IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A GALLERY – 500 Prompts #121

Hello and welcome to prompt #121 Let’s have some fun her her her. Okay, here we go. Oh gosh, we’ve got four blacksmiths four wheeler crossroads and cowboy Alright, nope, okay Huh? All right. Here we go So who’s ready for the biggest Cup out in the prompt history since the old dragon and tombstone? I will never forget that prompt. It was it was the worst so this is just one of those prompts where it’s just like there is such a variety of things and I don’t know how I’m going to get these to go together without just doing something like Putting it on a t-shirt or something, so I don’t know I have a cowboy with this horse in the background watching a blacksmith write a four-wheeler my favorite sketch out of the batches the second one in the top right corner where it’s a blacksmith sitting on top of A cross road sign having had crashed into the sign with the four-wheeler and the Cowboys they’re like what you do in the third sketch is a mechanical horse that the blacksmith is working on in the cowboy is sitting on it and they are fist bumping for some reason and At this point the last sketch. I was just like Mechanical four-wheel horse cowboy black blacks. I don’t know I give up So, I don’t know the sketches were all over the place I had a few silly ideas But you guys I’m on such a roll with liking my art instead of pushing myself to improve ha ha ha worst artist ever. I Am also not to use this as an excuse, but I have a lot going on outside Of making videos right now like a lot of travel when you watch this video I will be in Germany and then I’m going to be going to a convention in two weeks in the week before this one I was out of town for a few days and I feel like there’s just been so much going on Outside of my work life that I’m really struggling to keep up But I’m doing my best you guys I am doing my ding-dang best definitely not complaining. I am very thankful for all of my opportunities I feel like I’m doing really good with keeping up with my work. It’s just sometimes things start to Mold around the time that I do have and sometimes I end up drawing something I’m easy just to make sure that I keep up Please forgive me that said the pencil line is already done and we are already into inking So let’s talk about this piece and how much I copped out but at the same time still technically drew the prompts Maybe the only reason why I’m forgiving this one over the dragon and tombstone is because I actually like this art in Comparison to the dragon and tombstone hate that illustration. I mean technically I definitely drew the dragon and I definitely drew the tombstone So, I don’t know why even calling that cop-out. It was just a bad quick drawing. Let’s just move on we’re moving on Okay, so I really did want to draw one of the sketches that I had in the sketchbook But I just I don’t know I wasn’t feeling it I just knew I was going to end up trying to do something that I hated and With how much I’m pushing myself to get things done for trips. I just don’t have time for a redo So I am playing it quite a bit safe So I was thinking about the sketches and I was thinking about art as I do Something you will see soon as I’m getting into more traditional Painting like on canvas and stuff like like what you think of when you think of a real artist? So with my current obsession of painting on canvas I thought it would be really cute to have me just so Enthusiastic about painting and being in a gallery or something, like look at me. Look at all these canvas arts I’ve done and on one hand I was like Casey you really should make this another character because the whole point of the prom series is to come up with new ideas and Drawing myself is not a new idea. It doesn’t come up with any new ideas. Nothing fresh It’s just me and some art. So this isn’t the most creative in that aspect So yeah It’s me in front of a bunch of art something I’ve always wanted to do is have my own art show or gallery But because I work so small with my watercolor pieces. They’re five by seven eight by ten Sometimes eleven by fourteen and I just feel like when you say art-gallery you think really large paintings So this is me being enthusiastic about the possibility of maybe doing that one day so I just drew a bunch of frames and variety of sizes and shapes and I drew me in front of it presenting it but also the gallery itself is kind of worn down there’s cracks on the walls And also I drew a little mouse friend next to me on the ground Also showing off their piece of artwork and the same exact pose as me I just thought that was a cute little detail to put on the ground Maybe that little mouse is our creativity for this our Twilight is so sad It’s like ratatouille, but with art so maybe the mouse actually makes all of my art and I’m actually garbage ha so Yeah, I painted all the frames in a goldish color because I thought that would be funny too I don’t know gold frames just seem like look how great this art is and also my last name is golden So I had to do that I measured all of the art itself with a ruler to make sure it was a nice even square or rectangle shape But when it came to the frames itself Or at least the ones that were decorated I thought it would be more interesting to have them maybe with more Personality to hand draw them instead of also measure things and make sure they’re perfect I really try to embrace the imperfections when it comes to my art, especially when it comes to digital art So I think when you don’t measure every little thing and make it all perfect It definitely gives it more personality and I like that. So the mouse me the frames everything was painted I have my skirt hiked up to my boobs because I just thought it would be goofy and funny Just me looking like a big idiot You know Anyways, so when it came to the art and the frames after I had painted myself and I was ready to start painting the art Originally when I got into this I was thinking okay. I’m gonna play around with a really painted nice watercolor style It’s going to look like actual art. I’m not going to use a line work I am just going to make this look like actual paintings But once I finished me and I was ready to start painting. I thought it would be really funny if each painting was just like a stick figure of the prompt in just the most simple and Worst drawings because it would really drive the point that I’m a big idiot Okay, I know it sounds like I’m really self-deprecating but I really don’t think I’m that big of a stupid idiot It’s just I think it’s more fun of a character to play than thinking. I’m the best ever and having too much confidence I don’t know. I’m sorry. I said I was a big idiot like seven times in this video I don’t actually want kind of believe it anyways moving on between wanting to do realism But also thinking it would be funny to make these really simple stupid drawing arts I decided to go with some very simple and abstract stuff So sometimes I would just do some simple shapes and then draw in the character So our blacksmith is on the left side we have a blacksmith mask thing and an anvil and Just a very simple pencil of the character on top of that stuff. So that’s our blacksmith next to the blacksmith We have our cowboy I just drew a square and then I drew a cowboy over it because art There are three Paintings with clouds and I do kind of wish I had made all of these cloud themed because it was kind of fun I really do like to draw like the sky and clouds and stuff So I kind of wish I made that the theme but it was already too late I already done a abstract Dennis in the top left corner under that. We do have an underwater Abstract II shaped thing with penciled fish next to that. We have a blood thing because why not? These weren’t planned. I just kind of winged it. Our crossroads is at the bottom we have what we have crossroads with a sign penciled in or inked in and A cat and some birds at the very top we have space because why not and next to the space we have a four wheeler, which is The biggest cop out of this prompt. I think my favorite out of all of these is the really tall skinny one It’s this guy with the balloon. I just think it’s so simple, but so cute. I love the layering of the watercolors and of course You know the biggest piece the biggest art in this gallery is a big ol sky with an anthill And aunt penciled in also props to you if you noticed every single time I said I penciled something in when in reality. I meant to say I int I Inked it in with a pen and there, you know, this is this prompt all of the prompts are technically there they’re just, you know, they’re just Okay. Can’t wait to see what you guys do for this crazy a variety of prompts and I will see you at the end card Last week’s prompts were wheelchair and scarf and you guys had quite a variety and you got really creative with your Wheelchairs our first featured artist is what if whales fly I loved how different your style is it’s almost abstract I love the colors the energy just overall. It was just it just really stood out and I enjoyed this piece. So, thank you So much our second featured artist is the drawing prompts Appropriately-named who again created this somewhat abstract piece I just love the reflection in all of the colors and different objects and different details and things happy to this piece There’s just so much going on and it really stood out to me. It’s just so colorful and different and I really enjoyed it So, thank you so much to everyone who joined in and I can’t wait to see what you do for next week’s prompts. Bye

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