I painted for 24 hours STRAIGHT 🎨

I painted for 24 hours STRAIGHT 🎨

hey guys so in this video I am gonna be
doing something I’ve never done before and I’m probably totally crazy to
be even trying it to do this but I am going to painting it for 24 hours. So it
is currently at 10:00 to 9:00 so I’m going to be painting from 9:00 until a
9:00 tomorrow morning and hopefully I will be able to stay awake and I won’t
fall asleep so I already primed a bunch of canvases ready for me to paint I’ve
also got some other campuses as well but I don’t think I’ll be able to finish
that many because I’m also going to be painting on these denim jackets so
they’re gonna take me quite a while I’ll be taking about six to eight hours to
paint on each jacket so I believe I will have enough canvases if I don’t I do
have some all canvases it elsewhere I’ve already started planning out a
little bit I want to paint on some of them but most of them I have no idea
what I’m gonna be doing so I’m really excited to see if I can actually
complete this challenge I’ve never done anything like this before
I’ve never even pulled an all-nighter uni or anything like this so I don’t
know if I’m going to be able to stay up for this long but hopefully I’ll be able
to complete it so I’m gonna go and get all my paints out and I’ll see you just
before 9 o’clock there we go and it’s 9 o’clock so I’ve got my first pan vez
ready and I am going to be using a gouache for my first painting and I’m
just gonna start by sketching out my design on this which is going to be a
butterfly for the first painting I wanted to do something quite simple that
could just be a little bit of a warm-up piece I did actually end up spending
more time on this than I wanted to but as this is a 24 hour painting challenge
and not doing as many paintings as I can in 24 hours I think it’s great that I
should spend more time on it and get it right and make sure it looks
like how I wanted it to and not rush through it as there’s no reason to rush
through it you know I have a have 24 hours I can spend 24 hours of one
painting and I can still complete the challenge so I am now an hour in it’s 10
o’clock I’ve finished putting down like the block colors and they’ve kind of
added a bit of shading into the butterfly on the black picks of the
wings but I want to add more to the pink and I also need to add in the white bits
and then do the background so that will probably take me about another hour or
so but I’m actually gonna go and get some breakfast now and a drink and then
I’ll come back in a second when I first started using gouache I wasn’t so sure
of it but now I definitely think it’s one of my favorite mediums I just kind
of love how soft and kind of like creamier is I think I also prefer it a
bit because the consistency of acrylic paint can vary a bit depending on like
different brands and stuff but I’ve always found that gouache can be pretty
much the same even with different brands however at the moment I am using Turner
acrylic gouache I really like this brand I really like the colors they’ve got
some really nice pastel colors which are amazing and so you can kind of keep the
colors the same you don’t have to faff around with mixing which I find kind of
annoying sometimes and I just think they’re really pretty colors okay so it
is currently 1153 so I’m almost three hours in and I have finished this
painting I kind of expected this to take me about two hours a little bit less
than that even better so it’s taking me a lot longer than I thought it would but
you know I guess it’s good to spend time on something and get it right and how I
want it I think I could have done more with the background but I am still
really happy with it and as always I’ve gone with the space theme but now I’m
actually gonna go My Kitchen and I’m gonna start painting
on one of my denim jackets so I started out by sketching out my design using
chalk and then coloring it in with white paint mixed with textile medium I mix
all my paints with textile medium when I’m painting on denim jackets this is to
make sure the paint is secured to the jacket and you can wash it if you want
to see a full tutorial on how to do this I’ve already got a video of my channel
which I did a few months ago if you’re interested in seeing how to do it so it
is currently half – I’m gonna take a quick break to eat something
I bought this wrap yesterday so I didn’t have to fuck around with making anything
so I can get back to painting as soon as possible so it’s quarter to three now
and I’m nearly six hours in so a quarter of the way there at the moment I’m
feeling absolutely fine which is kind of obvious considering this is probably
like a normal day of work really you know I’ve not even done a full day of
work yet so this is the progress I’m making so far on the jacket I’m actually
gonna keep some of these flowers white I’m gonna go over them and tidy them up
and I didn’t like shading and stuff and there will be a few which will be this
pinky color and a few which will be kind of closer to this powerful color and
I’ll like spread them out over the Jessica star tracking with you in a few
hours time so the denim jacket is finished I really
like how it came out it’s a bit different than I was wanting
to do I actually wanted to do the flowers to be more colorful I wanted it
to all be like different pinks and purples but I actually decided to stick
with two different like shades of pink and put them in with white flowers the
reason I did this is just because I didn’t want it to be too colorful so I
wanted it to like match with more people’s things if they make sense I
think it’s definitely bit more wearable when it has more white in it but I’m
really happy with how it looks so this is the finished painted denim jacket so
I have one more denim jacket I want to paint today I do have another one I
could possibly paint but I think I’m gonna save that one for another day I’ve
just checked the time it’s quarter past five now as soon as took me up I think
about five hours to do so if I do another one that will take me to about
eleven o’clock maybe twelve I feel like the timers will start hitting me after
that jacket so I don’t really want to work on another jacket and possibly mess
it up so I’ll probably just like work and some pieces in my only other
canvases or in a sketchbook or something just because I don’t want to mess up a
product I’m gonna sell to somebody so I’m now gonna get this other jacket I
want to paint a butterfly on it it’s just a plain blue jacket but I think I
want to do a butterfly kind of similar to the one I did this morning just
because I really liked how that looked anything that would look really nice in
this jacket and my butterfly jackets have been popular before so again I filled in the butterfly with
white paint just to make sure that the paint sticks the reason I do this is
because when it’s a dark jacket the paint won’t show as obviously as if you
only put one layer down so which is better just to start off with white to
make it really stand out so right now I’m going a little bit crazy I’m not
even halfway through it is currently 16 minutes past eight so I’m so close the
nine hour mark which would be officially halfway and then I’ve got another 12
hours to go I think the problem I’ve got right now is the fact that I’m not tired
right now it’s just the fact that I’ve got another where I’ve got the same
again left to go I’m just I just don’t know it’s just it feels like it’s been
forever the stage of steam seemed so long and there’s been days where I would
sit down and I will do work from 9:00 until you know 8:00 maybe even 9:00
sometimes when I have like craft fairs you know I I do do days that are this
long sometimes but I just feel a little bit more in control as you know if I
want to take a break I can if I want to go outside I can but I don’t know I
think I’m just going a bit crazy because I’m forcing myself to do this a little
bit more than I probably usually would because of it’s a challenge and then I
think it’s also the fact that I have another 12 hours left and I’m just like
how am I gonna do another 12 hours of this I don’t know but yeah I’m actually
feeling all right I still have to eat I haven’t eaten my tea yet but I think I
might wait until I finish this jacket and once this jackets finished I think
I’m really gonna go back to my desk do some painting there I’m probably put on
some moves put on a movie or a TV series or something I think one of these shoes
I’ve been having is that I have been watching YouTube videos pretty much
consistently all day and I think I’m just getting a little bored or that I
need to watch something that’s a little bit longer because I’m watching loads
and loads of short YouTube videos and I just need something a little bit more to
distract me from what I’m doing I think putting on a few movies might
help or a TV series or something maybe both hopefully that will get me through
the remaining at 12 hours yeah I’m think I’m kind of crazy to be doing
there so but I hopefully I’m gonna do it I mean I’m halfway now almost yeah this
wasn’t a good idea so I did decide to do the butterfly a little bit more
different to likely one I did originally this morning but I actually really like
this I really like the colors and I think they match really well with the
blue of the denim jacket so I’ve just hit the halfway mark it’s actually I’m
at 12 past 9 right now because my memory card literally filled up the second we
hit 9 o’clock but I can’t believe I’ve got this far I mean like it hasn’t felt
so bad right now it is just the fact that I’ve got the same again to go and
I’m kind of just like oh why but back to painting this butterfly usually at this
point of the day I would be going to bed soon but I think one of the things I
struggled with the most wasn’t the fact that I was staying up late it was the
fact that I was actually staying up and doing work and I wasn’t gonna have a
break and I kind of knew how much time was left I feel like if I had actually
not really thought about it and painted for 12 hours straight it wouldn’t have
been as much of a problem for me but it was just the fact that I knew that I had
another 12 hours to go through if that makes sense
so I’ve finished as a jacket this this is what it looks like just
move the head right away yeah I really like it I’ve still got the chalk there
but I can’t actually brought that off yet until it’s dried I don’t want to
smudge it I feel like this is a bit cartoony then like like I normally do my
jackets but I kind of like that about it so right now my hands are aching a bit
and my back my knees too but I think that’s mostly because I’ve seen sitting
on before for like the last eight hours and nine hours or so so I’m probably
gonna spend the rest of the time sitting at my desk
um because I’ve just got like small canvases to paint and stop I think it’d
just be a lot easier if I sit down on an actual chair instead of sitting down on
the floor which probably isn’t gonna be good for my back anyway
so I’m actually gonna make some food I got a curry from Tesco’s yesterday when
I got my wrap so I’m gonna pop this in the oven or the microwave I think this
one he takes like five minutes to do so I’m probably gonna get some water clean
my brushes and everything while it cooks so it’s quarter to eleven now I finished
eating and I think I’m gonna go and sit down and watch a movie
I just realized Netflix has a movie called let it snow I really enjoyed the
book so IRA kind of want to see that the film I didn’t actually realize they were
making it into a film but yeah so I’m gonna sit down and watch that and a
paint originally I was gonna paint one of my little girls but to be honest I I
just don’t feel up to it I need something there’s a little bit
easier a little bit more leg with less kind of detail in a way like because
with my girls are like really small little bits you have to paint and I just
I just don’t want to do that right now so I think I’m just gonna stick to like
painting animals and stuff for the rest of stay I’ve got this little thing and
I’m gonna draw my polygon logo on this imposter pen but I might do that after I
did is painting this painting I have found this really really cute little
reference photo of this Hedgehog with some strawberries
however as I’m going to do that as a painting I think I’m actually gonna draw
it out onto my iPad first and then transfer it to the canvas later just to
make my life that a little bit easier so it’s 3 o’clock now fix our life to go
starting to feel it now the painting and currently working on it’s just taking me
a lot longer than it should have done I since I started it I’ve watched a movie
I think three episodes of a TV show so what felt like three hours I guess
yeah I don’t know I think I’m gonna get through this and finish it it’s just
gonna take me a while and to be honest I’m not sure how many more pieces I will
do once I finish this one I might be to get one done but um and then the polygon
logo for the Christmas decoration but yeah starting to feel it and I kind of
want to go to bed now I do stay up like when I go out with friends and stuff I
do tend to stay out like like two three or four sometimes even late is six but
wait a bit different we’ve been drinking like when you’ve just been sitting
around doing nothing really you’re painting you know it kind of drains you
because you’re just overthinking stuff and you know I’m just saying in this
room of my own though um a last kind of quarter I don’t know why I decided to do this so
if you are watching this video and you’re not subscribed to me make sure to
hit that subscribe button because I definitely deserve it after staying out
this long and hit the like button as well because I’m really crazy and I’m
never gonna do anything like this again I don’t think I don’t know yeah please
give me a thumbs up to show your support for me yeah I want to go to bed okay I’m
gonna go a finishes pacing up once I finish my hedgehog painting um I started
drawing on the polygon logo on the Christmas decoration and I use the
technique hood it’s the Hedgehog again just to make it that bit easier and to
make sure I got the proportions right of the logo yeah oh my god I’m so tired
it’s quarter to five right now so I’m kind of glad there’s been like four and
a half hours left but it just it just feels so long away because the Sun
hasn’t even started coming up yeah so I got a B for that and then once that’s
happened you know I thought seven eight and nine wade through and yeah yeah okay
I am slowing down a bit I’m not really being anywhere near as fast as I was
earlier I think I’ll probably be able to get one more painting done and then I
expect that will probably be it that’ll probably I’m probably run out of time I
did get the polygon a Christmas decoration done the colors unfortunately
didn’t really match up that well with the pasta pans but I might go over at
some point but not tonight so I’m gonna go and come up with something else to
paint on a different canvas and then hopefully next time I update you I’ll be
ready to go to bed I can’t wait I really want to go to bed hello my friend look
I’m disgusting it is really disgusting Alex I tied I just want to sleep I want
to go to bed and sleep now it’s it’s too late even though I was definitely feeling the
tiredness by the time I started doing the sunflower painting it was actually
really fun to do and I did enjoy it I watched a TV series I watched pretty
much all of it I finished it actually I started it during my last painting so it
was nice to be out I watched a whole series and kind of just not have to
think about looking for videos and it kind of helped pass the time a little
bit more than it did earlier and when I was watching just YouTube videos overall
I did really like the sunflower I definitely think I probably could have
added a little bit more to it but I was just painting it and copying the picture
just because I needed something quite simple to just waste the time you know I
didn’t really want to be thinking about to anything too hard I was I was too
tired to do that so it was actually a really nice relaxing at peace to do I did of course use gouache again which I
do really enjoy using so for this last painting I only had one
hour left and to be honest I don’t think this painting was as great I was kind of
just trying to paint one of the flowers I was painting earlier on the jackets
didn’t really work but they’ll paint on way too thick and it was just kind of
lumpy and bumpy and to be honest I didn’t finish it so these are the two
paintings I’ve just done and this one’s finished this one’s not I kind of just
did this wood in the last hour just to fill up the rest of the time but as
there’s only a few seconds left until the timer goes off I’m not going to do
any more of it there’s not long to go now only 20 seconds left on the timer in
fact there you go 9 o’clock so yeah this has been a really fun challenge to do
it’s been tiring and it got to a point where it was just like it got to a point
where I was just like I was want it to be over and done with and I was kind of
regretting it decided to do it at the 12 hour mark but I got through it and I
completed 24 hours I feel like I definitely probably could have done more
art but as the night kind of went on I was just getting slower and slower but I
am happy with what I knowledge to do I’m going to do two denim jackets and they
usually take like me eight hours each eye is very small paintings will have a
little bit bigger and then the headshot painting and then the polygon tree
decoration so I didn’t do quite a bit I’m not the fastest painter so it
doesn’t surprise me that I didn’t get like tons done so I’m gonna head to bed
now but here is future me ending the video for you so it’s been a few days
now I’ve sorted out my sleeping pattern and I hope you have enjoyed watching
this video it was probably like the most fun I’ve ever had with making a video it
was a lot different to what I normally do and it was a lot harder I think it’s
most difficult video I ever have made but I definitely think
it has been worth it so if you enjoyed this video please give me a massive
thumbs up and leave a comment below with any suggestions of any videos you would
like me to make or any art challenges you would like to see me tackle I don’t
think I’ll probably be able to do anything again like this because I don’t
think I can stay up any longer than 24 hours but if you have any other ideas
and what I can do please leave a comment and I’ll check them all out I do read
all my comments and I replied to them as soon as I can if you’re new here please
hit the subscribe button and hit that Bell button so you’ll be the first to be
notified for my next upload anyway thank you so much for watching this video and
I’ll see you next week bye


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    This is Jellyhammer. Why in gods name are you torturing yourself?! dang

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    Ooh, this is such an interesting concept! I would love to do a challenge like this but I treasure my sleep way too much! aha also, those denim jackets look amazing!! Love you :)))

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    This was really awesome to watch! The first I've ever saw this done before. She seems so nice and creative. I love the designs she used for her jacket and paintings. Awesome job! 👍🏾

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    You're insane 😂 I think the flower jacket turned out really nice! I like the muted colours actually :O It was funny to see how your paintings kind of gradually got worse haha. When you started the last flower one I could tell that it was just like "I am too tired for this shit" haha.

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    This challenge is a very interesting and crazy concept! Love the video! 💜

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    i spent 8 hours painting clouds once and i was done. i don’t know how you managed to do this. but your really good at painting!

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    Great video. Well done!

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    Great video! I’ve been thinking about doing this video for a while but maybe not yet lol

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