INCREDIBLY EASY ART Abstract  beach Landscape  馃寠   tutorial for REAL beginners

INCREDIBLY EASY ART Abstract beach Landscape 馃寠 tutorial for REAL beginners

hey I’m cinnamon Cooney your Art Sherpa
today I’m going to show you how easy it is to paint a fabulous day at the beach
get your paint get your brushes come back and meet me the Easel are right now I’m
going to show you how you can paint this come on let’s go so let’s look at the
materials we’re going to use today for this incredibly sublimely easy painting
that you’re going to paint at home I have an eleven by fourteen canvas board
here this is Pre-gesso’d t it doesn’t need another thing for you to do to
paint on it over here I have all the colors I need for this magnificent
painting that’s three colors I have titanium white yellow ochre and phthalo
blue I’ve got a couple cups of water so I can thin my paint and I’m ready to get
started so the first thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to grab a big
wide flat brush see this brush right here I’m going to put in my sky so I’m
going to dip in the water I’m going to drag this off this brush is synthetic
elements and it’s not going to over hold water for me so it’s going to put just
that right amount it’s made for acrylic painting I’m going to just load my brush
up really well with the white and then I’m going to come in and get just a
little bit of blue on my brush I’m going to come to my canvas this is the halfway
mark I’m going to come about oh gosh what three inches below that I’m going
to go back and forth look at this making this really nice
light sky if you need some more white paint come over here dip your brush come
here blowing both sides to Breezy there we go
very streaking nice day all right here you go up up up up up now I want this
guy to get darker as I go up so this time i’ma load my white paint but I’m
going to get some more blue onto it there we go
I’m going to just blend these two areas as I’m going up
into each other back and forth this is just about a wide brush and having the
paint be still wet to get the blend all right pushing the paint out of my brush
and anytime I get white streaks it starts to feel like clouds which is
really nice I’m going to come get my brush a little bit wet pull out a little
more of my blue paint take it over my white I’m going to just make sure the
top of the painting has a nice sort of very dark sky color to it there we go
very little just lightly dragging that down and I’m making sure everything is
horizontal now I’m going to rinse out my brush wipe it off only to the side dry
my painting and use a really cool trick to make sure that my horizon line is
level which is the key to this painting so I’m going to come right here let me
get what is called a t-square and I’m going to line it up to the edge of my
canvas on the side and I’m going to use my chalk line this is right at just a
smidge a hair above the halfway point of my canvas if I didn’t have a t-square I
could use a folded paper towel and line up the corners on the edges here and get
the same level horizon for my horizon line so there’s a lot of ways to get
this done that you don’t got to worry about it alright I’m going to take a
number 10 bright this is a nice big fat bright with a stiff synthetic element
I’m going to come over here I’m going to get the brush wet drag off the extra
water I’m going to take a little of my yellow ochre to my white and I’m going
to make kind of a streaky nice light sand color I’m going to paint the edge
of my canvas with this light color I’m going to let the streaks happen get my
brush and water if I need better flow just coming up if I’m going to come to
about here with this color a little more the goal if you need it
you want to keep your sand a fairly light color because that way you can
darken where the wave is going over it it’s going to give you a nice result I’m
going to rinse out my bright and I’m going to make my faraway water color so
my faraway water color is a little bit of my yellow ochre in my phthalo blue
notice how it makes this crazy cool oceanic kind of green all right there we
go so I’m going to come along the far back edge making sure that I am
following my mark I have a level far away horizon line that’s really kind of
the key for me here just carefully doing that before this dries I’m going to get
a little more blue into it and a little white into my mix you need to add some
water definitely now I’m going to just brush
back and forth as I’m going painting in this abstract each day now you might
need to put out more white so that you have enough as you go down probably even
a little more than that this is me getting paint all over my hands as per
the usual and I’m going to just keep adding a little white into that make
sure and if you need to a little of the blue just blending these areas into each
other this is the ocean coming forward very marine and that’s what you want is
a very marine Oshin there we go
King us a little bit wet grab a little blue add a little white just come in and
streak these in so this is like the sky reflecting in the trick is try to keep
these brushstrokes level this is going to be where it’s really important to
kind of keep it totally together now and then coming into this range of the
canvas which is a little bit above the halfway point a little more color hair between the edge of my Beach where it
ends on my canvas and this I’m going to want to get a little more yellow onto my
brush so it’s almost like a green and if you need to you can even wipe off a
little the extra pigment and then I’m going to get a lot of white to make my
up close surf color I’m definitely going to go a little bit at least an inch down
so see how this is wet and this is wet these blend together when you do that
when acrylic paint is wet it blends now that I have this two here I need to make
a little wave story and it’s really interesting how I’m going to make this
little wave story get a little more paint on your brush and I’m going to
come right here just below it I’m going to tell a funny little story and it’s
going to be a little laundry story right so how we do is we wander up we wander
down and we come up just meander across your own canvas right my little Marine color ends this
is very very light in three he see how sturdy this is but it’s not white it
needs to be dark enough with the white will show up on top of it I’m going to
rinse this out and put this to the side for a second I’m going to get a smaller
brush this is a number four bright this is a number four bright and I’m going to
make sure if enough clean white out that I can do this next part alright I’m
going to get a little white on my brush this number four bright I’m going to
come into my abstract ocean here I’m going to make some light streaks this is
sea foam or some distance disturbance in the water these streaks need to be
different lengths you don’t want to make them all the same length I’m going to
just have them just placed randomly around as you come up into the white
come on here make a frothy a little bit of a story along this edge that you sort
of sketched in the paint should be thick see how that stick on my brush I’m just
telling that edge of this wave it’s just a little bit rolling into the shore
isn’t it now you can even take it far out ahead of its friends with the white
or this little toe of it has pushed into the shore there you go you’re nearly
done three colors just a few brush strokes
you can have a whole painting that’s what’s wonderful about art just filling
in the slip here keeping my brush strokes short so that they’re choppy so
that it mimics that wave feeling that we like and then let’s make sure we add
some frothy little story back here just little disturbances right it’s a little
disturbance right there little disturbances now that that’s all done
its rinse rinse rinse rinse that out come and get a little of your yellow
ochre and right along the bottom of this wave make a little shadow dark in the
sand just a little bit dark in the sand oh yeah Turk can darken dirt you can see
sometime because yellow ocher is often a little transparent almost working in our
favor here because it’s acting like a glaze are you coming along hands make
sure we just tell this little shadow to come along the way shadow the light has hit it all right you can soften this if you want to this
effect self-admit just don’t pick up the white now I’m going to get the brush I’m
going to sign with and I’m going to make it even one more shadow this is a number
zero black pearl round will come here and I’m going to make my paint a little
more fluid all right here we go you’re doing great see how I’m dipping
the brush in my water and coming here and finding it out so that makes a
little bit more like a flow paint and I’m going to come just along this wave
äj– define the shadow a little bit more
going to pick up a little the green that’s okay what we want just wandering
along there if it gets a little defined come in it
there you saw semantics a little bit of that shadow Google might
come back with a little of my ogre just make sure push that back a smidge now
I’m going to find a place to sign my painting and I take my little brush and
I’m going to get my yellow ochre I think I’m gonna come right under here chef
before the wave is about to erase it I will write my name in the sand you can
put your signature anywhere you want to on the beach you can hide things put
shells it’s really up to you or you can just leave this a lovely abstract piece
that you can enjoy on your wall today could that have been easier isn’t it
amazing how easy painting actually is good to yourselves be good to each other
and I’m going to see you I think you’ll really soon bye bye you


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