by using my inktense pencils which i have some that
are the same colors and some that are similar colors I have a lot more pencils
than I do blocks but I thought they would make nice embellishments so all
I’m doing is just going with the pencils over the pattern that I had already got
from the stencil rubbing and just you know tracing parts of it or making marks
drawing in coloring in just to make the paper more interesting and this is again
that lighter weight papers paper sack paper this one is same thing it’s it’s
got some a lot of pattern over it and by the way the synthesis these other
stencils that I’m using not including the delusions frames windows one and the
doily one are from the stencil club from February and these are designed by
Marybeth Shaw they just have random interesting patterns on them there’s a 9
by 12 a 6 by 6 and a 4 by 4 that come the way stencil club works as you join
and you pay 25 dollars in the United States 25 dollars a month in each month
you get a set of stencils that are exclusive to the club so these are the
ones that came in February and I hadn’t even touched them they were just still
in their little they’re little box a little cardboard
envelope so I had to get them out and play with them so that was another play
that I had is in addition to the ink tints today so if you want to do your
mark making through the stencil you can you can use your pencils and draw around
stencil shapes you can just draw freehand and all this is once once I
activate it and let it dry with the spray
it’s going to be permanent and I can use bits and pieces of this or even the
whole sheet on an art journal page or some other project so at the end of this
video I did make an altar tag with one of the pieces I think I was the first
piece on a piece I started so this black one I start messing with it and then I
decide it’s really kind of I don’t know it was hard to embellish so I ended up
doing something else with it this one instead of using a stencil rubbing I’m
just taking the block and making a pattern which kind of as I started to
make it I thought it looked like bamboo like stalks of bamboo growing in a grove
so I just left it added a little bit more of the colors of the blocks and
then I think I ended up drawing around the shapes with a pencil too but this
one’s very dramatic when you activate it because that paper gets dark when you
put water on it and then lightens back up later yeah I decided to draw around
it so to me it looks like bamboo just got a very bamboo forest type of an idea
so you certainly don’t have to use a stencil but the sense of rubbing was fun
and I wanted to play with those new stencils that I had from the club so I
think the club is great they have lots of extras you get you know extra little
videos from the person who designed the stencils and how they had intended for
them to be used and you get some things from some some of the people who got
them early and could play with them it’s called stencil club voices
yeah pretty fun so this one has blues and Pink’s on it and it is a piece of
deli paper the thing about the deli paper is that
when you spray it it tends to puddle up a lot more because I think because it’s
got some sort of a coating on it and so the ink tints gets a little bit more
muddled the designs don’t stay as crisp on it whereas with the more absorbent
paper like the newsprint and the the what does that thing Tom bagged it
absorbed the water so the puddles don’t happen as much so it doesn’t make a
different effect when you use it on the deli paper so I’m just using some
acrylic paints to embellish this one I used a homemade stamp with some round
circles on it with some white gesso I used a tube to stamp some circles with a
fluorescent pink acrylic paint and then I went back to the with the gesso and
stamped some more circles and then this one got the stencil out again this was
the black one and I’m going over it with some white gesso through the stencil
bringing out some of the patterns that way the black one was just too black and
it didn’t highlight enough of the pattern that was on the stencils
underneath so it might have been cuz the paper was too wet but I think it looks
nice with the white over it Here I am just using up the gesso I did
stencil over stencil on that one and more mark making more drawing this is a
fun process it’s something you can just do when you need to relax
all you need to some ink tints and you can just play around with some of your
old papers that you didn’t throw away and then after this white was dry the
white gesso I came back in with some color again and brought in the lime
green and some yellow and some different colors red around the designs and that
was interesting too it’s just fun to make marks and get your hands a
little bit dirty and get some color onto sandpaper that you plan to use in the
future just build up your stash that way the gesso wasn’t quite dried down there
at the bottom when I started to put the color on it so that didn’t work so good
and needed to be dry not still goopy you know that’s how it goes oh sorry I’m
yawning now you’re all yawning that looks kind of cool with the color coming
out on the edges of the white gesso so just another fun thing to do put it over
in the pile so here I am making an altered tag this particular piece was
the first one I started and it was inspired by the current mood board that
we have over an art joy of sharing Facebook group last month I made one
that had a lot of indigo blue purpley type colors and this was pegs month and
hers has some Browns and some some turquoisey teal colors and so those are
the colors I picked out first when I was messing around with this so that’s why I
had that particular color scheme well for one thing the paper was brown so you
know you’re already got a brown base you’re gonna have to go is maybe some
neutral colors on that but yeah I decided to just tear this one and make
it into a tag just so that you could see what you could do with it maybe I won’t
always be making tags maybe I’ll be making other stuff but I thought I would
give it a try make sure that it works and it works perfectly none of that ink
tints that was on there ran at all it was permanent didn’t swish around when I
put that glue on it or anything so it definitely works they’re not lying when
they say it’s permanent has to be water activated first though if you put it on
there and then you don’t water activate it then when you go to put something on
it like glue that has water in it it’s gonna activate and then you
dang it’s so spraying it with some water and letting it dry is a good way to get
it all activated and ready to go so that I came back with this stencil made some
more pattern with the white gesso then I’m again going over it with the intense
pencils and blending those with a water tank brush which is super cool effect I
got some brown on the edges I got some teal type colors you got some brilliant
chartreuse green and I thought that looked pretty cool over that more
subdued background these aren’t my colors people I don’t usually use these
subdued colors that tend to go for brighter stuff most the time but I’m I
am NOT going to discriminate against any color all colors are beautiful and just
because I don’t use them all the time doesn’t mean I don’t love them so the
bird cutouts are from a canvas quart brands what do they call that mixed
media media I don’t know they have some printed papers at canvas core brands
that are a very strange and interesting rag paper you can’t tear it but you can
cut it and those birds and that other little thing that you saw were cut out
from one of those pieces so I have him as scraps at this point they have they
the project that I was going to use them on I didn’t end up using them so I have
them just sitting around and I decided to put one of the birds on this tag I
love birds especially in the spring I just think they’re very indicative of
spring and the life coming back to nature the birds come back so still in a
spring mood even though these colors aren’t very springy
so I’m attaching that guy he’s he’s kind of a realistic not so much like a line
drawing but like a grayscale photograph and so I’m gonna add color to
again using the intents but I need to glue it down for a second so liquitex
matte gel medium and then I thought it was awfully dark so I went ahead and put
a very thin watered-down coat of gesso over the entire bird before I started to
add color just to brighten it up a little bit because it was it seemed to
just be so faded looking and I’m also of course adding some shadows and I’m using
that same indigo that I used around the edges it said just a dark blue color
which seems to match with the Browns and the teals in this one I just rather than
black I’d rather go with that indigo blue and I do actually love that color
it’s a great color when I continue bringing me the stencil back in and
adding you know a little bit here a little bit there just kind of trying to
brighten it up a little bit with the white and I thought that those lines up
above needed to be connected to something jumbled though because it
looked like they just started on the bird instead of starting from the ground
so I thought that other interesting shape looked like seedpods so that’s why
I put that on there other than I just like it that’s my favorite shape from
the stencil set all the stencils have shapes that’s my favorite one of this
particular collection so that I’m coming back in with the inktense pencils
coloring and then blending with my water tank brush and you know activating that
intense and bringing in all the different colors from the background
into the focal image same Browns same chartreuse am teal and then I’m bringing
in also some some orange and some yellow to the bird to just brighten it up a
little bit get them all colored up and he looks shadowed because of the
greyscale underneath so it’s kind of like a a water color under painting that
you start out with with these particular papers and then when you go over the top
you still have that gray shining there underneath which
makes it kind of more realistic so then because I just can’t help myself with
the whole illustration thing I use my black fine tip pasta in my white finds
your pasta acrylic paint pens to draw in some lines and make it look more like an
illustration than a watercolor painting because that’s just who I am I just like
lines I mean I like highlights like bright white highlights with my white
pasta pan probably my favorite thing ever is that white pin that just brings
that punch of brightness to my focal image so love doing that I hope you’ve
enjoyed this video if you have some ink tints get them out and play with them
make yourself some papers you know if you did like it remember to give it a
thumbs up leave me a comment or question below
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my Amazon affiliate thing below the video if you want to buy Symington that
you haven’t tried them yet I’ll have those linked below as well as any other
products that I might have used in this project I put some splatters on with a
little tiny brush because I wanted tiny splatters and I added some Tim Holtz
chat sticker a quote from that and then kind of colored it it was too too white
so I kind of coloured it up a little bit with some pencils and reap unch the
whole sorry silk and some ribbon to the top
because I like to add fibers to my tags and then I was done here comes your
close-ups that’s it for me thanks bye bye you


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