Inanimate Insanity II – Best of Paintbrush

Paintbrush, welcome to season two. have anything to say? oh, well actually i had a question about- Okey, let’s not waste any time Hi, there! stranger danger!!! first things first. there we go! he can come handy someday. Paintbrush is a girl? Yeah, i’m on that team! hey i think test tube can build our rocket. what makes us anxious qualified to do that? Because test tubes can be used for scientific purposes And rockets are sciency things. see i was right! this time paintBrush. this time. Label you should take, three people yo circular black and my bros You mean Ying-Yang Ying-yang, where to pull that one out of a Light blub its not even pizza, it’s just a terrible idea. what about you, your a paintbrush and girl I ain’t see you paint nothing You, take, that back I’d said i’m the new captain Everyone expect light blub: Yay! You, hear that light blub you’ve been replaced, now go to the calm down corner. What topping should we use? No no. no topping, we don’t want to risk it. Just make it perfectly plain Okay, guys i think, we have all the, oh? Not like you, did anything to help, us that i did my friend Nice safe Fan Light bulb i really appreciate you winning the last challenge really i do But we really need to get our head in the game here so please don’t do anything stupid, hmm, light bulb, someone’s been acting Pretty offensive and i think that somebody deserves to go to the calm, down corner couldn’t agree more baby What? [Sighs] Thanks probably a good chap, well it’s nice to know That someone on the team is bright enough, we still appreciate me. oh oh are you gonna, sent me to the calm down corner again. painty it was just one corner come on so dark in here i can’t see anything i’m the sharpest Bulb in the shed i got this AHHH ITS BURNS!!! [POOF] Well that’s really heavy of you i mean up good job or whatever. All right team soap is going to be a major threat so get your a-game on. [claps] Paint brush, what’s the point in that haven’t you noticed the pattern, each team wins twice in a row And now it’s our turn um no you still need to put in the effort you can’t rely on coincidence it’s out of our control Paint brush just stand back and watch Want some? oh sure let me get some [Hit sound] Your saying we just do nothing? Finally i think i finished me about half. YOUR TELLING ME NOT TO WORRY I’M THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES ANYTHING FOR THE TEAM?!?! Pull it together paint brush, don’t do something you’ll regret Test Tube:Yes gotcha Paint brush: Honestly Fan I didn’t mean to… Fan: Paint Brush I know you are nicest person but attempted murder is a new law I am detecting a high level of anger here perhaps you’d like to hear the soothing sounds of elegant waterfall Paint brush: I DON’T NEED… oh…oh Is apple, bothering you again? Oh what’d you do this time, where where, is that coming from? What is this? [hi-five] You thought you knew her but now. You know for a fact she, was just taking advantage of your popularity right [chatter in the background] umm actually just wait a second marshmallow There isn’t that just interesting have you ever analyzed dirt well HOW ABOUT NOW?!?!? IS IT INTERESTING ENOUGH?! GOT ENOUGH INFORMATION DOWN THERE WHAT YOU GONNA DO!?!? WRITE BLOB?!?!?!? I HATE YOU Yeah, i see your point there not that i agree with it of course in fact no one should Agree with it because it’s a terrible voice Come on marsh we’re leaving Wait has anyone seen marshmallow We’re ready to begin no no no marshmallow Paint brush: no no no marshmallown isn,t even here she just left she she didn’t even tell, me where she was going come on team Come one team we may have less member but weren’t still gonna give it our on… hey uh where’s light blub there you are Didn’t think that was possible BUT YOU’VE REACH A NEW LEVER OF NONSENCE AKAK T Fan: well I guess anything is possible now what is this? I’m so, sorry painty I’m just glad i can, finally get its back on but a lower possible of circle chaos but you get you was wrong, right Apology, accepted now we’re back on track here been trying catch paint brush: WHY Light Blub: sorry I guess I thrown it underhand yeah, yeah whatever his just said you just have to throw the ball already please And the Bright Light win immunity even with the number disadvantage their ability to work together. pulled through Paint Brush: I…i don’t believe it we actually pulled through for once i love you guys Light Blub: haha i know i love you too And with that marshmallows time in this game has officially come to an end Always trouble with that one never where she needs to be i really, miss baxter too but that’s us we’re resilient you’re I really miss baxter too, but that’s us we’re resilient [music plays] Paint Brush: your compairing marsh to a crab i think we might actually be better off without team i mean we’re on totally different wavelengths Don’t get me wrong, we’re, still friends but working individually might be bringing for both of us does that make sence [music playing] I got your girl [music playing] test-tubes gone and light blub too well ain’t that dandy no distractions at all now let’s get started I am an artist i need, opposition there now i have something to work with Next is paint Brush, well i figured the most pragmatic approach for a? challenge judge by, you me phone four would be to depict the creator of the meeple zero Excuse me did i not render him accurately enough, oh you definitely did it’s a zero paint Brush just accept it not everything needs an explanation Yes it’s DOES um What did you just do, oh so now, we suddenly need explanations i didn’t mean it amazing Well suitcase was the only one i scored so i’ll, give her immunity even though she doesn’t deserve judge her accordingly I’d tell you good luck painting but, who needs luck when We both got the skillz that killz and our combined skills work even if i get mad So i guess that makes them, mad skills Yeah, i don’t get it I’m sorry i said, we shouldn’t work together Yeah, yeah, why, did you say that i guess i’m just used to doing things, my, own way it’s hard to explain And i think i’d get it i got you good…. Guy, wait why are you doing that, weird eyebrow thing, oh? It’s sea isn’t it none of the above That’s why, i don’t bring it up i don’t think they even know there is a sea really? Well baxter here knows. There’s a sea. He loves the sea without, it he’s just a rabb, oh? i hate rebs All right i’ve tallied the votes the person with the most votes will be eliminated I’ll read the votes First vote knife paint brush base ball Microphone one vote knife one vote paintbrush one vote baseball one vote microphone tonight paint brush baseball that’s two votes night two votes paintbrush two votes baseball one ball tiger phone one vote left and the twelfth contestant coded out: Paint brush ♪The person i now see is a person who is just like me♪ ♪ I mean, well i got you but, why should, we ever try to?♪ ♪this, place, we call the ally♪ Everyone ready, well actually i had a question about yes Darn it i forgot, oh bummer i really wanted to hear that question, oh, well let’s see Who will be the first to go home this season wait i remember

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