Inktober 2019: Day 11,12,13,14 (snow, dragon, ash, overgrown)

Inktober 2019: Day 11,12,13,14 (snow, dragon, ash, overgrown)

Hi everyone, this is Jane and welcome to
my fourth Inktober 2019 video. In today’s video, I will show you my process of my
last four pieces, which were snow, dragon, ash and overgrown. I will rant a little
about how tired I am and will share my thoughts on inktober progress, so stay
tuned and hopefully until the end and if you enjoy my videos, consider subscribing
and turning on the bell, so that you get notified when I post a new video, which
will be again on Thursday. And now after some self-promotion, let’s get to work. It’s day 11 of inktober, it’s Friday, I am
still at home, not in my studio, my Mac doesn’t work. This is my snow queen, I
showed you the sketch during my livestream yesterday and I will attempt
to color it. I would like if this one took me about 1 hour. but since there are
some details to go through I don’t think it’s gonna happen.Bbut I don’t have more
than one and a half hour for this drawing so whatever it will look like after one and a
half hour, I need to be done with it. Wish me luck and let’s start. I completed my day 11 inktober drawing
“Snow” and I I am happier than I thought I would be, I don’t think she’s perfect but
it’s not as bad as I thought when I finished the sketch, so I’m fine with it.
And I didn’t adhere to my time limit precisely, because this little thing took
me something over two hours, but it’s fine I still have enough time it’s 2
p.m. and I can go to other stuff now. It’s day 12 and today’s prompt is “Dragon”.
I have no idea if I’m going to use colour but I would like at least a hint
of colour, maybe in the background, but the sketch is done and that’s usually
the hardest part. So I will think it over and get to work and hopefully this will
work out. And here is my finished dragon
illustration, I am not even sure if I like the finished piece, I don’t know,
probably not, not a lot, the fact is that I was very tired today, my eyes were
hurting a lot and I can imagine this type of thing having a lot more details
that I put into it and I just try to finish very fast, as fast as possible,
because I was tired. This might be reflected on the quality of rendering.
But as an inktober work maybe it’s sufficient. Next day, which was
Sunday, was day when I created my “Ash” drawing and I went for the tree because
I had no idea for any other type of ash drawing and what I’m gonna do and there
is not much to say about the process because it was very straightforward. I
basically created sketch with ink and colored it in and honestly I didn’t put
a lot of energy into this drawing. I found it hard to finish, I ended up
finishing the drawing at 9 p.m. on Sunday evening after all my workshops
and I was very tired, exhausted, but I did it and I did it on time and so let’s
move on. Hi guys, this is what I look like, I’m
very tired. So this is what my studio looks like after weekend-long workshops,
it’s one large mess and it’s Monday morning
and I’m not in the mood to clean up and I need to start working on today’s piece
and today’s video, so will you keep me company? That would be great.
Okay, I need to move my table to the window, to the window area over here and
then start inking today’s drawing. Last painting that I did today, on Monday,
is “Overgrown” and I thought it would be good for me to push a landscape or a
house with overgrown poppies around it to train my landscaping skills
landscaping no it’s called landscape drawing a landscape drawing skills but
it was not a good idea, I didn’t feel it, not today, not yesterday, it was not a
good idea, I’m not sure why I’m pushing myself towards subjects that I am not
interested in right now and I will get back to portraits tomorrow. But I tried a
dip pen and it was not the best experience, I like the idea of dip pen
and I ordered some new nibs and they should be arriving within a week, maybe I
will try them out, I need some practice and I need to get some tips on how to
use a dip pen properly, but today from what I’ve experienced it was very hard
to work with and so I switched to the brush. And so here is Snow, Dragon, Ash
and Overgown. I think it’s time to contemplate my success or failure so far
and during past four days I had the feeling that I did not put my heart into
the drawings and that I chose subjects that were hard for me and that I didn’t
really care about all that much, speaking mostly about these two and I do like
landscapes, I think I would need to care a lot about the subject to really try
hard in such a short amount of times, but with these two drawings I feel really
out of touch right now and I’m not gonna I’m not gonna do this anymore
during Inktober. I like plants and flowers that’s always
something that inspires me and I like portraits, sometimes animals,
those do the trick sometimes for me, but these are just subjects that I
feel excited about and right now the challenge is getting really hard,
switching mediums is a hard already, so I will stick to what I love to draw. And
besides, the Inktober prompt list was never meant like an assignment,
it was meant as an inspiration in case you don’t know what to draw or you don’t
know what to paint. And that’s how it should be treated.
Lastly, I would like to mention something about my previous video, the Mac is
already running, which is great, it took two days for the Mac to get repaired, my
hard drive had to be formatted I lost some data. Most of my data
were backed to iCloud and so I really lost the footage of creating those last
three pieces and those he’s “Frail” and “Swing” and “Pattern”. I
was especially proud about the Pattern piece and I felt really sad for two days
for losing the footage of creating it, but everything that happens is for some
reason, so I am certain that this won’t happen in the future, because I
rethought my system of the way I organize my files and the system in which I
back-up my videos and back-up my pictures and it was a good experience,
because I could have lost a lot more than just these three videos but nothing
else is missing I think, so far I did not discover anything else missing.
I’m feeling motivated again and hopefully will finish the challenge as
I imagined I would do it and I hope that you will stick with me and that I
will see you with my next three drawings on Thursday and until then have a great
week and if you’re doing Inktober, I wish you a lot of endurance. And…Bye byee 🙂


  • RainyGreenTrabant says:

    Beautiful !

  • Shirin bra says:

    It's so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍wow… You don't think it is perfect, what's wrong with you 😂 that is on of the most beautiful drawing I have ever seen (sry for my English I'm from Germany 😬)

  • Inky N Frost says:

    I love the darling flower tree cottage 🌺

  • Christina Todd says:

    I think they’re all great. You have the “artist curse,” you’ll never see your art the way others see it. Give yourself a pat on the back for pushing through, you’re doing wonderfully.

  • Tannis Mcfarren says:

    They are all lovely. I honestly think your Inktober paintings are the ones that I like the best. Love them!!!

  • Vc Artist says:

    Your Job is Amazing!! and your water color style is very impressive! good video, i'll subscribe to show my support! 🙂

  • Jane-Beata says:

    Thank you guys for all your support and kind words, today is Tuesday (day 15), I don't even have a sketch prepared and I have zero energy. Reading your comments help a lot to continue 😍

  • Oana Illustrations says:

    Great video! Your illustrations are just beautiful. I finished week two 🙂

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