Ink Drawing Illustrations : Cleaning Ink Brushes

Ink Drawing Illustrations : Cleaning Ink Brushes

Hi, I’m Seth Maxomalis, I’m an artist and
an illustrator. OK, one thing you’re going to notice when you’re using a brush, is, after
awhile, besides the ink drying up on your blotter, is, it’s going to get thicker and
build up, and build up on your brush. And, what that means, is, you’re not going to get
a real, thin tiny line anymore, you’re not going to get line consistency, and it’s going
to stutter. It’s going to make, you know, it’s not a smooth line. So every so often,
you’ll feel it too, you’ll get the feel, you have to stop, get a little cup of water, not
much, just about this much, put your brush in, kind of like roll it on the side, you
want to get it to break that little skin of ink. Do that. Whoops, take a paper towel.
Just pull it through here. Kind of turn it a little bit and pull it through here. Put
it back in here, do it a few times. It’s got a lot of ink on here. I mean, it doesn’t look
like a lot of ink went down, but it doesn’t matter, because there’s a lot of ink going
through the brush. And, if you have a brand new synthetic brush, like a nylon brush usually,
some of these bristles are white. You know it’s clean when you can see the white of the
bristles. But it doesn’t matter because this thing is too well used, it’s a little old
of a bush. But anyway, do this a little bit, get a clean brush and it gives you a fresh
start. Another way to clean your brush is, and you should do it when you’re done too,
is take a little bit of soap. A little bit of hand soap, not dish washer soap because
it has that detergent in it. Take bar soap and pull your brush through bar soap then
through water. And clean it out, and rinse it out. You now have a brand new brush.


  • MusicalAdrian says:

    Hey, thank you very much for posting this tutorial. I wasn't sure if I was ruining my brushes or not, but it looks like I had the right idea.

    And hey, 250+ views means your vid has been sought after and valuable to a lot of people, whether they rated/commented or not.

    Thanks again.

  • Arollissi says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post this. I'm new to working with ink and had washed my brusheds with mineral spirits and thought they were clean. I used a bar of soap as you recommended and ink came pouring out of the brush. You just saved me about $30 in brushes.

  • InformerMaz says:

    I kept hearing it T~T

  • Jacob Halton says:

    Weird that your water in the cup stays fairly clear. When I rinse off my brushes after using them with ink, it turns everything very opaque black. Even running it under sink water makes the ink pour out of the brush, and it takes a little while of rubbing it clean w/ soap or brush cleaner and wiping it dry. Are you doing something different that I might not be doing?

  • Terri W. says:

    you look a little bit like hugh jackman

  • Evelyn Story says:'s okay for me to use the same Kollinsky sable brush for both watercolour and ink? :I

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